Food Security and Hunger - De Anza College

Food Security and Hunger - De Anza College

Today Thurs. June 15 The Environment Watch The Lorax Overview Do Something! assignment Turn in next class (typed)-15 pts. Tues. June 20 Do Something! assignment due Nutrition and Exercise Think. Pair. Share. Ways to Eat More Vegan Meals

or.. at least more like a vegan! Remember: Plant based diets => excellent way to promote environmental health. Food, Health and the Environment Our health directly relates to what we eat. vailability depends on the health of our enviro nmental health depends on sustainable resrou

Earths Gifts to Us Generally speaking we might think of life on Earth as a party. All we need for a good time is provided! Resources... sustenance .(food) ..(venue and its amenities) Population .the life on earth.. (guest list) Earths Resources/Environment/Population

Resources Natural (e.g. topsoil, fuel, fresh water, biodiversity, clean air, human ingenuity/labor etc.) Infrastructure (e.g. factories, transport systems, etc.) Many Earth resources are in jeopardy or need repair Earths Resources/Environment/Population Resources

Environment Open space, predictable climate, intact habitats, solar radiation, etc. Much of Earths environment is in jeopardy Earths Resources/Environment/Population Resources Environment Population >7,400,000,000 +(billion!) ~80 million added/yr. to the global dinner table

~3 billion ~6 billion ~10+ billion (late1950s) (late 1990s) (2050) Can we grow forever? What does Carrying Capacity mean? The population Earth can carry sustainably

(indefinitely) at West Africa standard of living ~ 20 B at US standard of living ~ 0.5 to 2 B population ~7.4 B goal should be hat do Current you think our population How do we achieve that goal?

Reducing Population Size Humanely Consider Birth Rate (BR) vs. Death Rate (DR) Fertility Rate (FR): Number of kids a woman has during her lifetime FR to stabilize pop size (BR=DR) ~2.3 kids FR to reduce pop size (BR< DR) must be <2.3 kids

Why does population size matter? Think quality over quantity! The Lorax Look over worksheet. Watch video. Partner or work alone. Complete worksheet.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot; nothing will get better No, it will not! Do Something! 15 pts. Due next class. Objective: to identify ways to be more

personally responsible for their environmental choices. Hand-out provided in class Give rationale for your choice in 3-4 complete, typed sentences or bullet points.

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