GAYATRI MANTRA - Presentions

GAYATRI MANTRA - Presentions

Inspiration and guidance from Vedmoorti, Taponistha, Yugrishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji and Panram Vandaniya Mata Bhagavatidevi Sharma Gayatri and Yagna the building blocks of human culture and civilization. Gayatri Means Righteous wisdom, Knowledge , Sadbudhhi Yagya Means Righteous actions Satkarma The Science And Philosophy Of Gayatri Mantra

||Om bhur bhuvah swah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yonah prachodayat || Gayatri Mantra? Greatest Mantra on the Earth Kamdhenu, Kalpa-vriksha, Amrit, Paras Only mantra made by God (Lord Brahma) A prayer for sudbuddhi Righteous wisdom A combination of 24 syllables, that generates unusual powers Gayatri mantra uses no gods name and is therefore a universal mantra and can be fitted into any religion Evolution of Gayatri Mantra Lord Vishnu wanted to manifest Himself in multiple forms (Ekoham bahusyami ) Lotus appeared from His naval and He created Lord Brahma and gave him a job to create a universe where He can manifest in many different forms.

Lord Brahma created 5 essential elements (earth, sky, water, air, fire). The atoms of which combined with one another and formed physical bodies. The energy He used to create Nature (Prakriti) is called, Savitri. Lord Brahma then made them alive by putting Life Force (Pran-Fraction of God) in each of them. The energy He used to put PRAN is called - Gayatri. Lord Brahma created a 24 syllable Mantra (the great Gayatri Mantra) as a guide for how to live life; Our politics, economics, health, Dharma, desires etc. ||Om bhur bhuvah swah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yonah prachodayat || People heard the meaning of each syllable of this greatest mantra in divine voices (Shrvan hearing). They explained it to others. Thus a lot of knowledge accumulated. Rishi Krishnadwaipayan Vyasa compiled all knowledge into four classes: Rigveda(Dharma), Samveda(Desires), Yajurveda(Politics), Atharvaveda(Economics)

Vedmata Gayatri: Vedas were born from this greatest mantra. So Gayatri is known as Vedmata Gayatri. Devmata Gayatri: Vishwamata Gayatri: This is the only mahamantra which can awaken divinity in human being, so

Gayatri is known as Devmata Gayatri. The whole universe was created with this super power. So Gayatri is known as Vishwamata Gayatri. Science of Gayatri Mantra The human body has 7 power centers and 72,000 glands which all have openings in the mouth. These glands have positive or negative functions. As you speak, wherever the tongue touches in your mouth, connected gland is activated. So you see the result of that glands function. 24 syllables of Gayatri Mantra activate those glands that generates unusual results!! Sound Effect of Gayatri Mantra

Syllable Result If you noticed, it is a result of .. Sadhana tat sa vi tur va Gland Activated tapini safala vishva tusti varada

success valour protection kalyan yog re ni yam bhar go de revati sookshma gnyana bharga gomati

devika love wealth tej raksha intellect suppression va sya varahi sihhini loyalty retention Ganesh- success in difficult tasks

Narsinh- hardwork, courage, and protection Vishnu- increases positive strenghts Shiva- creates positive environment Krishna- strength to do duties without expectations Radha- love despite conflicts Laxmi- you will receive wealth Agni-makes you talented and charismatic Indra- protection from negitivity Saraswati- long term benefiting thoughts Durga- gives you the ability to remove obstacles Hanuman- increases loyalty towards Ideal Mother Earth- tolerance, patience, forgiveness Sound Effect of Gayatri Mantra (cont) Syllable Result

If you noticed.. dhee Gland Activated dhyana vitality Sun god- good qualities ma maryada sayam

Ram- stick to goals despite obstacles hi sfuta penence Sita- tap shakti dhi medha farsightedness Chandra Removal of greed, attachment etc. yo

yo yogmaya yogini awakening productivity Yam Removal of fear, laziness, being alert Brahma- more productivity nah dharini Nice/sweet Moon- cools you down

pra prabhava ideal Narayan- makes you a perfectionist cho ushma courage Da dhrashya Vivek wisdom

yat niranjana Selfless service Haygreev- gives courage, fearlessness, and effort Swan- strength to decide between right and wrong Tulsi- seva/help the needy The Power of Sound is well known Origin of Universe Big Bang Theory

