Drag&Drop Macro: Easter Eggs - Lingualicious

Drag&Drop Macro: Easter Eggs - Lingualicious

For the teachers [email protected] if you need any more help This is a game Ive used recently as an end-of-term treat for all my classes. It has a fairly straightforward aim of reaching the end before the other teams, or finishing furthest ahead by the end of the lesson. I find that teams of 4-5 are just about right for getting everyone involved. I decide the teams and write them on slide 2 and give out 2/3 mini whiteboards + 2/3 dictionaries to each team. *Its important the students are given a number for the pronunciation category of the game. The most important thing to remember is that you must enable macros before opening this game (Tools/Options/Security/Macro security Powerpoint 2003) (Office button/Trust center - Powerpoint 2007) This will let you move the characters around without leaving slide show view. Click once to pick up and once more to drop. Once the students are ready, you go into slide show view (shift +f5) and begin. Every square is a different colour and these colours match to five different categories. Begin with team 1 who will be on a Brown Square to start with and (in slide show view) click on the brown box at the bottom of the screen called Vocabulario . This will then go to a flicking screen with different sets of vocab Press S to start and stop + Escape to go back to board. When you stop the screen, the teams compete to see who can write down the 5 words 1stthe winning team is the 1st to hold their board up with the correct answers & they get moved to the next square. There are 5 categories: Vocabulario (winners 1st to get all 5 correctly in English) Pronunciacin (*1 member of each team speaks sentence and winner is whoever says it best) Gramtica ( 1st team to correctly write sentence in Spanish) Dibujo (1st team to correctly draw word use this to help losing teams) Matemticas (1st team to correctly solve sum ) If you want to edit/change these category slides: right click and choose Presentation object/Open. Make a note of the order and whichever teams turn it is, choose the category that matches the colour of the square they are on. FOR EVERY TURN ALL THE TEAMS ARE INVOLVED + THE PRONUNCIATION CATEGORY IS INDIVIDUAL. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE BLOG FOR CLEARER INSTRUCTIONS AND MORE TIPS AND IF YOURE STILL STUCK PLEASE EMAIL ME 1Ehmen Sadaf Sumaira Rimshah 2Mariyah

Iqra Naadiya Zaynab 3Sanya Urooj Fatima Haleemah 4Misbah Asmaa Mariah Haleema 5Aneesah Aishah Monica Zulaikha 6Syeda Alia Aleena

Anisha Taiba Adina Vocabulario Me levanto Una puerta Tengo fro quinientos amarillo Pronunciacin El vino vino pero el vino no vino vino el vino vino vinagre Gramtica I LIKE YELLOW CATS Dibujos Un conejo Matemticas Seis ms seis ms siete

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