Evolution By Natural Selection - Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Evolution By Natural Selection - Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Evolution By Natural Selection Do Now: Place the following organisms into 3 groups, based on their biological characteristics Jellyfish Dog Oak Tree Mustard Plant Yersinia pestis

Bacillus anthracis Evolution: A Definition Biological evolution is the change in the characteristics of a population over time.

Observation: There are 36 different species of cats. (Species = organisms able to reproduce together) Question: Where did all of these cats come from? Possible Hypotheses Each species of cat arose independently from one another, and it is only a coincidence that they have such similar characteristics.

All cats are descendants of a single common ancestor. The differences seen in each species are a result of the evolution over time of this one ancestor species. Which Hypothesis is Correct? Occams Razor: The least complex explanation of a phenomenon is the most likely to be correct. However a cat species came to be, the independent

development hypothesis requires it to have happened 36 times. The evolution hypothesis only requires the development of 1 ancestor species, which then changes over time. Common Ancestors

Any 2 species share a common ancestor. The more similar they are, the more

recently it lived. Evolution is Parsimonious Parsimonious solutions are less complex and require less chance than non-parsimonious ones. That fact alone however, is not enough to completely support the evolution hypothesis. For a solution to be based in science, there must be a logical

hypothesis for (and supporting observational evidence for) the mechanism by which something happens. In other words, there needs to be evidence of how all of these cats came from 1 ancestor cat species. Natural Selection Natural selection is the mechanism by which biological evolution happens.

Well get a good definition in a minute but first, how it works Natural selection requires 3 conditions: 1: Variation For natural selection to work, there must be a range of characteristics in a population.

2: Differential Mortality Some characteristics or variations allow an organism to survive and/or reproduce more than others. 3: Heritability The characteristics that lead to

increased survival and reproduction must be able to be passed on to subsequent generations Definition

Natural selection is the process by which heritable traits that make it more likely for an organism to survive and successfully reproduce become more common in a population over successive generations. Evidence Natural Selection made 36 Cat Species: 1 - Fossils

Evidence Natural Selection Made 36 Cat Species 2: Genetic Similarities

More On Genetic Analysis Its not just Cats evolution by natural selection gets the job done every time Any Evidence for 36 Independent Developments of Cat Species? No new cat species has arisen since the

domestication of Felis silvestris catus, 10s of thousands of years ago. In other words, we havent seen it happen in recorded history. Remember the fallacious argument of negative proof? We cant PROVE the Flying Spaghetti Monster didnt create 36 cat species but WWFSMD?

Thats the Basic Idea Populations of organisms change over time, driven by the pressure of natural selection. Natural selection has 3 basic requirements. Although evolution by natural selection cant be PROVEN,

It is the most parsimonious explanation of observed facts. It is supported by several wellestablished lines of observable evidence. It can be (and has been) used to make testable predictions.

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