Introducing iCIMS Offer

Introducing iCIMS Offer

Release Highlights Last Updated for February 2019 Monthly Release Introducing iCIMS Offer Organizations with complex hiring processes can now simplify and streamline the critical offer stage by adding the new iCIMS Offer product to their iCIMS Subscription. Major features include: Offer Center: Create and manage offer templates for use in future offers. Leverage the intuitive Offer Studio document editor within the Offer Center to generate appealing, accurate offer templates. Offer Wizard: Create an offer based on a template, make any necessary edits in the Offer Studio document editor, and route the offer for approval. Offer Tab: Manage the offer workflow and review offer status information in one centralized place. Once an offer has been fully approved, extend the offer to the candidate. Download approved and accepted offers for future reference. Enhanced Candidate Offer Experience: Provide candidates with a branded offer review

experience and a simple acceptance process. E-Signature Integration: Enable candidates to seamlessly review and sign offer letters through your DocuSign account while managing the end-to-end offer management process within iCIMS Offer. iCIMS is making a sustained development investment in iCIMS Offer. Additional improvements are anticipated in future releases. Offer Center The Offer Center allows user admins to easily create new offer templates, manage existing offer templates, and schedule templates for deletion. Templates can be

organized within categories, making them simple to locate when needed. Offer Center: Offer Studio The Offer Studio document editor allows user admins to create and edit an offer template directly within iCIMS Offer. Offer templates can be branded and personalized,

including support for images, links, and variables. Offer Wizard: Offer Letter The Offer Wizard makes it simple for a recruiter to finalize an offer and route the offer for approval. All offers begin with a template, ensuring a standardized starting place for each offer. Tools like template search, categories, and recently-used templates

let recruiters easily locate the correct offer template. Offer Wizard: Prepare Offer The Prepare Offer step displays the offer in the Offer Studio document editor with all available variables resolved, providing an accurate preview before the recruiter sends the offer to any applicable approvers. Any required updates to text, formatting, or

variables can be made quickly and easily on this page. Offer Wizard: Review and Send The Offer Wizard supports offer approval lists and the ability for the recruiter to review and/or build lists of approvers, depending on access permissions. Once approved, offers can be downloaded for delivery to the candidate or a link to the hosted offer can be emailed directly to the candidate. If a hosted offer delivery option is selected, the offer email can be

reviewed and edited as needed before the approval process begins. Offer Tab The Offer tab displays key information about the offer at a glance, including status information and next steps. For ease of reference, this tab also includes the offer details for the most recent

offer letter drafted or sent. Enhanced Candidate Offer Experience After receiving the offer email, candidates access a branded document reviewer within the career portal. On this page, the candidate can easily review and accept or decline the offer. For ease of reference, candidates may also view their offer history on their candidate

dashboard. E-Signature Integration For customers whose offer processes require that the offer be signed through an e-signature vendor, iCIMS Offer can also seamlessly integrate with DocuSign. Candidates can quickly and easily review and respond to their offer in DocuSign. Candidate responses are also automatically tracked in iCIMS Offer.

Additional Offer Resources Offer Release Notes (Login Required) o o In-depth details on all new release features, including detailed setup information for user admins. Log in through your iCIMS Talent Platform to access Offer Release Notes. o From within the Platform, access the User Options Menu by selecting the person icon at the top right of the menu bar. o Select the Help option. A new tab will open to the iCARE Customer Support Site home page.

o Access release resources by selecting the Release Readiness menu or via iCIMS is making a sustained development investment in iCIMS Offer. Information about this product is subject to change as development occurs. For more information, please speak with your Account Manager or visit the iCIMS Release Resources site for updated information as it becomes available.

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