Federated peering the NREN way: eduGAIN and eduroam

Federated peering the NREN way: eduGAIN and eduroam

SURFfederatie Klaas Wierenga, EuroCAMP Helsinki, 17&18th April 2007 Contents - General intro Status

IdM practices/policy Policy enforcement Roles & groups Schemas LoA General introduction - Federation close to production status - Model with Central Federation Component (CFC) that translates federation protocols on-the-fly

(SAML/A-Select/ADFS/ID-FF) - Registration at privacy body (temporary storage of user data for FederatedSSO and/or federation protocol translation). - NO requirements wrt technology Status - Test/Acceptation federation now runs approx. 1.5 jaar - IdP's: RUG, UU, SURFnet, TU-Delft

- RADIUS IdP for eduroam customers, used by: HU, Avans, HvA, Saxion, HAN - Pilots with: Elsevier SD, Dutch publishers, Ellips consortium, SURFnet diensten - Scheduled: EBSCO, Microsoft, SURFdiensten, OCLC Pica IdM practices/policies - 2 parties: - FederatieLeden (federation members)

- Annex to regular contract with SURFnet - Low level entry - FPartners - contract between SURFnet and Partner - SURFnet is operator - Contracts, attributes that are needed for a service published at website - Userboard deputation of federation members Policy enforcement

- Federation Member - Sign and youre member - Club-model - Weak enforcement - Almost no formal rules wrt identity management - Some rules wrt privacy, 'good IdM' and dealing with abuse - Service Provider - MUST sign contract - Define service, attributes etc.

- Privacy regulations (best practice will be made available) - Requirements on certificate - organisation, hostname, friendly name Roles & groups - None - Federation is transparant channel - Federation is TTP (signing of certificates of SP's / IdP's)

Schemas used/planned - 2 requirements: - (opaque)[email protected] - organisation (IdP) - Schemas: study in Shibboleth pilot - SCHAC - IdM at institutions NOT homegeneous - Easy start with simple model - Presumably 4 or 5 mandatory fields, rest

optional Levels of AuthN - Unique selling point of A-Select since version 0.1! - Requires authN standardisation in the policy wrt IdM, naming and issuance

The SURFfederatie Thank you! More info:

http://federatie.surfnet.nl/ [email protected]

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