Vedic affirmation of the eternal omnipresent Omkar Medical field Infrasound Ultrasound EEG Echocardiograms NMR-MRI Emotions (Effect of Music) Kindle a lamp, invite clouds & rains in dry sky Cure complicated psychiatric & psychosomatic disorders

Voice Sharpens ones personal & social life via communication Sympathetic words offer instant healing Discouraging words frustrate & discourage Power of speech makes/shakes destiny of societies/nations Exaltations of Gayatri by Dignified Personalities It is the Gayatri Mantra which has awakened India and which is so simple as can be chanted in one breath, There can be no scope for any logical discussion, difference of opinion or any dispute in the study of this holy Mantra. _ _ _ _ _ Rabindranath Tagore Mahatma Gandhi: Constant chanting of Gayatri Mantra is very useful in healing the diseased and elevating the soul. Gayatri Japa is practiced with a steady mind and pure heart is capable of removing obstacles and calamities during bad times.

Swami Vivekanand: Only that thing should be asked for from a king which befits his dignity. The only thing fit to pray from God is wisdom. God grants wisdom only to those with whom he is pleased. Wisdom makes a man go on the right path. Man gets all sorts of happiness by Sat karmas. Gayatri Mantra is a Mantra for wisdom and hence it is called the crown of all Mantra. Yogiraj Yagnyavalkya: Gayatri is the mother of Vedas, it destroys sins and there is no other greater purifying mantra than Gayatri on this earth as well as in the heavens. Just as there is no better place of pilgrimage than Ganga, there is no mantra superior to Gayatri mantra. The one who masters Gayatri becomes master of all knowledge. A dwij who is not devoted to Gayatri is like a shoodra. He who does not know Gayatri gets deprived of Brahmantva and becomes sinful. Jagat Guru Shankaracharya: It is beyond human competence to describe the glory of Gayatri. Nothing is more important in the world than to attain spiritual wisdom, which is inspired by Gayatri Sadhana. Gayatri is the primordial mantra. Its sadhana destroys sins and promotes virtues.

Raman Maharshi: Of all the masteries, the mastery of mantra is extremely powerful. Marvelous results are achieved by the power of Mantras. Gayatri is such a mantra, which bestows both material as well as spiritual benefits. Of the Sam-Veda hymns I am the Brhat-sama, among the Mantras, I am Gayatri, among the months, I am the harvest month of fall and among the seasons, I am Spring Lord Krishna -Bagavad Geeta (Chapter-10, verse-35) Philosophy Of Gayatri (Tatvadarshan) Gayatri Her Triple Currents Saraswati-Brahma

Lakshmi-Vishnu Kali-Shiva Creation Nourishment Dissolution Causal Body Subtle Body Physical Body Upasana

Sadhana Aradhana From above triple currents emerges triplets such as listed below 1 Meaning Of Gayatri Mahamantra 1. Om Bhur, Bhuvah, Swaha Bhakti yog Om: Name of God Bhur Pran-swaroop Sadhak gets vitality. More vitality you have: more overall resistance you have for everything, more immunity to diseases, You have more divine qualities Helps you remove your demonic qualities You have an aura that influences others in a positive way. Bhuvah Dukh Nashak Removes pain, Swaha Bestow happiness to the Sadhak Good times and Bad times are basically our perceptions. Gayatri Mantra

changes our perception. So whatever situations used to bother us before, now seem very ordinary. Sadhak experiences piece and tranquility all the time. This first part of Gayatri Mantra develops Bhakti yog in Sadhak. He develops the feeling of Atmavat Sarvabhooteshu, (Treat others the way you like to be treated) . 2. Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhrgo Devasya Dheemahi: Gyan Yog Tat : That God, who ever you believe in. It fits to any God, e.g. Shiva, Vishnu, Jesus, Mohammad Paigambar etc. Savitu: Illuminant like Savita(energy because of which the sun is illuminant) Gayatri Sadhak also becomes Tejasvi like Sun. Varenyam: The best. Varan karne yogya. God is The best. We like to have Gods qualities in us. Gayatri Sadhak also becomes the best by improving his character. He becomes role model (Varan karne yogya) for others. Bhargo: Destroyer of sins. Bharg word of Gayatri mantra washes of our Accumulated actions (Sanchit Karma) and minimizes our destiny (Prarabdha). Unless our karmas

