HUD Housing Mobility Demonstration

HUD Housing Mobility Demonstration

Housing Mobility: Federal Policy Context Small Area Fair Market Rents AFFH MTW

RAD PHA reforms: admin fees, consortia, SEMAP Housing Mobility Demonstration HUD Housing Mobility Demonstration $25 million to support mobility for families with children $5 million additional incremental voucher assistance $20 million mobility services, eg counseling, administrative, rent deposits Use of funds Admin feeds: related services e.g., counseling, portability coordination, landlord outreach, security deposits,

and administrative activities HAP funds for security deposits in opportunity areas Requirements (*selection criteria developed by HUD TBD) PHAs with high concentration in poor areas; available units in high-opportunity areas Planned or current consortium or partial consortia : high-performing FSS/allow relocation Planned or current consortium or partial consortia : incl small PHA, consolidate mobility operations Others that the Secretary may designate HUD Housing Mobility Demonstration: Requirements for Regional Plan

1) identify the PHAs that will participate & # of vouchers each participating agency will make available out of their existing programs; (2) identify any community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and other entities that will participate & describe the commitments for such participation made by each such entity; (3) identify any waivers or alternative requirements requested; (4) identify any specific actions that the PHAs & other entities will undertake to accomplish the goals of the demo, which shall include a comprehensive approach to enable a successful transition to opportunity areas and may include counseling and continued support for families; (5) specify the criteria that the PHAs would use to identify opportunity areas; (6) provide for establishment of priority and preferences for participating families, including a preference for families with young children, as such term is defined by the Secretary, based on regional housing needs

and priorities; and (7) comply with any other requirements established by the Secretary. Considerations for Developing a Regional Housing Mobility Plan Program goals: population to be served, target annual number of mobility moves Options for pre-move counseling and removal of tenant barriers to moving Options for landlord recruitment and incentives Identifying and addressing PHA policies and practices that contribute to concentration Branding Post-move support

Additional Resources: Housing Mobility Demonstration bill language: 2-27-19hous-demolang.pdf Mobility Works technical assistance group: PRRAC resources on HCV reform:

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