Leadership Development

Leadership Development

SAGE2YCPamela L. Eddy @pamelaleddy School of Education z College of William & Mary Leadership Development z Moving Forward: Thinking about Sustainability I WILL. I WANT FROM THE ORGANIZATION TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

z z Ancona, D. (2005). Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty. Center for Business Research Brief, 6(1), 1-3. Change Signature z Core Assumptions LEADERSHIP IS DISTRIBUTED. That is, leadership is not solely the purview of the CEO, but can and should permeate all levels of the firm (Senge, 1996). LEADERSHIP IS A PROCESS TO

CREATE CHANGE. Leadership is about making things happen, contingent on a context. Leaders may create change by playing a central role in the actual change process, or by creating an environment in which others are empowered to act. LEADERSHIP IS PERSONAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL. There is no single way to lead. The best way to create change is to work with the particular capabilities that you have, while constantly working to improve and expand those capabilities. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPS OVER

TIME. It is through practice, reflection, following role models, feedback, and theory that we learn leadership. (p. 1) z Sensemaking: Making Sense of the World Around Us Seek many types and sources of data; Involve others in your sensemaking;

Do not simply apply your existing frameworks and overlay them on the situation; Move beyond stereotypes; Learn from small experiments; and Use images, metaphors, or stories to try to capture and communicate critical elements of your map.

Sutcliffe & Weick (2002) z How do you make sense of change? How do you/can you help others make sense of the changes you want to make? z Visioning: Creating a Compelling Vision Develop a vision about something that excites you or that you think is important;

Frame the vision with an ideological goal; Use stories, metaphors and analogies to paint a vivid picture of what the vision will accomplish; Practice creating a vision in many arenas; Enable co-workers by pointing out that they have the skills and capabilities needed to realize the vision; and

Embody the key values and ideas contained in the vision walk the talk. z How can you create a compelling vision? How can you connect what excites you into a story that makes sense to others ? z Relating: Developing Key Relationships Inside/ Outside the College Listen to understand Advocate to influence Connectingbuilding collaborative

relationships Understand the perspective of others within the organization and withhold judgment while listening to them; Encourage others to voice their opinions; Be clear about your stand and how you reached it; Think about how others might react to your idea and how you might best explain it to them;

and Think about your connections. z Who should you connect with as an ally on campus? How can listening help you build relationships? Inventing: z Creating new ways of Working Together

Maintain focus on improving the ways that people work together in your team and organization; When a new task or change effort emerges, think through how it will get donewho will do what, by when, and in what configuration; Play with new and different ways of organizing work examine alternative ways of grouping people together, organizing their internal interaction, and linking across different groups;

Blend sensemaking and inventing z How can you build new ways of working with others on campus? How do build different types of groups or teams to think of new ways to fulfill your vision? z Bolman & Deal Frames Structural Human Resources

Political Symbolic Barriers to Change Loss of direction, clarity, and stability; confusion, chaos Anxiety, uncertainty; people feel incompetent and needy Disempowerment; Loss of meaning and conflict between winners purpose; clinging to the and losers past

Essential Strategies Communicating, realigning, & renegotiating formal patterns and polices Training to develop new skills; participation & involvement; psychological support Developing arenas where Creating transition issues can be rituals; mourn the past, renegotiated and new celebrate the future coalitions formed

Yourz Change Signature What are your core values? How can you tie your Bolman & Deal frame to your change signature? Who are your allies? What do you need to build your capacity to lead? z Think about how the change signature would work for you Sensemaking Visioning Relating

Inventing Share with a colleague What will be tough for you in this type of change leadership? How will you continue to develop your leadership post SAGE 2YC? What did you find in common in sharing? z Change, Leadership, New Years Resolutions Easy to talk about changeand then you get busy. One thing at a time

Changing habits Finding allies Recognizing the good in failing z Questions

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