Early Explores

Early Explores

Early Explores The Power Point will let us know why the Spanish and French came to Texas. Vocabulary Explorer Explorer- a person who goes on an exploration in search of new found information. Conquistadors Conquistadors- Spanish soldiers who sought wealth and power.

Friars- Members of the Catholic religious order, who helped Spain in their conquest. Draw a Visual Definition Why did the Spanish come in the 1500s? God Gold

Glory Visual God- Spread the Catholic Religion. Gold- to pay for the many expeditions. Glory- to be acclaimed for the Crown. Info Why did the French come in the 1600s?

Setup Colonies To set up colonies for their country French spreading their faith. To challenge the Spanish for claim of Texas. To spread their faith.

Visual Info New Spain New Spain covered what is Now Mexico and majority of the U.S. Conquistadors defeated Native Americans with far better weapons, and set claim on their new territory. European diseases also devastated Aztec, Inca and Mayan civilizations.

Friars helped the Spanish take claim of the territory by trying to convert the Native Americans to the Catholic Faith. Info Pineda (1494-1519) Draw a small map of Pinedas expedition In 1519 he became the first European to map the coast of

Texas. He explored the coastline of Florida and Mexico. His maps and charts were the first made of the Gulf Coast. Info Moscoso (1505-1551) Draw a Visual of Moscoso entering Texas. Took 600 men across Louisiana into Texas. Discovered Corpus

Christi and Matagorda Bay. Information Hernan Cortes (1485-1547) In 1519, with an Army of 500 soldiers he quickly destroyed the Aztec Empire. The Indians were out matched by the Guns and the Horses brought by the Spanish. Cortes found a new city and named it after the Aztecs; Mexico. Mexico City becomes the capital of New Spain. Cabeza de Vaca- Book (1490- 1557)

Draw a visual of De Vaca Crash landing on Galveston. Shipwrecked near Galveston and the survivors where the first Europeans to enter Texas. Estaban from Morocco is the first African to set foot in Texas. Cabeza de Vaca would later report that he found no Gold in Texas, but saw huge Cows with horns.

Coronado-Book (1510-1554) Trace Coronados Expedition. In 1540 he commanded an expedition looking for the Seven Golden Cities of Cibola. His men find the Grand Canyon, grassy lands and large amounts of Buffalo. Info La Salle-Book

(1643-1687) -French Explorer Draw a part of Texas with a French Flag. In 1682, came to stake claim of parts of Texas in the interest of the French. The French Flag is the 2nd flag to fly over Texas. Establishes Fort St. Louis Info

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