Integration of FIRST and PLTW

Integration of FIRST and PLTW

Integration of FIRST and PLTW John Wise Lee Smalley Andy Newell Project Lead the Way Five engineering classes which teaches the fundamental ideas behind engineering Its goal is to better prepare students for

college curriculum It gives students experience and knowledge in the field of engineering Students can earn college credit to RIT and USC for all the classes Engineering Design and Development In the final culminating course of the

PLTW program: Students are given the challenge of solving an engineering problem. Basically inventing or bettering a product or process Our group used the robots tetra manipulator as our product to design Our Place

With this new problem to be solved, we saw an opportunity to take on our own sub-team and design and develop the manipulator for the robot. Prior to the formation of our group, the team had elected to use a spear to lift and lower the tetra. We saw this solution to be simple but lacked consistency and durability.

Brainstorming We compiled a list of 46 ideas which could possibly be used in our lift-arm mechanism. These included: Servo-motor gripper Grappling hook Forked spear Pneumatic claw devise

Hook with spring Spear Retractable Hooks Suction device Lead screw claw Many more Five Main Ideas

Magnetic Fork Spear Hook Two Point Base Grabber Lead Screw Claw with Guiding Shield Weight Sensitive Spear Hook Our Proposed Solution We interviewed many engineers and students on the team and with their input we

decided to design and construct the weight sensitive spear so that when the weight of the tetra was on the arm an end piece would flip up and keep the tetra from falling off. We then began to design by building and testing prototypes. First Prototype With our first prototype we discovered we were

able to accomplish what we needed to do. It still needed a lot of work. Redesign and Sketches We rethought our design and came up with a new idea which would be smoother and more consistent.

Our Design This new prototype worked exactly as we needed it to! We Still had a Problem Our arm must be able to fold inside the

robot while still fitting to the robots size constraints. We designed plates with a built in axle to allow the arm to fold up. Testing The Manipulator After we put the arm on the robot it was shipped to the University of Central Florida where it was ready for competition.

It performed excellently! Match 5 Match 10 Match 18 Thank you for your time!

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