Electronic Portfolio - Texas Tech University

Electronic Portfolio - Texas Tech University

Electrify Your Career Courses with E-Portfolios and Social Media 2012 FCSTAT Summer Professional Development Conference July 29 August 3, 2012 Dallas, Texas Presenters: Heather Blount, Curriculum Specialist, CCFCS Arlene Spearman, Associate Director, CCFCS

We will discuss: Social Media Social Media and the Job Search E-Portfolios What Is Social Media? Social media includes Web-based and mobile

based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media

Social Media Whos Who Facebook 55% of users women; 45% men 800 million active users Like company pages; network with others Twitter 55% of users women; 45% men 250 million tweets per day Follow company twitter feeds or

professionals in the industry Source: A Whos Who of Social Marketing; imbue Marketing http://imbuemarketing.com/2012/a-whos-who-of-social-media-infographic/ Social Media YouTube 50% of users women; 50% men 158 million hits per month Upload a video resum

Google Plus 37% of users women; 63% men 90 million active users Network with others Social Media Instagram 15 million users 150 million photos shared

Post work related photos Pinterest 55-70% of users women; <45% men 10 million active users Create a job search board; post your resum, portfolio pages, accomplishments, etc. Pinterest Resum Examples QR

QR codes codes are are popping popping up up in in newspapers, newspapers, on on consumer consumer

products products and and elsewhere, elsewhere, that that can can be be scanned scanned by by smartphones.

smartphones. Some Some people people are are adding adding these these to to their their rsums

rsums to to direct direct employers employers to to online online portfolios, portfolios, contact contact information

information and and other other application application materials. materials. Source: Source:Ruth RuthMantell, Mantell,How Howto

toMake MakeaaResum ResumThat ThatWorks Works QR Codes Top 10 Free Online QR Code Generators http://freenuts.com/top-10-free-online-qr-code-generators/

A variety of QR code reader apps are available for smartphones. Social Media Linkedin 59% of users women; 41% men 100 million users As of March 31, 2012, LinkedIn operates the

worlds largest professional network on the Internet with 161 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Create a profile and network with other professionals Social Media Is Chan ging Recruitment

Social Media and the Job Search Employers are Posting job openings Looking for potential job candidates Screening potential job candidates Social Media and the Job Search Do create an online presence/profile that

is relevant check your profile on a regular basis be consistent Google yourself be careful what you tweet Sources: Brad Schepp, 7 Tips for Landing A Job Using Social Media www.forbes.com/pictures/efkk45hifm/7-tips-for-landing-a-job-using-social-media/ Alison Doyle, Top 10 Social Media Dos and Donts, http://jobsearch.about.com/od/onlinecareernetworking/tp/socialmediajobsearch.htm Social Media and the Job Search

Do give to get be a resource for others build a network (in advance) follow company Facebook pages and Twitter feeds visit job search sites SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, etc. Sources: Brad Schepp, 7 Tips for Landing A Job Using Social Media www.forbes.com/pictures/efkk45hifm/7-tips-for-landing-a-job-using-social-media/ Alison Doyle, Top 10 Social Media Dos and Donts, http://jobsearch.about.com/od/onlinecareernetworking/tp/socialmediajobsearch.htm

Social Media and the Job Search Dont get fired forget privacy settings post anything you wouldnt want a prospective employer to see connect with everyone spend time online while at work looking

for a job Sources: Brad Schepp, 7 Tips for Landing A Job Using Social Media www.forbes.com/pictures/efkk45hifm/7-tips-for-landing-a-job-using-social-media/ Alison Doyle, Top 10 Social Media Dos and Donts, http://jobsearch.about.com/od/onlinecareernetworking/tp/socialmediajobsearch.htm Resum My prediction is that in the next ten years, resums will be less common, and your online presence will

become what your resum is today, at all types and sizes of companies. Dan Schawbel of Forbes http://blogs.forbes.com/danschawbel/2011/02/21/5-reasons-why-your-onlinepresence-will-replace-your-resum-in-10-years/ 5 reasons why your online presence will replace your resum

1. Social networking use is skyrocketing while e-mail is plummeting. Employers are reviewing your profiles to see what kind of person you are outside of work, who youre connected to, and how you present yourself.

2. You cant find jobs traditionally anymore. A survey by webjob.com of recently employed job seekers found that 23% of those surveyed found their job through ads. 3. People are managing their careers as entrepreneurs.

