Life of Pi: Introduction - Ponderosa High School English ...

Life of Pi: Introduction - Ponderosa High School English ...

Life of Pi by Yann Martel A story to make you believe in the soulsustaining power of fiction. - Los Angles Times Book Review Introduction ~ Author Yann Martel Born June 25, 1963 in Salamanca, Spain Canadian Travelled in Iran, Turkey and India Studying philosophy at Trent University in Peterborough,

Ontario, Started writing at age 27 To write Life of Pi Six months spent in India visiting mosques, temples, churches and zoos An entire year reading religious texts and castaway stories Actual writing: two more years I have a story that will make you believe in God. Introduction ~ The Book

First published by Knopf Canada in September 2001 Won: Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2002 Boeke Prize, a South African book prize, in 2003 A film adaptation in 2011 Story Overview The protagonist Piscine ("Pi") Molitor

Patel An Indian boy from Pondicherry Exploring the issues of religion and spirituality from an early age His survival story: 227 days shipwrecked with a tiger in the Pacific Ocean If we citizens do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams.

Characters Piscine Molitor Patel (Pi) The protagonist of the story The narrator for most of the novel His account of his seven months at sea

His unusual name from the French word for pool A pool in Paris in which a close family friend, Francis Adirubasamy, loved to swim A student of zoology and religion Deeply intrigued by the habits and characteristics of animals and people Characters Richard Parker

The Royal Bengal tiger sharing a lifeboat with Pi His captor, Richard Parker, named him Thirsty A shipping clerk reversed their names From the Pondicherry Zoo Weighing 450 pounds and about nine feet long

Kills the hyena on the lifeboat and the blind cannibal Acts as an omega, or submissive, animal respecting Pis dominance Characters The Author The narrator of the (fictitious) Authors Note Inserting himself into the narrative at several points throughout the text Never identified by name Yann Martel

He lives in Canada Published two books Inspired to write Pis life story during a trip to India But religion is more than rite and ritual. There is what the rite and ritual stand for. Characters Francis Adirubasamy The elderly man Telling the author Pis story during a meeting in

a Pondicherry coffee shop Taught Pi to swim Bestowed upon him his unusual moniker Arranges for the author to meet Pi Pi calls him Mamaji (Indian: respected uncle) Characters Ravi Pis older brother

Teases his younger brother mercilessly over his devotion to three religions Santosh Patel Pis father Runs the Pondicherry Zoo A worrier by nature Teaching his sons not only to care for and control wild animals, but to fear them Decided to move his family to Canada

Gita Patel Pis beloved mother and protector A book lover Encouraging Pi to read widely Speaking her mind Taking the place of Orange Juice on the lifeboat (in Pis another version of his story to his rescuers)

Tree took account of road, which was aware of air, which was mindful of sea, which shared things with sun. Every element lived in harmonious relation with its neighbour, and all was kith and kin. Characters Satish Kumar

Pis biology teacher at a secondary school in Pondicherry A polio survivor Odd-looking man, with a body shaped like a triangle Devotion to the power of scientific inquiry and explanation Inspiring Pi to study zoology in college Father Martin

The Catholic priest Introducing Pi to Christianity Preaching a message of love Disagrees about whose religion Pi should practice Characters Satish Kumar

A plain-featured Muslim mystic With the same name as Pis biology teacher Working in a bakery A strong effect on Pis academic plans His faith leads Pi to study religion at college The Hindu Pandit

One of three important religious figures Outraged when Pi begins practicing other religions Quieted by Pis declaration that he just wants to love God I felt like a small circle coinciding with the center of a larger one. Characters The Hyena

Ugly and intensely violent Controlling the lifeboat before Richard Parker emerges The Zebra A beautiful male Grants zebra His leg broken jumping into the lifeboat Tormented by the hyena and eaten alive Orange Juice

Maternal orangutan Floating to the lifeboat on a raft of bananas Suffering from almost humanlike bouts of loneliness and seasickness Fighting back valiantly when attacked by the hyena Killed and decapitated

Characters The Blind Frenchman A fellow castaway Meeting Pi by chance in the middle of the ocean Driven by hunger and desperation Trying to kill and cannibalize Pi Richard Parker kills him first Meena Patel Pis wife Nikhil Patel (Nick) Pis son

Usha Patel Pis young daughter Shy but very close to her father The presence of God is the finest of rewards. Characters Tomohiro Okamoto An official from the Maritime Department of the Japanese Ministry of Transport

Investigating the sinking of the Japanese Tsimtsum Interviews Pi for three hours Highly skeptical of Pis first account of the shipwreck Atsuro Chiba Okamotos assistant

More nave and trusting of the two Japanese officials His inexperience at conducting interviews Agrees with Pi that the version of his ordeal with animals is the better than the one with people Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and Vishnu, how good to see you Richard Parker! Characters The Cook The human counterpart to the hyena in Pis second story

Rude and violent and hoards food on the lifeboat Kills the sailor and Pis mother Pi stabs him and he dies The Sailor The human counterpart to the zebra in Pis second story Young, beautiful, and exotic Speaks only Chinese Very sad and lonely in the lifeboat His leg broken and infected after jumping off the ship His leg cut off by the cook Dies slowly

Organization of the Book Three parts: First section: an adult Pi Patels rumination over his childhood Second section: a blend of a detailed and realistic survival memoir and a fantastic allegory in a medieval style Last section:

The report to the Japanese government A choice to actually choose the story version the readers prefer I know what you want. You want a story that wont surprise you. That will confirm what you already know. That wont make you see higher or further or differently.

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