Financial Accounts

Financial Accounts

UELSU Annual General Meeting WEDNESDAY 21 S T MARCH 2018 STRATFORD CC.G.05 UEL STUDENTS' UNION Agenda Apologies Staff/student protocol

Ratification of the minutes of the AGM 22nd November 2017 Report of the Trustees & Questions Note year-end accounts Note UELSU Affiliations Motions Any Other Business UEL STUDENTS' UNION Staff/Student protocol Staff members are not accountable to the membership

Staff members have no way to respond to criticism Staff members must not be mentioned by name All queries should be in writing to the CEO and SU President UEL STUDENTS' UNION Ratification of the Minutes The last AGM took place on 22nd November 2017 UEL STUDENTS' UNION

Reports from the Executive Officers Elham Peserlay President and Vice Chair Ayaan Cabdi Vice President (Welfare) Social Sciences & ACE Ali Mojahar Vice President (Community Development) Business, Law & Psychology Swasti Rastogi Vice President (Education) HSB & Cass school of Education Tangina Chowdhury Vice President (Societies & Communication) - ADI UEL STUDENTS' UNION

Elham Peserlay PRESIDENT UEL STUDENTS' UNION Free Printing and awareness campaign Interview panel for governors, PVS, Director of libraries and heads of schools Attending board of governors and trustees Helping fellow officers out with SU events Helping students with their issues Such as withdrawal, attendance and course problem

Attending NUS training and Student council Research on USS to getting pace for SU SU refurbishment at Stratford Campus UEL STUDENTS' UNION Ali Mojahar VICE PRESIDENT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT UEL STUDENTS' UNION

Hello everyone! I was honoured and delighted for being your Community Development Officer from the School of Business, Law & Psychology with the highest number of votes (1848 votes) in the history of the UELSU election. It was very exciting, challenging & most pleasant year to me .I am happy to say that I have tried my best to provide the best possible support to our students. As a Community Development officer I have had some priorities for the academic year 2017/18 In relation to have Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms across the campuses I have lobbied and worked tirelessly with our university authorities. Finally the university allocated some funding to refurbish the multi faith prayer rooms at our Docklands campus. I would like to thank all the people who were involved

with this project. A big thanks to Stephen Short the Head of Students Support and Wellbeing Elham PESERLAY and the executive team 2017/18 who have supported & advised me with this project. UEL STUDENTS' UNION Free printing: I along with the executive team 2017/18 work SU Dome at Stratford I am extremely proud and happy to say that my school Business, Law & Psychology scored first in terms of students engagement. UEL STUDENTS' UNION

In summary Refurbishment the SU Dome Stratford Multi-faith Prayer rooms Free Printing Students disciplinary panel Recruitment panel I am also working very closely together with the school of Business Law & Psychology to increase NSS score. Lobby the university to have cheap and better food options across the campuses. I will be working very closely together with Danielle Giles the Deputy Chief Executive of the UELSU

(MEMBERSHIP) UEL STUDENTS' UNION It was a great and pleasant journey with the tremendous support of our students, school and programme reps, part-time officers, and our UELSU staff members. As a vice president community development I am grateful to everyone who have helped me directly or indirectly throughout my academic year 2017/18.I wish you all the best. Good luck!!! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS PLEASE EMAIL ME ON: [email protected]

UEL STUDENTS' UNION Swasti Rastogi VICE PRESIDENT - EDUCATION UEL STUDENTS' UNION Free Printing: Have had discussion with Nora Colton the acting vice chancellor of the university. Made a proposal and highlighted the importance of having free printing facilities. Meeting with the Director of Learning and teaching of Applied Health and Communities:

Looking at the level 3 students progression to level 4 and how to improve the services within the college Students drop in sessions: Working on setting up the drop in sessions equally across all the campuses Education working group UEL STUDENTS' UNION -Interview panels for Dean and head of school -Having more social events -international week (celebrating diversity )

-helping in officers events and Su events with (shag week, arts festival, bhm ) -attending university committee meetings (LTQC, ESSC,TEF readiness group, academic board) -NUS training -Freshers -Board of trustee -Student council UEL STUDENTS' UNION Tangina Chowdhury

VICE PRESIDENT SOCIETIES & COMMUNICATIONS UEL STUDENTS' UNION Achievements: Free printing awareness campaign- Informing students about the free printing service brought by the officers Societies Points System & Award Prizes (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) UV Bubble Rave & Boat Party- Enriching nightlife events Visibility- Officers posters, banner, Officer Blog- Updating you on whats going on behind the scenes Collaborated with societies to give them exposure during Arts Festival (Somali society, Gospel Music Society, Fashion Society, Animation Society, K-Pop Society)

