Kitab aur Iski Ahmiat -

Kitab aur Iski Ahmiat -


Taleef: Syed Zulfiqar Ali Zaidi Publisher: Karachi Al Harmain Publishers Pakistan, CONTENTS

New Inventions Technology Book Forms of Book Islam and Book The Best Book Reading Book, in view of scholars

How to read Type of books SQ3R (Robinson, 1961) NEW INVENTIONS Basic Argument These days, when radio, television, video, computer and satellite are getting strength, discussion on book and its

necessity in human life is not only difficult, but useless. TECHNOLOGY Jab Computer aur Satellite ae to TV aur video maand par gae. Kitaab ko sb se piche jaga mili aur ahista ahista, is tez raftar dunya se door hoti ja rahi hai. Aaj bhi is tez raftar karwaan k pichey

KITAAB Kitab ki ahmiyat kam nahi hui balkey usi tarah mojood hai jese pehle thi. Kitab = Tehreeri saqafat Communicating human experiences and results to the next generation KITAAB Kitaab hi hai jis ne:

Mashriq k afkaar maghrib ko sikhaae Qadeem insaani tareekh ko phelaya Muaraif e insaani ko ek nasal se dusri nasal tak pohnchati hai FORMS OF BOOK Book is written media On rocks, stones, leather, wood, Documents, on computer disk, other

resources not discovered yet Not only collection of pages Every written piece which may be used for communication SEVERAL CONCEPTS Old Egypt: A gift from goddess Thot

Greeks: Prometheus Jews: Gift from Allah to Moosa Europeans: A god gifted art revealed to Gautamburg

ISLAM AND BOOK Starts with word Read Seeking knowledge is farz Instructed to write Instructed to write Quran which itself is a research field Taught with use of pen Books itself came into being due to pen

CONTINUED Natural and innate method of education Before life, Kitaab e Mastoor After death, details of life will be given as a book Start and end connected to the book If he himself try to disconnect him during life . . . SELECTION OF BOOK

Not every book is worth reading Selection of book to be done with care A book which does not make a person think is not even worth to be torn. Imam Ali a.s. A good book is food for human soul. THE BEST BOOK Quran is the best book ye wo kitaab hai jis main shak o shubhe

ki koi gunjaaish nahi Koi khushk o tar esa nahi jiska zikr quran main na ho TYPES OF BOOKS Chakhkhi jaane wali kitaab Newspaper, digest Nigal lene wali kitaab Books for primary education

Hazam kr lene wali kitaab Scientific researches BOOK, IN A VIEW OF SCHOLARS Ek lamhe ka ghaur o fikr 70 saal ki ibadat se behter hai Ilm shikar ki maanind hai aur isy likhna shikaar k paaun baandhne k mutradif Prophet s.a.w.w

Kisi bhi qum ki milli khidmat ka andaza us qaum ki tasneefat aur taalefat se kia ja sakta hai -Confucius SQ3R Robinson, 1961 published a research on effective learning called SQ3R S = Survey Q = Question R = Read

R = Recite R = Review

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