Dragon, Dragon - PC\|MAC

Dragon, Dragon - PC\|MAC

Dragon, Dragon by John Gardner Review 1. What can you conclude about

the dragon in this story? He is more of a pest than a danger. 2. In the story, the king says, Im not a tyrant. What type of characterization would this be

considered? indirect characterization 3. What one word could describe the wizard in Dragon, Dragon? incompetent

4. In Dragon, Dragon, which details helps you infer that the cobbler is very sensible? He objects to the kings offers because they require too much

responsibility. 5. Which excerpt is a direct characterization of the middle son in ADragon, Dragon? The middle son was very strong...

6. In Dragon, Dragon, who follows the wise old cobblers advice? The youngest son takes his fathers

advice. 7. What happens when the youngest son recites his fathers poem to the dragon? The dragon begins to laugh.

8. How does the dragon in Dragon, Dragon, die? The sword falls of its own weight and cuts off the dragons head.

9. What happens to the cobblers two older sons in the story? Their lives are saved when they crawl out of the dead dragon.

10. What lesson do the two older brothers learn in Dragon, Dragon? Always take your fathers advice.

11. When the dragon ravages the kingdom what can you infer that the dragon really wants? He really wants to cause confusion and

trouble. 12. In Dragon, Dragon, why does the king call a meeting? He wants to find a way to stop the

dragon. 13. What are the cobblers thoughts at the beginning of the kings meeting? He thinks he is too unimportant to attend

the meeting. 14. What inference can be made from this sentence in Dragon, Dragon? The dragon who had seen the cobblers youngest son while he was still a long way off, was seated

up above the door, inside the cave, waiting and smiling to himself. The dragon expects to surprise the youngest son. 15. When the two oldest sons are eaten by the dragon

what can you infer? Trickery or brute force will not defeat the dragon. Troubled or deeply annoyed plagued

Violently destroyed ravaged Harsh, cruel ruler tyrant

Jealously enviously Thinking seriously reflecting Stretched out for a better look

craned 16. With _____ direct characterization, writers make straightforward statements about a character. For example, Ron is honest.

17. With indirect ______ characterization, writers present a characters thoughts, words, and actions and reveal what others say and think about the character.

Text-Based Question Write an essay describing the character traits of one character from Dragon, Dragon. Give as much information about the character as you can. Use details

from both direct and indirect characterizations in the story in your description. Response Students essays should include at least three character traits from the character

they choose. For example, they may characterize the king as vain, silly, and not very smart; the cobbler as humble, wise, and patient. Students should illustrate their description with story details.

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