Jefferson & Madison

Jefferson & Madison

Jefferson, Madison & Monroe 1800-1824 Jefferson Republican Agrarianism Room to grow Envisioned a nation of small farmers Expansion & self-reliance Reduce the size of Government

Cut size of military Reduced staff size Idealistic Judicial Review Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court gave a mixed ruling Judges could review laws for constitutionality Court couldnt empower executive branch to act

John Marshall (Federalist) Known as the Marshall Court-shapes American society through his rulings for 35 years. Marbury v. Madison Chief Justice John Marshall stated, The Constitution is either a superior paramount law, unchangeable by ordinary means, or it is on a level with ordinary legislative acts, and like other acts, is alterable when

the legislature shall please to alter it. What does this all mean? Louisiana Purchase Strict vs. Loose Constructionists Jeffersons need for land out weighed ideals Strict Constructionalists Loose Constructionalists Inclusion of Louisiana into the U.S.

Blend of French and American (British) system Foreign Policy Napoleonic Wars 1800 -1815 Impressment Americans taken off of ship by the British navy and forced into service of British Chesapeake & Leopard Incident 1807 Embargo Act

Did not allow US ships to sail into foreign ports Hurt New England trading tremendously Non-intercourse Act no trade w/Britain and France - 1808 Macons Bill No. 2 reopened trade to all nations - 1810 Indian Policy Jefferson was a continuation of previous policy Treaties with Indian Nations Forced upon and dictated to independent Indian Nations

Indian Resistance The Prophet religious movement reject American contact Tecumseh created a pan-Indian military resistance movement mainly in the Old Northwest William Henry Harrison Governor of Indiana gained notoriety for defeating Indian groups War of 1812

War Hawks Anti-British (mainly West & South) New England Merchants Mr. Madisons War British controlled the seas and blockaded American ports British attacked and burned Washington D.C. American were out matched by Britain and illprepared for war Battle of New Orleans Jackson becomes national hero

Hartford Convention New England old Federalist stronghold Pro-British, Pro-Trade Discussed secession (create a new nation) Want protect themselves from influence from other regions American System

Promoted by Henry Clay (Westerner - TN) Aimed to improve economy and trade Three Major Points A protective tariff (to help infant industries) Bank (to stabilize the monetary system Internal Improvements roads, canals Era of Good Feelings 1817-1823 James Monroes presidency Included people from different regions in his

administration Post-war economic boom Only one major political party Goodwill tour Monroe Doctrine Panic of 1819 Western land boom was happening. Agricultural prices were going up. But after Napoleonic wars Europe get back to work

Drop in demand for American food stuffs National Bank starts to restrict availability of credit Restricting Wildcat banks ability to loan money on speculation Average Americans blame the National Bank Andrew Jackson runs on this issue Boom and Bust Cycles

20 year cycles Andrew Jackson Interactions with the American System Banks Tariffs Internal Improvements

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