Collaborated with students and graduates for them to get recognition for their work. Arts Festival events- Colour festival, DJ, Live Performers, Exhibitions, Calligraphy, night events, networking Supporting students on complaint panels, being withdrawn from their course Helping with Officer campaigns and other SU events, promoting- Black History Month, S.H.A.G Week, Freshers, Welcome Back week Hosting Society Assembly Managed to get funding from ATI to help students for Arts Festival Bringing in more microwaves in the SU with officers UEL STUDENTS' UNION Other projects that I am

working on: Enabling Societies to take out equipment from ADI store & give them training Setting up the UELSU Radio station, will be collaborating with the radio society Insurance Policy- Gathering information on equipment to find out the deal that can be made with Endsleigh Insurance company, working with ATI Staff Finding more DJs to give students a fair opportunity to play live music and get recognition Green Impact- Will be working with the environmental & Ethics Officer UEL STUDENTS' UNION UEL STUDENTS' UNION

Financial Accounts UNIVERSITY OF EAST LONDON STUDENTS UNION UEL STUDENTS' UNION Overview The Students Union primary source of income is from the grant received from the University of East London. 89% of the total income received by the union is from our grant Other sources of income include

NUS Cards sales Events Tickets sales Freshers Fair stall sales Sponsorships Other grants All income received is spent on supporting the running of the Students Union and its members UEL STUDENTS' UNION Expenditure Breakdown Category

Staffing (including student staff & officers) Non-Staff Expenditure (Everything else) Cost 552,748 127,844 UEL STUDENTS' UNION

Governance Expenditure Categories Cost Legal & Professional Fees 12,671 (audit fees) Other Governance Cost

3,128 (Board of Trustees servicing) UEL STUDENTS' UNION Significant Expenditure The Union will ring fence monies to be spent on annual key events within its calendar such as Welcome Week and Elections. We will also make sure that we have funds available to support students within areas such as Programme Representatives, Student Council, Societies etc. UEL STUDENTS' UNION

Income Breakdown Categories Blockgrant Additional Grants Machine Income (Photocopier, game machines pool table) NUS Cards Income and Other Income Media Sales & Event Ticket Income Income received

745,296 120,845 25.00 36,678 19,259 UEL STUDENTS' UNION Appointment of the Auditors To note UELSU auditors will continue to be Crowe Clarke Whitehill Crowe Clark Whitehill are charity specialists and ranked consistently at

number 1 in the Charity Finance Audit Survey which underpins charity expertise and is a critical partner for UELSU heading into incorporation UEL STUDENTS' UNION Affiliations held by UELSU Affiliation: National Union of Students (NUS) Cost: 25004.70 (17/18) Benefits NUS is a membership organisation which makes a real difference to the lives of students and its member students' unions. NUS is made up of a confederation of 600 students' unions, amounting to more than 95 per cent of all higher and further

education unions in the UK. Through its member students' unions, NUS represent the interests of more than seven million students. Through the NUS, UELSU gains much support and training for its officers and staff. Affiliation fee for 18/19 unknown UEL STUDENTS' UNION Affiliations held by UELSU Affiliation: London Citizens (Citizen UK) Cost: 2,000 (2017/18) Benefits

Citizens UK organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common good. Citizens UK develop the leadership capacity of our members so they can hold politicians and other decision-makers to account on the issues that matter to them. Community organising is democracy in action: winning victories that change lives and transform communities. Citizens UK works with the SU to provide opportunities, support and training for our students to become community organisers, campaign and volunteer. AGM is asked to vote to renew this membership (18/19) UEL STUDENTS' UNION Approve the affiliations held by

UELSU Affiliation: National Homelessness Advice Service Cost: Free! Benefits Set up over 20 years ago, the NHAS is a partnership between Shelter and Citizens Advice, funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The overall aims of the project are to enable frontline providers to deliver good quality housing and homelessness advice, and support and facilitate the prevention of homelessness where possible. Academic Caseworkers can receive expert advice and support on what can sometimes be very complex housing cases. AGM is asked to vote to renew this membership (18/19)

UEL STUDENTS' UNION Review and Approve the affiliations held by UELSU Proposed Affiliation: Association of College Unions International Cost: 600 (estimated) Benefits ACUI is the leading organization for those working within the college unions and student activities field and United States which is increasingly branching out to UK unions. ACUI offers ample networking, resources, development opportunities for professionals and students. Intercontinental resource-sharing via both conferencing and online methods

Member and student recognition schemes which position UELSU as a potential global leader in good Students Union practice Extensive networking capacity to identify pillars of excellence which continually support development of UELSU student engagement work AGM is asked to vote to approve this membership UEL STUDENTS' UNION Review and Approve the affiliations held by UELSU Proposed Affiliation: Association of Chairs Cost: 50 per chair (estimated) Benefits

AoC supports Chairs of charities and non-profit organisations to lead boards effectively and ensure delivery of UELSUs mission. AoC is designed specifically to support organisations like UELSU by providing practical and independent guidance and governance support tailored to the needs of Chairs. AGM is asked to vote to approve this membership UEL STUDENTS' UNION Motion NO MOTIONS SUBMIT TED


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