become NULL we do not get salvation. But with help of Gayatri Mantra we can get rid of our Karmas, thus it gives Brahmavarchasam! .. Continue 2. Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhrgo Devasya Dheemahi: Gyan Yog Devasya: To awaken divinity. Gayatri mantra awakens divinity in you. We have all the power centers already in our body. But they are in inactive state. Sound energy of Gayatri mantra activates them and gives unusual powers to the sadhak. Sadhak develops will power to remove his bad qualities and increase divine qualities. Dheemahi: To imbibe or inculcate. Thus the second fraction of Gayatri mantra gives you the knowledge (Gyan yog) that I have the God, who is illuminant like Sun(Savitu), who is the best among the best(Varenyam), who is a destroyer of sins(Bhargo), who awakens divinity(Devasya), inside me. This reminds you of Who you are?, which makes you SPIRITUAL in day to day life. 3. Dhiyo yon aha prachodayat Karmayog

Dhiyo: Buddhi Intellect Yo: Lead to a righteous path Nah: Our Prachodayat: Forcefully Lead all our intellect to the righteous path. This forcefully makes us do our duty in whatever situation we are. Thus we become Karma-yogi. We do everything as our duty without worrying about the fruit of our actions. Gayatri is a Kamdhenu, Kalpavruksha and Paras Gayatri Sadhana gives unusual results 1. Dvijanam Makes you Dvij Brahmin Your thinking becomes selfless like a Brahmin. You always see other peoples problems and try to help them. 2. Ayuhu Gives long life 3. Pranam Gives Vitality Relieves stress, you become more mature, increase immunity , increase divine qualities, decrease demonic qualities, influence others in a positive way etc. 4. Prajam Creates protective sheath around the children of the Sadhak 5. Pashum Sadhak gets wealth

6. Keertim Since Gayatri is Hrim, Shrim, Klim, Her sadhak gets knowledge, wealth and purity. He is able to help others in all different kinds of problems . Thus he gets respect from the society. 7. Dravinam Money. 8. Brahmavarchasam - Salvation Spiritual experiments with Collective Gayatri Sadhanas The Gayatri Pariwar has achieved long goals of Dharmanusthans resurrecting the noble tradition of the Vedic Age, under the sagacious guidance of its founder Vedmurti Taponishtha Pt. Shriram Shrama Acharya. Specific spiritual experiments in this series have proved their validity in timely control and prevention of dreaded dangers of varied dimensions via effective influence over the hidden causes in the subtle environment. 1. Yug Sandhi Mahapurscharana: This experiment was an epochal experiment of collective sadhana of Gayatri Meditation for twelve years. From Ashwin Navratra, Oct. 1988 to Vasant Panchami, Jan 2001 It was aimed at eliminating the insidious assimilation and

purifying the subliminal environment of life, and orienting the deluded and astray minds towards a prudent, constructive direction. 2. Sahastranshu Brahm Yagya This Mahayagya was Performed on the Gayatri Jayanti of 1953 as a completion of a collective Gayatri sadhana, by 25000 sadhakas for 18months. 125000 japas of the Gayatri Mantra, havans of 125000 ahutis of this mantra & 125000 vrata-upawasa were done collectively all over India. It was the auspicious commemoration of the glorious completion of 24 purascharans done by Gurudev. This also marked the foundation of Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura at the ancient tapasthali of Maharshi Durwasa. This mahayagya & the associated sadhana was indeed the commencement of the divine endeavor of Yug Nirman , by the great visionary, angelic devotee of Gayatri & a pioneer of Scientific spirituality, Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya. He had highlighted the role of this mahayagya in the August 53 issue of the Hindi monthly Akhand Jyoti as We all may note that this mahayagya is going to bestow supernormal benefits. The seeds of

