Helpful Suggestions

Helpful Suggestions

Helpful Suggestions To Answer More Effectively When there are TWO reading passages Identify the main idea of each reading passage Do the passages contradict each other or complement each other? Why might the passages contradict each other if written by the same person?

If written by different persons reaching different conclusions, why? Source to Support If asked what source would be most useful for a historian using an excerpted passage, think - What is the main idea of the passage AND - What source would best provide additional evidence for the main idea? Maps Matter

If presented with a map, determine what is happening in the map And connect the map to your knowledge of world history And Remember that the Prompt is Just a Stimulus Therefore there will be questions where the answers are not found in the stimulus but in your knowledge of world history When there is ONE reading

passage Again, read carefully for the big idea What conclusion is reached from all of the evidence? When the stimulus is an Image Identify from whence the image comes And identify what the image is conveying about a people or a culture Sometimes a Monument is more than a Monument If a pyramid is built, it reveals more than an ability to

build pyramids It reveals a surplus of agricultural labor After all, there must be extra workers to build the monument There must be food to feed the non-farming workers A statue is more than a statue; it is insight into a society A Bit of Practice without Stimuli

Justinian Byzantine Empire Constantinople Code of Justinian Hagia Sophia Preservation of Greek and Roman Learning

The Bantu Migration Diffusion Impact on sub-Saharan Africa Where did it start

Where did it end When The Persian Empire

Organization/Centralization Satraps Elaborate Bureaucracy Royal Road Provinces Toleration Zoroastrianism Olmec

Mother Civilization of Mesoamerica Stone Heads Rubber Trees Maize San Lorenzo La Venta Islam

Beliefs Dhimmis Toleration Early Empires

Trade Golden Age Importance of Jerusalem Patriarchy and Chinese Women Foot-Binding in China Status of Women and Confucianism Compared to Women in Sub-Saharan Africa in postclassical era Trade Increases in times of security Pax Mongolica trade flourished on Silk Roads Look at

dates Declines in times of danger Trade declined with the fall of the Rome in Western Europe Silver Trade

First truly global trade Silver from Americas to purchase goods from Asia Exploitation of Native American Indians in mines In a primary source can you detect how the author feels about workers? Encomienda Coerced Labor can you think of other examples in history Led to inflation in Spain why? Led to devaluation of prices why? Monsoons in Indian Ocean Trade

Define monsoon Explain how monsoons benefitted navigators How to read a map and its key to figure out when traders are trading Lonely merchants in foreign ports leading to marriage and syncretism why? Identify the names of Swahili city-states Know the goods exchanged from the different regions Confucianism and Chinese

Culture Explain: The Five Relationships, Filial Piety, the Role of Education Distinguishing between classes different responsibilities Explain: The role of superiors and the role of inferiors

And what of the emperor? How did Confucianism create social harmony Who benefitted and who didnt Colonial Latin America versus British Colonial North America Identify the social hierarchy of colonial Latin America What accounts for the presence of a mestizo population Compare the hierarchies of Latin America and British North America What is the impact of each hierarchy on the history of the

regions Who benefitted and who was harmed Why was syncretism more evident in one than the other Periodization

What is it? What marks the beginning of a historical period? Of course, it has to be something major like what? Provide examples A new time period means something new is happening a new era Synthesis Putting different elements together In order for it to be synthesis, there must be evidence of putting things together

Of course, the thesis statement of a DBQ is synthesis you are putting documents together in groups and different groups together to create your thesis A statement with synthesis has different elements combined to reach a conclusion What does it mean to interpret To interpret is to explain facts It is to explain the meaning of facts If it is just a fact and there is no explanation, it is not interpretation

For example, she wore her hair in a ponytail because she had an important midterm and had to keep her hair out of her eyes It is not just she had a ponytail but why explanation or comparison these things are interpretation What Art Can Reveal The Buddha is often portrayed in a realistic way as a man and not just an empty chair for no self this reveals something about history and diffusion

How did Greek ideas about art enter the Indian subcontinent and how did it change art? Whatever the art is look at it closely does it reveal diffusion or a fact about the past art is more than an object it is a reflection of cultural values and historical processes Evidence I am presented a chart and I am asked a question what part of the chart provides the best evidence for the question

If the question is about religion, then I will need to find that part of the chart that addresses religious beliefs If the question is about whether there is a strong government or a weak government, I want to look for that part of the chart that reveals strength or weakness For example, if taxes are not being collected, that could indicate weakness What Can a Poem Reveal

A poem is a document and it has a main idea and supporting evidence The main idea and supporting evidence direct the reader What can I tell about this society from this poem? Is it prosperous?

Is commerce vibrant? A poem is more than pretty words; it has meaning What can a tool reveal? If it is an axe, it may reveal slash and burn farming If it is a scribes stylus, it may reveal specialization There are tools for war and tools for farming and tools for artisans These tools reveal what people in the society do and what kind of society it is

Look at the tools and see the society Population Records If population increases, why? Is it Champa Rice or improved medicine?

Look at the dates the dates hold the secrets of history If it is population decline, why? Is it disease or climate change or famine? Think of historys changes and you will find your answer What is a counterargument? I read a primary source; it argues that these invaders are really bad

It is from the point of view of the defeated Is it the whole truth of the invaders? May the group labelled negative have positive traits or accomplishments? Is there a counterargument? The counterargument or evidence for the counterargument would be the opposite point of view General Chronology If a major event happens and you are asked what happened in the previous century, would you know

You need some idea of chronology that the Hegira is before the Umayyad Dynasty and that is before the Abbasid and that is before the Mongols sacking Baghdad Or the Greeks are before Alexander and he is before the Romans and the fall of Rome is before the Middle Ages and the Battle of Tours is before Charlemagne What is first and what follows and what follows that that is chronology Study the Review Packet

Success is 99% preparation or some high percentage like that

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