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and Latin Roots Where did they come from? Directions: Using the list of English words provided below, identify what language they originated from. Write the correct words in each column of the table. Routes of English

The Formation of English Latin was spoken by Romans Romans conquered most of Europe Latin spoken in different areas of Europe developed into Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese. These languages are called

Sister Languages because they all developed from the same language, Latin. Word Invasion In 1066, William the Conqueror invaded England, and he spoke French, a language derived from Latin. Now approximately 60% of English words are borrowed from French

Monks from Rome also brought Latin terms. During the 17th & 18th centuries, English was seen as imperfect and Latin was seen as perfect so to use Latin words in place of English was seen as a good practice Professional Vocabulary Latin is used by doctors, attorneys, religious leaders, and other professions. The Catholic church conducted all masses entirely

in Latin until 1969. Many Latin drama/comedy authors adopted plots, characters, and other ideas from the Greeks. Latin was used frequently to write scientific and philosophical texts until the late 1800's because of its grammatical flexibility. Examples scapul stat =immediately Et cetera or etc. =and otherwise

&= and pro bono =for the good Canus (Canine)=dog Parts of a Word We know that words are broken into parts that help us figure out their meaning: Root- contains the core meaning of the word. Prefix- placed at the beginning of a word to

change its meaning. Suffix- placed at the end of a word to change its meaning. Affixes Prefixes: un- undo re- refill pro- for, forward

Suffixes: -ful joyful -ly sadly -ness kindness Prefixes are at the beginning of words.

Suffixes are at the end of words. pre- means before fix means attach, repair So, prefix means attached before. Roots

A root is a set of letters that have meaning. It is the most basic form. Affixes are added to the root to create a new word. Example: The Latin root ject means throw So project can mean to throw forward A root can be at the front, middle or end

of a word. Many words in the English language are based on Greek & Latin word roots. English words can have all three parts: prefix + root + suffix ab + duct + ed away from + to lead/pull + verb: past tense abducted means pulled or lead away from

i.e. The general was abducted by masked gunmen. Word Meaning geology telegraph tricycle asocial

earth study / study of the earth distance writing / writing that travels far three wheels Concept not being companionable / not wanting to join others Importance Knowing and using Greek and Latin

word roots can help you figure out the meaning of words you dont recognize. This will make you a better reader and writer. Nike She was the winged goddess of victory-victory both in war and in peaceful competition

! ! A/AnMeaning: not, without Examples: Abyss- without a bottom Achromatic- without color ! !

Nike AntiMeaning: against Examples: antibody - a substance that destroys microorganisms antisocial - opposing social norm ! !

Nike BiMeaning: two Examples: bicycle- a vehicle on two wheels propelled by peddles biannual - happening twice a year !

! Nike BioMeaning: life Examples: biology- a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms biography- a life story written by another person

! ! Nike Cent(i)Meaning: one hundred Examples: centimeter - 1/100 of a meter century - 100 years

! ! Nike -less ! !

Nike Meaning: without Examples: worthless- without value meaningless- having no meaning or significance PostMeaning: after Examples:

posthumous - after someone's death postpone - to delay something ! ! Nike Pre-

! ! Nike Meaning: before Examples: preamble - a part in front of a formal document prediction - a statement foretelling the future

SubMeaning: under Examples: submerge - to put underwater substandard - inferior to accepted standards. ! ! Nike

UnMeaning: not Examples: unabridged - not shortened unfair - opposite of fair ! ! Nike Poseidon

Poseidon is the god of the sea and protector of all aquatic features AquaMeaning: water Examples: aquarium - a water container for fish aquatic- relating to water

! ! Poseido n BeneMeaning: good Examples: beneficial - producing a good effect benevolent - showing kindness or goodwill

! ! Poseido n dis Meaning: apart, away Examples: disappear - to move out of sight dissect - to cut apart piece by piece.

! ! Poseido n MalMeaning: bad Examples: malicious- showing strong ill will malcontent a person who is rebellious;

troublemaker ! ! Poseido n MisMeaning: wrong Examples: mistake- an error

misbehave - to behave badly ! ! Poseido n -ness Meaning: a state of Examples:

restlessness- a state of being restless happiness- a state of being happy ! ! Poseido n -or Meaning: a person who

Examples: advisor- a person who advises others abductor- a person who kidnaps somone ! ! Poseido n ReMeaning: again

Examples: rebound -to spring back again rewind - to wind something backward ! ! Poseido n SpecMeaning: to see or look

Examples: retrospective - a looking back at past things spectator - a person who sees an event spectacles- glasses ! ! Poseido n

Athena Athena is the goddess of wisdom, reason, arts and literature. -able or -ible Meaning: can be done Examples: Comfortable- to be in comfort

Reusable- can be used again Athena AudiMeaning: hear Examples: Audible- can be heard Audio- sound Athena

ArtMeaning: skill Examples: artifact - object made by a person's skill artisan - a person skilled in a craft artist - a person who creates skillfully Athena Bibli(o)Meaning: book Examples:

bibliography - a list of books used as sources; bibliophile - a person who loves books Athena InMeaning: not Examples: inappropriate - not appropriate Indescribable- not able to be described

Athena MultiMeaning: many Examples: multicolored - having many colors multimedia - using a range of media multitasking - doing many things at once. Athena

Psych(o)- Athena Meaning: mind, mental Examples: psyche - the human spirit or soul psychic - relating to the human mind or someone who has supernatural mental abilities psychology - the study of the mind.

Struct- Athena Meaning: build Examples: construct - to build destruction - the act of destroying something that was built

structure - something built; infrastructure underlying framework of a system. VocMeaning: voice, call Examples: advocate - to speak in favor of vocalize - to produce with your voice. Athena

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