KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. Information Booklet Kuluin Netball ...

KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. Information Booklet Kuluin Netball ...

2016 KULUIN NETBALL CLUB SPONSORS Information Booklet 2016 www.kuluinnetball.com.au Kuluin Netball Club Inc. welcomes all new and returning members for the 2016 season. Join the Club of Year 2012 & 2013 Nationwide Tool Sales Ph:07 5457 3155 Peter Puschmann M:0413 001 580 E:[email protected] Mobile App Development, SEO, Online Marketing & Web Development. Visit www.smarterapps.com.au Kuluin Netball Club Inc. was formed in 1995 by a small band of passionate parents, under the guidance of Donna Reilly who has been the driving force of the club. Last year there were 79 members who made up 9 teams. Kuluin Netball Club is affiliated with the Sunshine Coast Netball Association (SCNA) but runs under the guidance of its own committee. President: Michelle Sternberg 0411 412 859 Vice President: Secretary: Shavarna Aitken 0439 861 349 Treasurer: Julene Joiner 0413 697 913 Coordinator: Uniforms: Fundraising Louise Puschmann Michelle Collins Sharon Brodie 0400 300 523 0407 301 052 0422 241 413 Thank you to the Committee for volunteering their time to ensure the success of another netball season. Any parents, players or friends who would like to be involved, please contact a committee member. KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC.

9 Grading Uniforms The uniform comprises of : fuchsia and silver club dress; grey or silver bike pants or crop top; club visor; Kuluin Club socks; sports shoes must be worn. NOTE In the interim until such times as bike pants are available, black bike pants and white racerback sports bra or crop top will suffice until such time as the Club has full uniform stock. New Uniform Costs: $ 55.00 Dress $ 10.00 Visor $ 45.00 Hoodies $35.00 $ 8.50 $ 20.00 Bike Pants Socks Umbrella Each team has been ranked according to placement at the end of the season. Going forward all clubs are asked to grade their teams correctly on ability, so in doing this they will get a true reflection of the strongest to weakest as per rankings. Each team is re-ranked for the 2016 season once teams are formed. As a club we are going to grade our Teams in ability rather than age or friends, so that we are able to compete successfully with all the other clubs within the Association. It is up to our club convenor and who she may call upon, to grade and place all players in the right team to help us be a competitive club. All teams will still train on the same day and they will get to play games with their peers and also more than likely train with them at times depending on what each team coach has planned. Training Fees Training is at SCNA Fishermans Road on a Tuesday. The fee for the 2016 season has been set at : Netta Divisional players $220.00 + uniform $260.00 + uniform The 2016 Club fees will be due, in full, at first fixture, Saturday 09th April 2016. If you are not in a position to make full payment, you will be required to enter into a payment plan. Please speak directly to the Treasurer. The club is not in a position to underwrite SCNAs fees and player insurance. EFTPOS facilities will be

available on the day, this will incur a small fee. Alternatively, you may wish to direct deposit. Kuluin Netball Club Inc - Commonwealth Bank BSB No: 064420 Account no: 10186409 A percentage of the fees goes to QLD Netball Association for the payment of insurance for players and affiliation fees; SCNA towards the upkeep of facilities (courts, lighting, running costs etc) and Kuluin Netball Club retains $28 to cover costs including, administration costs, new balls, bibs, first aid supplies, coaching clinics, end of year break up and sundry items. PLEASE NOTE: ALL COACHES AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS ARE VOLUNTEERS. NO REGISTRATION FEES GO TOWARDS PAYMENT OF WAGES FOR THESE POSITIONS. KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. 2 Once teams are announced, coaches will advise what time their team will train. Players must attend training every week or contact their coach if they are unable to. The same rules apply to training days as for games, no jewellery is to be worn, correct shoes (incorrect shoes will result in your child not being able to participate, this is for the safety of the child). Nails must be kept short, no lollies, chewing/bubble gum allowed. It is important that players bring a water bottle to training and to games. There are no water bubblers at Fishermans Road courts. As the coaches take on these positions voluntarily we ask that you are punctual when picking up your child from training. If you are going to be late please arrange alternative arrangements or advise the coach in advance. If your child requires medication such as asthma puffers please ensure they bring these to every training and to the games. Coaches welcome as much help as possible at training so if you are willing and able it would be most appreciated. Please encourage your child to practice what they have learnt at trainings as the more they practice the more confident they will be. Medical Information It is very important for the coaches to have all the relevant information on every player in their team. This information is to be completed in full on the clubs signon form which, will then be given to your childs coach. KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. 3 Player Code of Behaviour Fundraising Fundraising is an important aspect of our Club to help purchase and upgrade equipment and to support our training programs to help improve the skills of coaches, umpires and our players. Through out the season, we will have a number of different fundraisers and we ask that all parents/caregivers help support the Club. These events can only be successful if everyone lends a hand rather than the same people always assisting. We are very grateful for any time that you can give and rosters will be issued within teams for fundraising events. If it is your

