Immigration Resolutions: Resolutions by Name Resolution by Aim

Immigration Resolutions: Resolutions by Name Resolution by Aim

Immigration Resolutions: Resolutions by Name Resolution by Aim Ministerials Team Requests for ministerial intervention: the last option Reconsideration of visa application Complaints process/Ombudsman Immigration Protection Tribunal

Ministerial appeal Our objective To provide accurate, objective and timely advice to the Minister, AMOI and Delegated Decision Makers Client case analysis o Summary of representations made o Immigration History o Health & Character

o Family o Qualifications o Employment o Humanitarian issues o International Obligations Urgent Cases

Health emergencies Family situations or events Turn-around at the border Deportations What the Ministerials team does for an urgent deportation Compliance contacts AMOIs office if a client wishes to request ministerial intervention Private Secretary notifies us ASAP Analyst compiles all available information including Compliances RoPC

TAs quality assure Case provided to AMOIs office Outcomes for clients Options o Visas under Section 61 o Visas as an exception to instructions o Visas subject to conditions o Waiver of one or more requirements o Decline to intervene

RESIDENCE CLASS VISA HOLDER DEPORTATIONS What does the Deportations team do? The role of the Deportations team is to provide the Minister or his Delegated Decision Makers with appropriate information and analysis to make informed decisions about whether or not a New Zealand resident should be deported How can a person become liable?

s.156 Deportation liability if visa held under false identity s.158 Deportation liability of residence class visa holder if any of the information provided to obtain a residence class visa was fraudulent, forged, false, or misleading, or any relevant information was concealed. s.159 Deportation liability of resident if visa conditions breached s.161 Deportation liability of residence class visa holder convicted of criminal offence Common causes of potential liability under s158

Common causes of liability under s161 The life cycle of a deportation case Data Match INZ Branch Request info Police Courts Corrections

Old files Resolutions receives information and does a Pre-Assessment. Is there auto-liability or a prima facie case for liability? NFA PPI: client invited to comment on : Grounds for liability or potential liability

Why they should stay in New Zealand Draft summary of relevant information Quality check by TA and Legal Case forwarded to MOI or DDM Sign DLN Suspend Cancel Some interesting stats

In the 2015/16 year Deports team received 370 new deportation cases. The Minister and his decision makers finalised 349 cases Outcome 42 229 78 DLN signed

Suspended Cancelled COMPLAINTS & FEEDBACK PROCESS INZs New Complaints Policy & Process Key Features: One standard global process easier for customer and INZers Complaints used as a source of learning data captured, mined and fed back to the business Key Components: New Central Complaints Team (CCT)

New INZ Complaints Policy & Process Supporting ICT System the Complaints & Feedback System June 2016 17 Centralised Complaints Team (CCT) INZs Centre of Excellence for complaints management Made up of a Team Leader and 3 Complaints Analysts sitting in SDP The central point of entry for all complaints to INZ - CCT members will: categorise as a complaint/compliment/feedback manage complaints that dont meet the definition

triage & allocate complaints to an INZ office for assessment and response update AMS to note a complaint is pending, and QA medium complaints (post response) and high responses (pre response). Provide support to INZ branches and offices in complaints management. 18 Complaints & Feedback System A new online form for customers to lodge a complaint and upload any supporting documents.

A supporting ICT system that: automatically acknowledges complaints received online creates a new complaints record caters for linked complaints provides workflow functions INZ staff will have role-based access, and The system will capture complaints data and provide dashboards and reporting functions. 19 Customer Complaints Policy & Process

Defines what constitutes a concern, a complaint, a compliment and feedback Sets out roles, responsibilities and service standards Provides complaint response templates Sets out triage levels and corresponding levels of sign-out: Level

Type of complaint Low Medium

High Unresolved concern Regarding a single office Straightforward grounds Not satisfied at the low level Regarding multiple offices

Complex grounds of complaint Legal review required Unreasonable complainant conduct Potentially significant negative impact on complainant, INZ, or New Zealands reputation Signed by

Quality Assurance IM/TA, team leader, relationship manager or equivalent Office: regular random second person checks (pre response) Office: regular random second person checks (pre response)

Operations Manager or equivalent Area or General Manager or DCE CCT: regular random checks (post response) Team leader, CCT and Manager Immigration Resolutions check (pre response) 20

INZs New Complaints Policy & Process Key messages INZs new customer complaints policy and process will: Introduce one standard global customer complaints process Make it easier for customers to lodge a complaint Ensure only complaints that meet the definition for acceptance are allocated to local offices for assessment and response Improve the quality of complaint responses through training and support from a new centralised Customer Complaints Team Provide a rich new data source to enable INZ to improve its customer service

21 Statutory Complaints Ombudsman Act Ombudsman OIA Privacy Act The Office of the Ombudsman (OMB) The Ombudsman may investigate complaints about INZs practices and processes. The Ombudsman will encourage clients to use INZS own complaints process

in the first instance. Often the Ombudsman will contact the team with an informal enquiry, e.g. about a clients current visa status/ application and sometimes this results in the matter being resolved. If the situation cannot be resolved through an informal, the Ombudsman will notify INZ in writing of a complaint and the team will: REVIEW all files/notes/information/legislation/instructions EVALUATE whether INZ has followed correct decision-making processes or not CONSIDER what INZ can do to resolve the complaint

Prepare MBIEs formal response to the complaint. Official Information Act and Privacy Act complaints The Ombudsman can also investigate INZs responses to Official Information Act requests. Similarly, the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) investigates response to Privacy Act requests. Immigration & Protection Tribunal Liaison Team

ROLE OF THE IPTLT The Immigration and Protection Tribunal is supported administratively by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). The IPTLTs function is liaise with MoJ to enable seamless administration of immigration appeals. To that end the IPTLTs function is twofold: - Providing the Tribunal with all relevant information pertaining to the appellants and their families immigration status and history in timely and accurate manner, and - Providing Immigration New Zealand with the Tribunals decisions, including monitoring of any

trends in immigration appeals and decisions analysis and summaries, in timely and accurate measure.

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