Faculty Recruiting

Faculty Recruiting

RECRUITING Faculty Streamline, Simplify, Organize, Automate SuccessFactors Recruitment SuccessFactors recruiting module is the applicant tracking program used to initiate requisitions and to view all applicant information, as well as record interview results Recruiting Process From creating a job requisition to hiring a candidate, the typical job requisition progresses through the following steps: Roles Role Key Responsibilities Initiator (Recruitment) Creates the requisition and fills in hiring details in regards to the position and department hiring needs An approver on the offer for staff, service staff and faculty positions Views resumed of assigned candidates Today this is a hiring manager or designee or business manager; In SuccessFactors the hiring

supervisor or department support (department admin) will do Budget Approver Verifies the position details and adds the budgeted salary, employee referral amount (if applicable) and moving allowance on the requisition Approves the offer for staff, service staff and faculty positions Creates the offer letter for faculty positions Today this is Business Office and will continue to review and approve requisitions and offer letters Recruiter Completes and posts the requisition details Sources candidates and screens legal questions as needed Access to confidential HR data Creates offer approvals for staff and service staff Creates offer letter for staff and service staff Will confirm recruitment data (candidate information and position) to send to Onboarding/Cross boarding In West Lafayette, this would be OIE (for Faculty); HR Talent Acquisition (for Staff and Service Staff) Department Recruiter Completes and posts the requisition details Sources candidates Creates offer letter for faculty (if not Budget Approver) Generally speaking, this role would be used for Faculty searches and does not have access to HR confidential data This could be a department administrative assistant Recruiting Coordinator Assigns search committee members to the requisition and adds them to provide interview feedback Can schedule interviews with search committee, using calendar free/busy times, if on Exchange server and share free/busy times

This can be department support staff Search Committee Provides interview feedback via Interview Central Member Can view resume of assigned candidates This can be any Purdue search committee member Internal Candidate Purdue employees (All, nontemp) that apply via the Careers module in SuccessFactors 4 External Candidate NonPurdue employees that apply via the external career site Faculty Process Flow Step # 1 2 Role Initiator Action Creates requisition from vacant position in org chart

Completes required requisition information and sends for approval 3 Budget Approver Reviews requisition information, enters pay range, frequency and target pay; approves 4 Department Recruiter Reviews requisition information, assists in preparing posting verbiage, developing diversity recruitment plan, and affirmative action plan (if applicable) 5 Recruiter (OIE) Reviews requisition information, position announcement, diversity recruitment plan and affirmative action plan (if applicable). Approves or returns for edits 6

7 Receives notice of approved requisition Department Recruiter 8 Posts position Reviews applicant submissions for qualifications 9 Initiator / Search Committee Reviews submissions and makes initial selections 10 Recruiting Coordinator Schedules interviews (optional) 11

Initiator / Search Committee Conducts interviews & makes hiring decision(s) 12 Department Recruiter Completes offer approval template 13 Budget Approver Reviews and approves offer details 14 Dean Reviews and approves offer details

15 Provost / EVPRP Reviews and approves offer details 16 Budget Approver Extends e-offer 17 Candidate Accepts e-offer 18 Department Recruiter Enters search rankings, ratings, and/or comments and uploads search notes as applicable

19 Recruiter (OIE) Requests background check (if applicable) 20 Department Recruiter Initiates onboarding (if applicable) and closes out requisition Faculty Recruitment Post Position 6 Requisitions Four Separate Requisition Templates

Faculty Staff Service Staff Students tor Initia The system will derive the template based on the position Must be a vacancy ready to be hired in Employee Central Reduced data entry Pulls information from the position into the requisition Links approvals and an application to the requisition based on type of template Requisition Posting Internal Career Tab in SuccessFactors Instance for Internal Employees (Purdue Employees) Internal Private posting (private job posting link used for internal employees, if needed) External Posting (where non-Purdue Employees

view and apply to positions) External Private Posting (private job posting link used for external employees, if needed) 8 Important Existing Employees use Internal Career Site Types of Searches One Vacancy for One requisition Evergreen: This can be utilized for scenarios where there are multiple vacancies on one posting. The system will track number of hired candidates in that Requisition. Multiple Levels Posting a vacancy that could be filled at two/three different levels based on qualifications (i.e. hiring a junior or senior programmer). Minimum qualifications will be advertised. A combination of Evergreen and Multiple level postings. 9

Faculty Recruitment Extend Offer 10 Offer Management Offer Approval Template is used holds field information that populates the offer letter Offer Approval Template is routed electronically for approvals Once Approved Offer Letter is created Offer Letter sent to the candidate electronically Offer accepted electronically 11

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