GTECH 710 - Hunter College

GTECH 710 - Hunter College

GTECH 201 Introduction to Mapping Sciences Contact Information Instructors: Jochen Albrecht (and Tom Walter) Office: Hunter N1030 Office hours: We, Th 2-3 PM E-Mail: [email protected] Phone: (212) 772-5221 TA: Jing Li E-Mail: [email protected] Course Overview Spatial literacy Basic principles

statistics GIS cartography geographic information science (GIScience) Texts Required: none Recommended McGrew, J and Charles Monroe 2000 (2nd edition). An introduction to statistical problem solving in geography. McGrawHill. OSullivan, David and David Unwin 2002.

Geographic Information Analysis. Wiley. Walford, Nigel, 1995. Geographical Data Analysis. Wiley. Policies Attendance Plagiarism Special accommodations Lab policies Assignments

Criteria for Evaluation Participation 10% Midterm exam 15% Final exam Lab projects 25% 50% Schedule

Class # Date 1 01/27 2 01/31 L1 02/02 3 02/03 L2 02/07 L3 02/09 L4 02/10 4 02/14 5 02/16 L5 02/17 7 02/23 8

02/24 L6 02/28 9 03/02 10 03/03 11 03/07 12 03/09 L7 03/10 13 03/14 L8 03/16 14 03/17 L9 03/21 Topic Introduction the nature of data

The computing environment in the geography department Lab 1: Computing in the geography department Data measurements; data errors Lab 2: introduction to Unix Lab 3: how to write web pages Lab 4: introduction to Excel The nature of spatial data Storing spatial data Lab 5: introduction to ArcGIS Projections Surveying and digitizing Lab 6: digitizing data for the vector model GPS Remote sensing Census data Mapping census data and simple spatial query Lab 7: mapping census data Midterm Exam Lab 8: introduction to R Sampling and questionnaires Lab 9: questionnaire design Schedule Class #

15 16 17 L10 18 19 L11 20 21 L12 22 23 L13 24 25 L14 26 27 L15 28 05/19 - Date 03/23

03/30 03/31 04/04 04/06 04/07 04/11 04/13 04/14 04/18 04/20 04/21 05/02 05/04 05/05 05/09 05/11 05/12 05/16 05/18 05/22 Topic Probability and probability distributions Sampling and sampling design

Point and interval estimation Lab 10: probability distributions Hypothesis testing Analysis of variance Lab 11: hypothesis testing Chi square; goodness of fit Correlation and regression Lab 12: confidence measures Experimental design and multivariate analysis Qualitative approaches Lab 13: ANOVA Maps as a means of communication Anatomy of a thematic map Lab 14: designing a thematic map Design of choropleth, dot and proportional symbol maps Design of isarithmic and flow maps Lab 15: cartographic studio Review and where to from here Final (online) Exam The Nature of Data

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