In the career field, the term Careerpreneur describes a professional who manages their career like an entrepreneur, always searching for the next big opportunity. You need to build your online presence before you need it and constantly look for the new opportunity that will further your personal brand.

4. The traditional resum is now virtual and easy to build. Have you ever created your resum using Microsoft Word? Im sure you have, but those days are quickly coming to an end. Professionals are going to start using LinkedIns Resum Builder tool to turn their LinkedIn profile into a resum that

they can use to submit to jobs. 5. Job seeker passion has become the deciding factor in employment. Your online presence communicates, or should communicate, what youre truly and genuinely passionate about.

Resum Treat your resum as a marketing document. This is the toughest challenge of resum-writing: figuring out what's special about yourself. What's your personal brand? Tailor your resum for the position you're targeting. You should have an all-purpose resum for yourself, but do

rework that 40- to 50-word summary to address each particular job you're after. Write a 40- to 50-word summary that includes three reasons someone should hire you. The summary should vividly describe your personal brand, including three compelling reasons an employer would want you.

Top Skills You Need On Your Resum Ability to Work in a Team Structure More often than not, jobs will require you to work with others in order to get tasks and projects completed. Ability to Verbally Communicate with Persons Inside and Outside the Organization This can come in handy when you need to get

something expedited for a customer, or if you need to understand how a function or process works. Forbes.com 3/5/2012 Ability to Make Decisions and Solve Problems Problems will eventually arise in every organization, but how you respond to these problems will determine how much damage they will cause.

Ability to Obtain and Process Information Employees are often assigned multiple tasks and projects. An effective and efficient employee should be able to categorize these assignments by due dates and level of priority, which is usually based on guidelines established by the company. The Bottom Line You should never forget that your resum

is what will get you the interview; therefore, it is up to you to sell yourself well enough so that when potential employers see it, they know right away that you are a good candidate for them. Electronic Portfolio

Electronic Portfolios An E-Portfolio Is An opportunity to effectively represent yourself and your education. A place to collect and save coursework. A chance to showcase accomplishments and school work to family and friends. A tool for creating digital resums to send to employers.

A Web portal for accessing your work, track your academic growth, and plan your career. A chance to reflect on your education, to make connections between where you are and where you want to be. A record of your skills, achievements, and learning. Purpose Portfolio as showcase, process, and

accountability Portfolio as showcase and process Series 1 Portfolio as

showcase 1 4 8 Years in School

12 Teachers E-Portfolio Management In order to be effective and support the process of student learning, e-portfolios Need to be embedded into your teaching and learning. Require a high level of access to technology. You need to set time aside for students to first

learn how and then to actively reflect and give feedback on learning. Is and Is Not It is a collection of items that provides tangible evidence of the range of knowledge and skills that you have. The items are self-selected, which shows the students individuality.

A portfolio is not a file of course projects and assignments. It is not a scrapbook of memorabilia. Two Kinds of Portfolios Working portfolio Contains unabridged versions of the documents that have been selected. Presentation portfolio

This is selective and streamlined because other people do not have time to review all the material in your working portfolio. Large projects may be summarized in sample pages. All documents in a presentation portfolio should be preceded by an explanation of the importance or relevance of each item so the reviewer will understand the context of the work.

Balancing the Two Faces of E-Portfolios Working Portfolio Digital archive of documents Collaboration space Blog Reflective journal Workspace

Presentation portfolio The story of you Multiple views (public/private) Varied audiences and purposes Showcase

Advantages Demonstrate technology knowledge and skills can show everything that would be in a paper portfolio but can also show the students knowledge and skill with technology Facilitate distribution can leave a copy with future employers Store many documents the reviewer can look at what is of

interest and ignore artifacts that do not apply Increase accessibility can be looked at where and when have access to a computer Disadvantages Time, effort, and specialized skills can change the focus from content to form

Accessibility by making the portfolio more accessible, such as via the Web, there are potential security problems Show me the money! Prove It! An artifact is tangible evidence of knowledge gained, skills mastered, values or attitudes that are characteristic of the student. Document

Video Podcast Blog Development Steps Collect artifacts Select and edit artifacts should reflect the students best work

Reflect on artifacts reflection gives meaning and value to artifacts Present artifacts and reflections The E-Portfolio as a Container An e-portfolio uses electronic technologies as the container, allowing students to collect and

organize portfolio artifacts in many media types. However, the selection step keeps an e-portfolio from becoming Pinterest. E-Portfolio Tools The student is the heart and soul of

an e-portfolio---NOT the technology Sources Putting It All Together: Education and Training University of Wisconsin Stout

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