Huntington's Disease - Wake County Public School System

Huntington's Disease - Wake County Public School System

Huntingtons Disease By: Francesca Turchetti, Aaliyah Morning, Katie Lopez, and Carlos Rodriguez Name of Disorder Who: George Huntington, an American doctor When: Born in1872 Where: Born in East Hampton, Long Island How: First recognized the disease as an inherited disorder

Other names: Chorea, Dancing Disorder How it was Chosen: Discovered and named after George Huntington Katie Lopez Type of Genetic Disorder Huntingtons Disease is a brain disorder which causes dehydration of the nerve cells in the brain. This disease has a broad impact on a persons fontanel abilities, and usually results in psychiatric

disorders. Aaliyah Morning Genetics Graphic This graphic compares a regular brain and a brain affected by Huntingtons disease. Carlos Rodriguez

Symptoms Mental: Poor judgment, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, hallucination, and decreased concentration. Physical: Lack of restraint, slurred speech, muscular contractions, and increased clumsiness. Francesca Turchetti Effects of the Disorder

Some effects of the disorder are mood swings, possibility of depression, hostile outbursts, involuntary jerking, and anger. One serious effect of Huntingtons disease is seizures. Aaliyah Morning Diagnosis of Individual In order for a doctor to determine if a patient has Huntingtons Disease, there will be a

general physical exam, a review of family medical history and questions asked. The doctor will examine things such as reflexes, balance, vision and eye movement, hearing, mood, memory, and pattern of behavior. Carlos Rodriguez Prognosis of Individual People with Huntingtons Disease generally only

live 10 to 30 years after diagnosed. Some limitations include not being able to drive and having strange bumps and bruises. The family of a patient with Huntingtons Disease is impacted by having to go to support groups and having to take care of the patient. Katie Lopez Treatments Available to Individuals

So far, doctors have not found a cure for this disorder, but have found a medicine to lessen symptoms. There are treatments for the mental and movement problems with this disease such as mood-stabilizing drugs and the prescriptions drug Tetrabenazine There is also therapy offered to patients, which has brought new hope. Katie Lopez

Current Research A large organization funding researching and helping to finding a cure for Huntingtons Disease is The Huntingtons Disease Society of America. Since 1999, this nonprofit has raised more than $18 million towards research for this disease. They have also raised awareness of Huntingtons and have helped solve problems with the biological mechanisms side of Huntingtons Disease. They are working towards getting help for every family affected by Huntingtons

Disease now and in the future. Francesca Turchetti Francesca Turchetti Summary of an Affected individual One person affected by Huntingtons Disease is a teacher named Jenny from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her passion was to help fight for a

cure. Jenny has been struggling with Huntingtons Disease ever since she was six years old. Her mother died from Huntingtons Disease, so Jenny is very motivated to help find a cure! Jenny is pictured on the right. Carlos Rodriguez Interview This interview is about a woman named Emma from the UK. She talked about growing after the loss of her mother, and her battle with Huntingtons Disease.

Bibliography 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. https:// pdf Francesca Turchetti

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