<<Client>> - Virginia Tech

&lt;&lt;Client&gt;&gt; - Virginia Tech

Project Information Meeting January 10, 2007 Current State of Business Processes Approvals, purchasing, receiving and invoice processing are paperbased and manual. Effective, but slow and inefficient. Transaction volumes growing and expected to continue to increase. Internal campus service centers are paper-based. Significant transaction volume. No automated connection/capture for many of the above transactions into Banner. Financial commitment information is untimely. State initiative for e-procurement (eVA). VT required to participate 2 What is SciQuest? Applying relatively new technology

Developer of materials management software: Storeroom-to requisition-to-purchase-to-receipt topayment enabled for full-cycle electronic automation. Corporate market focus is on higher education/research. Customers include Penn St, Cal Tech, RPI, Illinois, Penn., Notre Dame, University of New Mexico Corporate partner with SunGard Higher Education (Banner). Software has been developed to fully integrate with Banner. 3 System Description SciQuest software is hosted and integrated with Banner. Requisitioning process will use Banner logins and IDs. Electronic approval process will use Banner security. Banner message broker will move data seamlessly between the two systems Data will reside in Banner

Create a web-based marketplace with contract suppliers: HokieMart Department-level on-line requisition creation for either purchase of internal services or purchase from commercial vendor System will route requisitions through an on-line approval process System will deliver approved requisitions to internal service suppliers System delivers completed orders to external suppliers Goods or services electronically received in HokieMart Implemented centralized receipt of invoices to enable future electronic payment process 4 What Benefits Do We Expect? Reduced cycle time as result of electronic processing Improved timeliness of financial commitment data Improved business practice with front-end approval process and electronic receiving More efficient invoice receipt/processing

Increased purchasing delegation for HokieMart transactions Cost savings as more transactions flow to contract HokieMart suppliers Increased throughput of completed orders to eVA data warehouse 5 Enabled supplier list

6 Apple Daly Computers and periferals (MBE) Dell Fisher Scientific Gateway Grainger OfficeMax The Supply Room Companies (SBE) Virginia Correctional Enterprises VWR Enabled suppliers Hosted Catalog Suppliers

Bio-Rad Fisher Scientific Sigma Aldrich VWR Applied Biosystems Affymetrix Suppliers in Process of being enabled 7

CDW Daycon Ferguson State Electric Beckman Coulter Enabled Colleges/Academic Departments 8

Biochemistry Chemistry Civil and Environmental Engineering College of Agriculture Administration College of Veterinary Medicine Engineering Science and Mechanics Educational Research and Outreach Southern Piedmont AREC Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Enabled Administrative Departments

9 Athletics Business and Management Systems Controllers Office Budget and Financial Planning Facilities/Physical Plant Information Technology Internal Audit Purchasing Sponsored Programs VP for Student Affairs Residential and Dining Programs

Implementation Schedule Jan: College of Business College of Science College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Graduate School Feb: College of Engineering VP for Research (remaining units) Mar: College of Agriculture College of Natural Resources VP for Outreach and International Affairs Apr: College of Architecture and Urban Studies Library Network Infrastructure and Services May: All other Centers and Institutes not previously enabled June: Complete conversion. All FY 08 transactions to be Completed in the HokieMart 10

Challenges Complete the training and adoption process for campus business staff as rapidly as is feasible Implementation of approval process that fits departmental needs Build-out of the HokieMart Conversion of all internal business/service center forms to integrated electronic format Some restrictions on P-card use 11

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