El preterito irregular: día 2

El preterito irregular: día 2

Do Now: Pick up a new Passport and Project Rubric THERE WILL BE NO MORE LATE CREDIT FOR DO NOWS. COMPLETE BY THE TIME THE TIMER IS UP. Match the subject with a correct preterite verb. There may be more than one answer that works for each number- choose one, but do not repeat any of the letters. Write out a complete sentence in Spanish. 1. La chica a. anduvieron a sus casas. 2. Mariela y Carla b. pude ir a la fiesta. 3. T y Francesca c. vinieron de Atlanta. 4. El doctor d. puso una cura en su herida. 5. Hector y yo e. supieron las respuestas. 6. Cristina y Rogelio f. quiso llegar temprano a la oficina. 7. T g. estuvimos cansados. 8. Yo h. tuviste una fiebre. En las noticias Un proyecto Due: October 31 (1st, 4th, 6th)

November 3 (3rd, 5th) Formats All work will be done individually News article News broadcast script (may be a dialogue, but you may not work with a partner) News PowerPoint (requires more work at home) Length requirement: 200 words if it is shorter, I will not accept it. Tradition: Research Day of the Dead traditions. How are they changing? What do they mean? Discuss the evolution of Day of the Dead in a specific region of Mexico. Politics: Research ISIS and the current political turmoil in Iraq. What is happening? What does the group ISIS want to achieve? Against whom are they fighting? Sports: Research the 2014 World Cup. Find a story of

interest to you. Possible stories include: the building of the stadium, specific teams, specific athletes. Drug trade: Research the Mexican Drug War. Who is fighting? How long has it been going on? What is happening now? Health/Medicine: Pick a topic: socialization of health care, access to contraception and/or abortion, access to clean water, access to immunizations. Pick a country: Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba If you have a specific idea for a current newsworthy subject, you must submit it to me for approval. Language Use Vocabulary Grammar Effort Fluency

5 Written completely in Spanish in students own words Used 3 nationalities and 10 other vocabulary words from unit Used at least 15 verbs in the preterit tense

correctly; at least 7 were irregular preterit Full effort of student (includes presentatio n, if presenting) 4 Written in mostly Spanish with 5 or fewer English words

Used total of 10-12 vocabulary words Gave good effort but exhibited some laziness 3 Written half in Used total of Spanish, half 7-9 in English vocabulary words Used at least

15 verbs in the preterit with some errors; 7 irregular Used 10-14 verbs in the preterit Excellent fluency with all taught material (student trying to use new material does not negatively impact

fluency) Minor errors in fluency that do not impact communica tion Minor errors in fluency that do impact communica Gave moderate effort Effort, not fluency I expect you not to plagiarize, but I also expect you to be a Spanish II student.

You will be graded on your effort to use what we have learned in class. If you push yourself into new material, I will not expect it to be perfect and I will look favorably upon your Plagiarism will receive a 0. No questions asked. using online translators in any way. having someone else write your article. copying and pasting information. El preterito irregular: da 2 21 y 22 de octubre There are a few more

irregulars Decir: to say Traer: to bring Conducir: to drive Producir: to produce Traducir: to translate Leer: to read Creer: to think/believe Or: to hear Stems These first few verbs all take the same endings as the ones we learned last class: Yo: -e T: -iste l/Ella/Usted: -o Nosotros: -imos Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes: ieron Decirdij Traertraj Conducirconduj Producirproduj Traducirtraduj-

Conjugaciones Decir Yo: dije T: dijiste l: dijo Nosotros: dijimos Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes: dijieron Traer Yo: traje T: trajiste l: trajo Nosotros: trajimos Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes: trajieron Conjugaciones cont. Conducir

Traducir Yo: conduje Yo: traduje T: condujiste Producir T: tradujiste l: condujo Yo: produje l: tradujo Nosotros: T: produjiste Nosotros: condujimos l: produjo tradujimos Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Nosotros: Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes : condujieron produjimos

: tradujieron Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Prctica Guiada Write out and complete the following sentences with the correct conjugation. 1) T ____________ que yo vine tarde. (decir) 2) Yo ____________ al trabajo ayer. (conducir) 3) Isabel ____________ un video. (producir) 4) Carlos y Juan ____________ el ensayo. (traducir) 5) Patty y yo ____________ un almuerzo. (traer) 6) Leticia ____________ mucho en clase. (decir) 7) Andrea y yo____________ para nuestra madre. (traducir) 8) Yo ____________ a la escuela. (conducir) 9) T ____________ un noticiero. (producir) 10)Adela y Rosa ____________ sus cuadernos. (traer) Prctica Guiada You are going to hear eight sentences about different activities that people have done. Next to the name of

each subject, write the letter of the activity they did. 1)Yo _____ 2)T _____ 3)Isabel _____ 4)Nosotros _____ 5)Los amigos _____ 6) l _____ 7) Las reporteras _____ 8) Ustedes _____ a) poner la mesa. b) preferir un caf con leche. c) tener que trabajar d) repetir las opciones e) andar con una amiga. f) saber leer en chino g) dormir en la cama h) traducir el libro.

Leer, Creer, & Or Leer, Creer, and Or are irregular in the l/Ella/Usted and Ellos/Ellas/ Ustedes forms You change the i to y for these Leer Ella ley; Ellos leyeron Creer Ella crey; Ellos creyeron Or Ella oy; Ellos oyeron The other forms have an accent Conjugaciones Leer Or Yo: le Yo: o T: leste Creer

T: oste l: ley Yo: cre l: oy Nosotros: lemos T: creste Nosotros: omos Ellos/Ellas/ l: crey Ustedes: leyeronNosotros: cremos Ellos/Ellas/ Ustedes: oyeron Ellos/Ellas/ Ustedes: creyeron Prctica Independiente Translate the following sentences into Spanish. 1) I heard the news program last night. 2) The robber believed that (que) he was intelligent.

3) You read the news yesterday. 4) He heard that (que) there was a robbery. 5) Carlos and I read the book. 6) The teachers (f.) believed the reporter (m.). (hint: put a after your verb) Also comple te Activiti es 4 and 5 Exit Ticket 2.4 1. Yo ________ la verdad. a. dice b. dec c. dije d. dijo

2. La doctora ________ el artculo. a. traduc b. tradujo c. traduje d. traduci 3. Cristina y Amalia _________ sus libros. (leer) 4. Nosotros ________ las camionetas. (conducir) 5. Translate the following sentence into Spanish: Carlos believed the editor. Exit Ticket 2.4 Retake 1. Ella ________ la verdad. a. dice

b. dec c. dije d. dijo 2. La doctora ________ el carro. a. conduc b. condujo c. conduje d. conduci 3. Ellas _________ las ideas. (creer) 4. Nosotros ________ las libros. (traducir) 5. Translate the following sentence into Spanish: Carlos read the book.

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