Jeopardy Game - Mater Academy Charter School

Jeopardy Game - Mater Academy Charter School

Geometry Vocabulary Trivia Rules Choose a topic and monetary amount of your

choice. The higher the amount, the more challenging the question! The first group to answer the question correctly earns the amount. Be careful, you only have one guess per question!

Look for daily doubles, where you have the opportunity to earn double the original amount of the question! Plane as

Day Circle Reasoning

A Solid Case Prove it

Squaring Off Transformati on

Plane as Day Circle

Reasoning A Solid Case

Prove It Squaring Off

100 100 100

100 100

100 200 200

200 200

200 200 300

300 300

300 300 300

400 400

400 400 400

400 500

500 500 500

500 500

Transformati on A line that crosses two or more other

lines What is a transversal?

Two angles formed by two lines and a transversal that are on opposite sides of the transversal and between

the two given lines What are alternate interior angles?

A line, ray, or segment that intersects a segment at its midpoint and is perpendicular to it

What is the perpendicular bisector?

To divide an angle or segment into two congruent angles or segments

What is bisect? A closed figure in a plane made of line segments that

intersect only at their endpoints What is a polygon?

An angle whose vertex is at the center of the circle What is a central

angle? The distance around the circle

What is the circumference? Any line segment whose end points

lie on the circle What is a chord? The distance along

the circle intercepted by two chords or radii What is the arc

length? The point where the tangent line intersects the circle

What is the point of tangency? The amount of

space taken up by a solid or capacity What is a volume?

On a polyhedron, the intersection of three or more faces

What is a vertex? The sum of the areas of the faces in a polyhedron

What is the surface area? A perpendicular

segment that joins the planes of the bases of a prism. What is the

altitude? If, in two solids of equal altitude, the sections made by planes parallel to and at the same

distance from their respective bases are always equal, then the volumes of the two solids are equal What is

Cavalieris Principle? An example that shows a statement

false What is a counterexample?

A rule used to determine whether triangles are congruent by comparing the three

sides What is SSS or Side-Side-Side theorem?

Double Points! A rule used to

determine whether triangles are congruent by comparing two angles and the side between them

What is ASA or Angle-Side-Angle Conjecture (Theorem)?

When all angles of one figure are congruent to the corresponding angles in another

figure What are similar figures?

A transformation that preserves size and shape. The image will be congruent to the original figure

What is isometry ? A polygon with four

sides What is a quadrilateral?

An equiangular quadrilateral What is a rectangle?

An equilateral quadrilateral What is a

rhombus? Having all the properties of a rectangle and a

rhombus What is a square? A quadrilateral with

opposite sides parallel and congruent. What is a parallelogram?

The image of a figure that has been slid to a new position without flipping or turning

What is a translation? A transformation

that does not alter the size or shape of the figure What is a rigid

transformation or motion? The direction of rotation when the

top of a figure turns to the left What is counterclockwise

? In a rotation, the point that does not move

What is the center of rotation? Double

Points! The line of reflection is this from the figure and

its image What is equidistant?

Final Question It is the set of points that are a given

distance from a given point What is a sphere? To be a circle the definition had to include on a plane. The set

of points thereby define a space and a 3-D figure.

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