Help! My Loved One is an Addict!

Help! My Loved One is an Addict!

Help! My Loved One is an Addict! Dr. Julie Ganschow I. Introduction A. Our story 1. I was in love with an addict

II. Learning the Truth A. I cant believe this is happening 1. Life will never be the same a. Life not being the same doesnt mean it will always be bad and chaotic; it means it will be different.

b. The truth is, life has not been the same for a while now. c. The difference is, now you can identify the reason why. d. Accept what you are dealing with, and that you will grieve and endure suffering in this process. 2. The effects of addiction on loved

ones a. b. c. d. e.

Insomnia Fear Worry Anxiety Decreased concentration, leading to problems at work or school

f. Overeating etc. g. Emotionally or physically Check out h. Develop health problems 1) Headaches 2) Digestive problems 3) High blood pressure 4) Emotional disturbances

3. The addict causes problems a. Adage: Addicts don't take relationshipsthey take hostages! b. Problems between addict and parents c. Problems between addict and siblings d. Problems between husband and wife

e. Problems with addict in social settings, extended family gatherings f. Problems between addict and employer III. Character Traits of An Addict A. Hard Truths to Accept

1. The addict is a liar a. Addicts tell lies more often than they tell the truth. b. Addicts will say anything to hide or maintain their addiction c. They lie to everyone, including themselves.

2. The addict is often a criminal a. Addicts resort to crime to pay for their habit. b. A person who drives drunk or high is breaking the law c. Using recreational drugs including marijuana is still a crime in most states. d. Abusing prescription pain killers is a crime

e. Taking someone else's prescription medication - even if it comes from the family medicine cabinet - is a violation of both federal and state laws. f. Being violent and abusive is also against the law. g. Don't feel guilty if you have to call the police to restore order in your home or to protect your loved one. h. Don't make threats you don't intend to carry out

B. You cannot fix this 1. The addict's life becomes all about self-gratification meeting the felt needs of excitement, pain relief, escape, or comfort. 2. The pursuit of self-gratification becomes all- consuming. 3. We consider attaching the label addict when a persons

desires have become idols. IV. Addiction is A Spiritual Problem A. Why Stop It Will Not Work 1. Addicted persons depend on alcohol (or drugs) to have a

good time or to feel good. 2. Addicted persons will exhibit unreasonable anger with those who interrupt access to their alcohol or drugs. 3. Addiction is progressive and trends to always get worse. Proverbs 23:2021, 2935 B. The heart of addiction

1. Addiction is a worship disorder called Idolatry. 2. Idolatry - when you are willing to sin to get what you want a. Focus on thoughts, beliefs, and desires leaves no room for worship of God. b. Gratifying self is all that comes to matter. 3. The addict is an idolater. He has a heart/soul problem,

not a medical or psychological problem. 4. The Heart of Drunkenness 5. The Heart of Drug Abuse C. Why stop it will not work

1. Addiction is a sin- a spiritual disease that we have inherited, and it only has one remedy Repentance through the GOSPEL. a. The addict must desire to serve Him only b. The addict must deny the urge to idolize things and people drugs and alcohol.

c. d. e. f. The addict must begin to admit idolatry exists in the heart. Identify what he wants that is being denied.

Identify whether the desire is biblical Place those wants and desires on the altar of sacrifice to God. V. You Cant Fix This A. But Here Is What You Can Do

1. Do not enable your loved one a. Adage: We tell people how to treat us by what we will and will not tolerate. b. Do not enable (allow, permit, aid, assist, facilitate, make possible) the addict to get high or drunk. 2. Implement boundaries to detach yourself financially from

your addicted loved one. a. Do not provide vehicles, insurance funding, or tuition to addicted persons. b. Do not give money to your addicted loved one. c. Set a time frame to detach residentially from your unrepentant addicted loved one. Romans 8:2829; James 1:216

3. Get help for yourself and your family a. Seek support for yourself from a solid Christian friend or biblical counselor. b. Implement a Biblical intervention technique Matthew 18:1518; Romans 1:1832

c. Understand your addict or alcoholic loved one may choose to follow their idolatry to deathphysical and/or spiritual d. Do not spar or argue with your addicted loved one while they are high or under the influence 1) Confront the problem behavior only (Attack the problemnot the person)

e. Do not accept addict or alcoholic bartering to swap one euphoria idol for another 1) cross addiction Mark 9:4350 f. Leave Christian counseling literature that confronts addictions on counters, table or in plain sight in your home.

You can reach Julie at: [email protected] Daily blog on biblical counseling issues for women:

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