Grade Twelve Grade Assembly

Grade Twelve Grade Assembly

College, Apprenticeship, University Application Process Assembly 2017-18 Post-Secondary Pathway Planning: Start with Your Research

Aprenticeship Applications College Application Process - Please see your counselor for more information

College Applications continued Applications will be open in October Deadline for applications (equal consideration) is Feb. 1st, 2018. Dont wait until the last minute!!

Cost is $ 95 Each applicant may choose up to 5 programs (maximum 3 from one college). Apply using the five character program code: College Application

Program Codes: Example Business Administration Accounting: Sheridan Ontario College Diploma: Full-Time 2yrs (4 semesters) PBUSA

Ontario College Advanced Diploma: Full-Time 3yrs (6 semesters) Ontario College Advanced Diploma: Full-Time Co-op/3yrs (6 semesters) PBSAC

Honours Baccalaureate Degree: Full-Time 4yrs (8 semesters) PBSAA PBACC

University Application Process : Start with Your Research www. Please us in Guidance for more information

University Applications continued Applications are due early in January 17th 2018. Dont wait until the last minute!

Cost is $150 for three programs ($50 for each additional choice) Access PIN required (please come to

Guidance in November to pick up your confidential PIN PINs must be signed for and will not be given to friends etc.) Eligibility to Graduate Review your credit counselling summary. Ensure ALL grad requirements are fulfilled including compulsory and elective courses

Eligibility to Graduate continued Ensure all requirements to graduate are fulfilled including: Submission of completed community

service hours (40 hours by March 30th, 2017)! Successful completion of the Literacy Requirement. University Applications continued For University, a minimum of 6 4U/4M courses are needed (English is compulsory / co-op marks do not count)

Please your counselor for more information Notes from Student Services Course Changes for Semester Two: ASAP

Registration for 2018-19 for Academic Upgrading: Meet with Counselors and present your plan. VP interview required. Any

Questions? Have a great day! Omnia cum corde

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