a new bright era (in the twenty-first century) are immanent in its subtle effect. Significant results of Sahastranshu Bhrahma Yagya: 1. Establishment of Gayatri Pariwar: Collective sadhana in Sahastranshu Brahma Yagya and its follow up sadhanas under the guidance and protection of Gurudev-Mataji laid the foundation of the Gayatri Pariwar. Rev. Gurudev wrote in Akhand Jyoti of July 53 Primary goal of our mission is. Emancipation of and upliftment of the women (Nari - Jagaran), re-establishment of the glory & progress of women as the architects of a new era, spiritual elevation of mankind revival of the ethical values and the divine culture 2. Intensive Sadhana satras began at the Gayatri Tapobhumi for spiritual refinement of the people. 3. Yagyas & other reformative programs started being organized through out the nation. 4. Lot of research on Yagyas started as per the descriptions in the Vedic Scriptures. 5. These commenced the series of spiritual experiment for purification of the subliminal environment of life. 6. More and more Gayatri sadhakas had by now begun to participate in these altruist activities. 3. Brahmastra Anusthan

The Brahmastra Anusthan and its purnahuti yagya were organized to churn the sublime energy of the Sun. The first phase of this anusthan comprised of 24 lacs of japas of the Gayatri mantra 24 ahuti havan (yagya), chanting (patha) of Gayatri Chalisa 24000 times & writing of 24000 Gayatri mantras per day, performed collectively by a group of sadhakas under austere disciplines. The second phase expanded these to 1.25 lac japas, 24 lac ahuties of Gayatri mantra, 24 lac path of Gayatri chalisa and 24 lac mantrawriting. The Sahastra kundiya Gayatri mahayagya, (November 1958) at the purnahuti of this anusthan was a milestone in reviving the dharmanusthan of the kind of the Rishi Age. Significanty, the period July 1st, 1957 to Dec 31st, 1958 of these spiritual experiments also coinsided with the internationally recognized year of Quiet Sun. Rare scientific studies on Sun became possible in this period because of the exceptionally quiet state of Sun. 4. Special Gayatri Sadhanas during 1962 65: Rev.Gurudev went to the arduous heights of the Himalayas for higher level

Sadhana. The multifaceted reformative and constructive activities of the Yug Nirman Yojna were geared up to reach the masses after his return in 1962. Special sadhana practices of Panch Kosi Gayatri, Kalpavasa and Chandrayana vrata were guided by him for the spiritually enlightened disciples during 1962-65 at Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura. It was indeed a phenomenal attempt of initiating such higher level sadhanas of the Vedic Age in the present era (in Kaliyuga). 5. Significant help from Gayatri Sadhana (1962) Year 1962 also faced the rare alignment of planets the Astagrahi yoga which was professed by several authentic astrologers and foretellers across the globe, as an ill omen for the earth. At this juncture, all the parijans (members) of the Gayatri Pariwar performed dedicated collective Gayatri anusthan to prevent the likely disastrous effects. As a result, the astagrahi yoga phase had passed without any significant disturbance on our planet.

6. Shakti Mahapurscharana Other remarkable Samuhika Sadhana (Collective Gayatri mantra jap and Yagyas) experiments of Shakti Mahapurscharana were conducted by the Gayatri Pariwar at the times of the sudden wars attacked by China in 1962 and by Pakistan in 1965. The spiritual energy generated by these collective sadhana worked behind the mysterious or miraculous happenings in the battlefields. What made the victorious Chinese armys unexpected about-turn in front of the defeating Indian army? Political analysts or defense experts do not have any logical explanation of this unprecedented move. Only the visionaries of the subtle impact (of sadhana) were able to know the real cause!! Several battalions of the Indian armed forces experienced miraculous support at critical moments in the war of 1965. Several inexplicable mysterious incidents of this war indicate that some spiritual force was also linked with the valor of our soldiers, which led to glorious victory. Establishment Of Shantikunj After his yearlong sadhana in the Himalayas, Acharya Shriram Sharma established Shantikunj at Hardwar in the holy vicinity of the Ganges, in the heart of the sacred land, which once upon a time was the