turn to assist and you are unable to do so, we ask that you arrange for someone else to take your place. Should you wish to make a donation or sponsor the Kuluin Netball Club, please speak directly to our Treasurer. We appreciate your time and commitment to our Club and look forward to a wonderful 2016 season. As a player in any activity held by or under the auspices of The Sunshine Coast Netball Association Inc. you must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any such activity or event. 1.Participate because you enjoy it, not just to please parents and coaches 1.Play by the rules: know the rules 1.Participate fairly and safely 1.Abide by the decisions, without argument or bad temper 1.Captains have the right to approach an umpire during an interval or after the game for clarification of any rule. Approach an umpire in a courteous and polite way. Coaches/Managers may accompany the player in this endeavor for the purposes of support for the minor 1.Co-operate with your coach and other players 1.Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately fouling or provoking an opponent and throwing/ damaging equipment is not acceptable or permitted KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. 4 KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. 5 3. Encourage children to always participate according to the rules 4. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game. 5. Remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good plays by all teams 6. Support all efforts to remove verbal abuse from netball sporting activities 7. Respect officials decisions and teach children to do likewise 8. Show appreciation of volunteer coaches, officials and administrators. Without them your child could not participate 1. Treat all players as you would like to be treated 2. Ensure that at all times your behaviour is fair 3. Be a patient and enthusiastic supporter of fellow players 4. Applaud all good play, by your own team and opponents 5. Be a responsible team member 6. Always be on time 7. Encourage and assist all players 8. Attend all training sessions 9. Ensure you always bring the appropriate uniform and equipment to training and/or matches 10. Do not engage in practices that affect sporting performance

(alcohol, tobacco and drug use) 11. Respect and acknowledge the contribution of those who create the opportunity for you to play 12. Volunteers (scorers, coaches, timekeepers, managers, administrators, umpires and committee members) 13. Abide at all times by the Constitution and By laws of The Sunshine Coast Netball Association Inc. KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. 6 KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. 7 Carnivals Throughout the season we have the opportunity to participate in Carnivals around the coast. These are usually held on Sundays and the games usually start at 8:30am with the day finishing around 3:30pm. All the players really enjoy these events, which run a round robin competition where teams can play 6 or 7 games, ending in finals and trophy presentations. We will advise you of carnivals when dates are set. Rules Every sport is governed by rules and if everyone plays by the rules we can all enjoy ourselves in whatever sport we or our children have chosen to participate in. Please ensure your children become familiar with the rules and understand how they should conduct themselves at games, training, carnivals and club gatherings. We expect all players, to play the game of netball in the spirit of the game and there is no room for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Please carefully read and understand the Codes of Behaviour for players, parents and coaches enclosed as recommend by the Sunshine Coast Netball Association. Meetings General Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month or when a convenient time for all Committee Members at the SCNA Office . Please contact the Secretary to confirm there has not been a change of venue or postponement. All parents and players are welcome. Attending these meetings is a good way of keeping up to date with the goings on in the club and we appreciate any input. KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. 8 KULUIN NETBALL CLUB INC. 8

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