Frankenstein - MR. KO

Frankenstein - MR. KO

NW H I E? T N E S N H W E ? K T A N H A? W

R F O W H Y ? THE GOTHIC When studying gothic literature we can look a main elements embedded in the overall novel to assume it is in the gothic genre.

We usually see specificity in: The setting The plot Characters And the supernatural THE SETTING G O T H I C L I T E RAT U R E FRANKENSTEIN Gloomy places Castles Victors lab

Geneva, England, Scotland (was not well known in those times) Chase scenes in the arctic regions (unexplored by readers) Rooms with secret passages The Unknown Remote locations Forests Icy wastes Extreme weather Foreign places

THE PLOT G O T H I C L I T E RAT U R E Horrifying events or the threat of such happenings Mystery Suspense Dramatic FRANKENSTEIN Death of multiple individuals The first sight of the monster Frankenstein is

depressed which builds drama William dying Because everyone hated the monster he began to hate himself CHARACTERS G O T H I C L I T E RAT U R E FRANKENSTEIN A passion-driven, villain or hero Monsters Description of Frankenstein is negative

He meddles with death Evil deeds leading to the downfall of a character The monster kills so that Frankenstein has no one The monster destroys himself We see passion when both parties are driven to survive and kill the other SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE G O T H I C L I T E RAT U R E FRANKENSTEIN

Ghosts Zombies Raising of the dead Gruesome research in the field of science which was unknown Gathering body parts Isnt he a zombie? A


is a figure of speech that makes reference to a place, person, or something that happened: This can be real or imaginary and may refer to anything CAN HELP Engage the reader and will help the reader remember that message or theme of the passage Allow the writer to give an example or get a point across without going into a lengthy

discourse CONTINGENT ON ..the reader knowing about the story or event referenced. For example: I was surprised his nose was not growing like Pinocchios TWO MAIN ALLUSIONS: Paradise Lost John Milton: The book is about Adam and Eves disobedience and their fall from grace (eating from the tree of knowledge) In chapter 15 the monster finds this book and reads it to understand more about the world he

lives in Not knowing this book is pure fantasy, the monster finds similarities between the book and his own life The monster compares himself to Adam who is shunned my his creator (God) and wants to strive to be good (asks for forgiveness) RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER This tale is about a mariner who was at sea and kills an albatross who tries to lead him and the crew to safety. In letter 2 there is an allusion to this in which Walton quotes but I shall kill no albatross He refers to the part when thee mariner kills the albatross which causes the downfall of the crew This mirrors Victor in which like the albatross the monster has the power to kill humans (he could kills whoever he wanted)

Like the mariner, Frankenstein was given a second chance to give the creature what he wanted and stop the commotion (a companion) instead he is a coward and run away WHO IS WALTON? In groups of four please create an artistic representation of what you think Walton looks like. Also include what you think Walton is thinking when he is writing the letters to his sister!

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