Jeopardy -

Jeopardy -


10 10 10 10 20 20

20 20 30 30 30 30

40 40 40 40 50 50

50 50 Final Jeopardy time to bet ! 1 10 points David Bowie.

Who was a famous English singer? 1 20 points The World Health Organization announces an outbreak of this virus. What is the Zika virus?

1 30 points Leonardo DiCaprio. Who played in the Revenant ? Who won the 2016 Oscar as best actor?

1 40 points It helped advance deep space exploration and Americas Journey to Mars. What is ISS (International Space Station)? 1 50 points

29. How many days were there in February? 2 10 points He scored more than 33,000 points in his

career. Who is Kobe Bryant? 2 20 points If you voted Leave, you were for it

What is Brexit? 2 30 points He was the greatest boxer of all time. He died last June. Who was Muhammad Ali?

2 40 points It began near Fort Murray, Alberta. Where did terrible wildfires begin?

2 50 points He was one of the greatest American Black singer. Who was Prince? 3 10 points

He is the fastest athlete in the world and he won 3 gold medals. Who is Usain Bolt? 3 20 points It is a Swiss long-range experimental solarpowered aircraft project.

What is Solar Impulse? 3 30 points It is on the south coast of France, on the French Riviera, or Cte dAzur.

Where is Nice? 3 40 points It is the 8th volume of this series. What is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

3 50 points And this Theresa May. Who is the new British Prime Minister? 4 10 points

He lost the popular vote but will be President. Who is Donald Trump? 4 20 points Bob Dylan.

Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature? 4 30 points This city was bombed all year-long but September 21st was the worst day ever.

What is Aleppo? 4 40 points He was Cuban. What was Fidel Castros nationality? 4 50 points

He is accused of not paying his taxes. Who is Ronaldo? but also Who is Trump?

Final Jeopardy Bets done ? Now use your pens! 366. How many days were there in 2016? (it was a leap year) !

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