Feudal Lords and the Church - MrMacsTitlePage

Feudal Lords and the Church - MrMacsTitlePage

Anglo-Saxon England The Germanic tribes of the Angles and the Saxons became powerful tribes in England. Three important kingdoms of

Northumbria, Mercia, and Wessex in England. These kingdoms were divided into shires or districts. Alfred the Great of Wessex became the king of most of England.

The Norman Conquest In 1019 England became part of the Danish empire under King Canute. Edward the Confessor became king in 1042, but died in 1066. He had no male

heirs. William the Conqueror claimed England, Harold of Wessex was crowned by the English nobles. William I conquers England at the battle of Hastings in 1066.

William I in England William I ruled from 1066-1087 and imported feudalism to England. William made sure all nobles in England were loyal to him.

To determine the wealth and population of England William I collected the Domesday Book. Henry I ruled England from 1100 - 1135. He created royal courts, and established the Exchequer or kings finances.

Henry II 1154-1189 Henry II increased the power of the king, at the nobles and churchs expense. He allowed nobles to pay instead of serve in the army, so he could hire soldiers.

He used circuit judges. Henry II established the Grand Jury of 25 men. He established the petit jury of 12 men. Henry II had church courts transferred to royal courts. When Thomas Becket, Archbishop of

Canterbury protested he was killed.. King John and the Magna Carta The son of Henry II was King John I brought on a revolt of nobles for making

them pay taxes they thought werent fair. English nobles forced John to sign the Magna Carta. The king couldnt raise taxes without approval, he was not above the law, he couldnt take land. The Magna Carta is part of the English

Constitution. Parliament and Common Law In 1260 nobles revolted against King Henry III. Simon de Montfort ruled

England. Montfort called together nobles and burgesses in the Great Council. After Montforts death the Great Council became known as Parliament. The House of Lords was made up of nobles and clergy. The House of

Commons of knights and burgesses. Common Law Edward I 1272-1307 divided the kings court into three sections.

The Court of the Exchequer kept financial accounts and tried tax cases. The Court of Common Pleas between private citizens. The Court of the Kings Bench heard cases that concerned the king. The decisions heanded down by judges

became Common Law.

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