Editorial Cartoons

Editorial Cartoons

Analyzing Newspaper Editorials Using the AC Library database Facts on File Amarillo College Library About newspaper editorials Most newspapers have a staff of writers who compose daily editorials. They generally

reflect the official view of the newspaper. They are separate from the newspapers staff of journalists, whose task it is to report factual information. About newspaper editorials Analyzing and comparing editorials from different newspapers can help readers form an opinion of their own on social issues, politics

and policy issues. Assignment printable handout 1. Pick an editorial topic from this link on the Facts on File database. Note: Your instructor may want you to choose from a particular subject area or he or she may want you to

choose from the current year or another specific year. Read their instructions. Log-in to the database using the same AC user name and password you use for AC Online and WebAdvisor. Assignment 2. Choose the subject (or year) 3. Read each of the three or four short editorials

Assignment 4. List the topic, date(s) and names of the newspapers. Example: Reporter Shield Law Debated by Senate Star Tribune Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, November 8, 2009 The Grand Rapids Press

Grand Rapids, Michigan, November 1, 2009 Boston Herald Boston, Massachusetts, October 31,, 2009 The Register-Guard Eugene, Oregon, October 7, 2009 Assignment 5. Write an analysis. a. Name which editorial was the most

convincing to you. For example, it might have included the most detail, it might have informed you about something you knew nothing about, agreed with your previous opinion or changed your mind. Assignment b. Briefly discuss the editorials. For example, could you determine which one

appeared to be the most conservative opinion and which one was the most liberal? Did the newspaper city or state have any effect on opinions reflected? Did a particular writer seem to be more intent on blasting an opponent rather than make his/her own case? Did they use facts? If so, did they do it neutrally or ignore widely know facts? Was the language used inflammatory or reasonable?

Assignment c. Last, list at least three questions you have about the topic that you could research to find more information. For research help Amarillo College Library 371-5468 Washington St. Campus

356-3627 West Campus 1-866-371-5468 toll-free Email: [email protected] www.actx.edu/library Adapted with permission from "Analyzing Newspaper Editorials." World News Digest. Facts On File News Services, n.d. Web. 25 July 2010. .

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