tapobhumi of Brahmarhsi Vishwamitra. This was another milestone in Acharyajis dedicated endeavors as per the guidance of his guru a Himalayan siddha yogi, and the inspirations of the rishis who are engaged in divine sadhanas in their subtle bodies in the invisible cores of the Himalayas. Shantikunj was instituted as an academy of human development, a center for constructive resurrection of the rishi culture and for the trendsetting integration of science and spirituality. 7. Pran Pratyavartan satras The series of novel spiritual experiments of greater expansion began at Shantikunj with the Pran Pratyavartan satras in 1973. This remarked arousal of thousands of talented personalities and sadhakas who devoted their lifetime and resources for the noble goals of the mission. Many of them voluntarily came to Shantikunj for good. In another few years, the family of Gayatri Pariwar expanded up to two millions. The golden jubilee year of Gurudevs divine self-realization and initiation of his eminent sadhanas was commemorated in 1976 by intensive programmes to edify the inner strength of all parijans. Determined sadhakas jointly accomplished grand sadhanas of 2400 crore japa

anusthan of the Gayatri mantra. 8. Suraksha Anusthan Much before the scientific community was alarmed by the unexpected fall of the skylab in June 1979, Acharyaji knew of this hazard; accordingly, he had initiated a Suraksha Anusthan at Shantikunj. Lacs of spiritually elevated parijans of the Gayatri Pariwar performed this collective Gayatri Sadhana to prevent the disastrous consequences of the likely mishap. Space scientists had feared sky-labs fall that could have risked calamitous loss at Laos, Manila, Panama, Nigeria, several countries in the Atlantic region and the states of Gujarat or Orissa and West Bengal in India. However, at the last moments this huge spacecraft got naturally plunged into the remote depths of the Pacific Ocean, leaving our planet safe! A deep study into the dominance of the subtle over the visible world elucidate that this could be made possible by the conscious power aroused by spiritual sadhanas. The months long continuous Suraksha Anusthan of the sadhakas of Gayatri Pariwar empowered by the spiritual force of the angelic saint Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya had indeed helped induce such a subliminal effect. 9. Pragy Purascharana

Revered Acharyaji had declared the period of 1980 to 2000 as Yug Sandhi Kaal the most critical phase of cosmic changes before the change of an era. He emphasized the need for greater and greater purification of peoples mind and spiritual enlightenment and molding of their attitude to adopt to the new world order that is due to be bestowed by the Almighty. In his views Eradication of the evils of the Kaliyuga and descent of the bright Age of Truth could be quite painful and devastating for those immersed in the mire of Kaliyuga and those contributing to further maligning of the subtle environment in this era of ethical decline. The Omniscient Creator has bequeathed thy power in the form of spirituality. Thee expects thou children to arouse and activate this power to make this cosmic transition of an era harmonious both in the physical and the subliminal domains of Nature. He educed global participation of awakened souls towards this divine endeavor through Pragy Purascharana. 9. The Pragya Purascharan (Cont..): This experiment began as a mass movement with daily anusthan of 24 crore Gayatri mantra jap performed collectively by 24 lacs parijans of the

Gayatri Pariwar. The number of participants gradually increased significantly and so the cycles of japas reached the magnificent 120 crores per day. The number of yagyas was also augmented in the same proportion, reaching in almost every village and every town and city in India and increasing number of places abroad. This remarks a rare endeavor of active participation of the awakened souls in Gods project of purification and righteous orientation of the subliminal flow. This reminds us of the epoch-making co-operation of the monkeys and beers, the gwal-gopis, and the bhikshubhiksunis with the divine incarnations of Shri Ram, Krishna and Gautam Buddha in different ages. 10. Gayatri is the Yug sadhana As the yug sandhi period succeeded, Acharyji laid greater thrust on collective sadhanas and named the associated spiritual endeavors as Yug Sadhana to signify their relevance in meeting the call of the time. By the end of the Kalpa Sadhana Satra in 1984, Shantikunj had

also practically become a Krantikunj a centre for revolutionary changes and reconstruction. The volcano of spiritual energy erupted by its Vichar Kranti Abhiyan then begun expanding to the whole world. Referances.. Gayatri Mahavigyan. By Pt.Shriram Sharma Acharya Super Science Of Gayatri.. By Pt.Shriram Sharma Acharya Gayatri Sadhana Why and How?.. By Pt.Shriram Sharma Acharya Mahapurascharana Unique Spiritual Experiment on Collective Consciousness By Rev.Dr.Pranav Pandya Kamdhenu Gayatri .. Video lecture by Dr.Pranav Pandya Thank you!

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