Hill Day Meeting Prep - NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Hill Day Meeting Prep - NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Hill Day Meeting Prep Todays Session Why your advocacy is important What to expect on Capitol Hill Mechanics of a legislative meeting

Tips for an effective meeting Telling your story Follow-up and next steps Hill Day Guide Schedule for Hill Day

Tips for meeting with your legislator Getting around Capitol Hill Introducing NAMI to your legislator Talking points and asks

Follow-up steps Social media tips Why Advocate? Because everyone with a mental health condition deserves the

opportunity for recovery Yet, many who could be helped dont get the care they need. Without quality, affordable mental health care, America pays a high price in:

School failure Criminalization Unemployment

Suicide Homelessness Why Advocate? Politics is personal

Legislators serve their constituents Legislators respond best to people they know Legislators vote on laws and budget that determine who can get What care

For how long At what cost Why Advocate? You have a story to tell. Real stories change hearts and minds

and build support for mental health. What to Expect on Capitol Hill Hill Day Materials

Leave behind materials Legislator Backgrounders Hill Day Guide

Getting To Capitol Hill See page 2-3 of Hill Day Guide. Two waves of buses: 9 AM 11 AM

Stay with your state delegation and your state volunteer (in the green shirt). Getting To Capitol Hill Drop-off point:

Garfield Circle, SW This is a 5-10 minute walk to all Senate and House office buildings. Getting To Capitol Hill

Getting Back From Capitol Hill Pick-up point: Peace Circle, NW (adjacent to drop off point) Pick-up starts at 12:30 p.m.

Continuous loop to hotel Last pick-up is 3:30 p.m. (See alternative return options on page 3 of Hill Day Guide.) Getting Back From Capitol Hill Pick-up point

Drop-off point House Office Buildings Rayburn Longworth

*Office #1223 would be on the 2nd floor Cannon *Office #327 would be on 3rd floor

Senate Office Buildings Russell Dirksen Hart *Office #204 would

be on the 2nd floor Capitol Hill Security Items Not Allowed:

Weapons Sharp objects Aerosol containers

Non-aerosol sprays (except for prescriptions) Sealed envelopes or packages The Capitol Visitors Center does not allow outside food or beverage.

What to Expect in Hill Offices MYTH What to Expect in Hill Offices

REALITY What to Expect in Hill Offices MYTH

What to Expect in Hill Offices REALITY What to Expect

in Your Meetings Meeting Format Make valuable use of limited time. Expect 15 minutes.

Meeting Format Step #1: Introduce NAMI Step #2: Share a personal story Step #3: Discuss key asks and additional priority issues

(as time allows) Sample Meeting General Tips for an Effective Meeting

Meeting Tip #1 Facts support. Stories move. Meeting Tip #2

Use first-person language. Meeting Tip #3 Make the ask.

Meeting Tip #4 Nudge dont push. Meeting Tip #5

Expect some resistance. Building a Connection with Your Legislator

Connecting with Legislators Be respectful Remember that NAMI takes positions on bills, not people or politics Look for ways to connect and build a

relationship Legislator Backgrounders Party and district information Biography

Number of terms/ social media information Committees Legislator Backgrounders

District details and stats Sponsorship/ Cosponsorship information Telling Your Story

Story Tip #1 Keep your story brief just the highlights. Story Tip #2

Paint the picture with vivid language. Story Tip #3 Motivate with hope and recovery.

Story Tip #4 Follow with an ask. Write Your Own Story

Use your Story Practice Sheet. Practice Sharing Your Story

Turn to your neighbor Take turns telling your stories (90 seconds or less) Give and receive constructive feedback:

Whats one thing that would make the story even better? Assign Meeting Roles Meeting lead Storyteller

Messenger Follow-up and Next Steps Close on a Positive Note

Express thanks Review leave behind materials Offer to be a resource on mental health issues Make a request or invitation (e.g., NAMIWalks event)

After Your Meeting Send a thank you email Share photos and thanks on social media Fill out a feedback home

Keep the conversation going at home After Your Meeting Sign up for advocacy alerts at: www.nami.org/advocacy


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