Diapositiva 1 - World Bank

Diapositiva 1 - World Bank

Building infrastructures in Catalonia: The experience of Gisa GISA / IFERCAT: Generalitat de Catalunya 26/06/2007 Gisa Procedures for public tender and control of civil works Some examples of public works: Eix Transversal and Line 9 Financing: PPP or budgetary? Mission Gisa ESTRATGIA Gisas mission is to build, efficiently and with respect to the environment, the public works requested by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, and in so doing to promote concurrence, competition, equal treatment to all the participants, and ensuring transparency, quality and security. What is GISA? ] ] Abide by Norms of Public Procurement of EU, and Spanish Law Concurrence Transparency Equality of treatment ] Gisa contracts under private law

] Gisa builds only for Generalitat de Catalunya ] Characteristics of Gisa Company 100% public (Generalitat de Catalunya) Adhered to the Departament de Poltica Territorial i Obres Pbliques, builds buildings for: Presidncia, Salut, Educaci, Interior, Benestar i Famlia, Justcia ] At its creation, debt did not consolidate, but it does after SEC 95 ] Generates income via fee paid by constructors Autonomous Communities: public tenders 3.500 2006 2007 2.886 3.000 2.085 2.000 1.892 1.803 1.595 1.500

1.155 934 218 63 472 455 432 302 189 171 138 123 113 16 GALICIA 129 339 287 235 201 87 303 121 120 PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIAS 500 464


ARAGON - ANDALUCIA Public procurement 2.500 Public procurement by Departments Public procurement Department Amount 2006 N Amount tendered 2007 2007 N N TOTAL 2007 Roads Budget PPP 83 82 1 563.532 292.793 270.739

28 27 1 831.574 28.772 802.802 96 95 1 1.186.614 383.812 802.802 Airports Budget 36 36 634.107 634.107 18 18 121.031 121.031 58 58 724.755 724.755 196 111 85

429.300 171.531 257.769 86 77 9 95.175 65.602 29.573 147 130 17 257.982 201.465 56.517 Social services Department 12 Budget 9 PPP 3 40.343 32.159 8.184 7 3 4 18.404 862 17.542 13 6 7

34.733 1.773 32.960 Justice Department 6 84.442 2 4.390 19 522.749 Budget 1 10.666 2 4.390 6 9.807 PPP 5 73.776 0 0

13 512.942 Health Department Budget PPP 45 33 12 84.420 56.808 27.612 16 14 2 30.099 22.642 7.457 22 20 2 120.525 113.068 7.457 Interior Department Budget PPP 40 35 121.423 80.515

15 15 33.201 33.201 19 19 38.007 38.007 5 40.908 0 0 0 0 Other 4 15.794 1 5.575 2 20.069 Total 422

1.973.361 173 1.139.449 376 2.905.434 Education Depatrment Budget PPP Financing Public procurement 2006 2007 35% 65% Budget Concession (building) Concession (shadow toll) Right of land lease Public Right of land lease (ICFE) Gisa Procedures for public tender and control of civil works Some examples of public works: Eix Transversal and Line 9 Financing: PPP or budgetary?

Process of procurement Assignment Public procurement Projects, studies Public work Project approval Start up procurement Publicity Conditions, term sheet, contracts Presentation Opening of offers offers Valuation of offers, Award by the proposal of Board winner valuations Public works 60 % Price + 40 % technical offer Appraisal

Other: projects, directions, etc 30 % Price + 70 % technical offer Public works Criteria Punts Mxims 1.- Oferta econmica 100 2.- Oferta tcnica 100 Scoring Valoraci tcnica 100 2.1.- Programa de treballs i memria constructiva 50 2.1.1.- Fiabilitat del programa de treballs 20 Coherncia del programa de treballs 5 Fiabilitat del programa de treballs 15 2.1.2.- Minimitzaci de les afeccions al trnsit 10 2.1.3.- Disponibilitat de prstecs i/o abocadors autoritzats 10 2.1.4.- Disponibilitat en la proximitat a l'obra de recursos 10 2.2.- Pla d'autocontrol de qualitat 15 2.3.- Inversi en programa mediambiental

15 2.4.- Memria de seguretat i salut 10 2.5.- Aportacions de millores tecnlogiques 10 Projectes i estudis (civil) Control de qualitat (civil i edificaci) Scoring Criteris Punts Mxims 1.- Oferta econmica 30 2.- Oferta tcnica 2.1.- Idonetat de l'equip tcnic 2.1.1.- Idonetat de l'autor del projecte / responsable 2.1.2.- Idonetat de l'equip tcnic Collaborador 1 Collaborador 2 Collaborador 3 2.2.- Metodologia i programa de treballs 2.2.1.- Coherncia del programa de treballs Crrega Treball Crrega Adjudicaci 2.2.2.- Fiabilitat en el compliment del programa de treballs 2.2.3.- Metodologia 2.3.- Pla d'Assegurament de la qualitat del servei 70 40

20 20 10 5 5 20 10 7 3 5 5 5 2.4.- Millores addicionals 5 Puntuaci total [100] = Oferta Econmica [30] + Oferta Tcnica [70] START UP Signature contract Acta Comprovaci Replanteig Start public works EXECUTION Monthly, by client Report development works RECEPTION Coordination meetings

Report supervision Regularly, by work, Valuation of work GUARANTEE Public work management monthly End of work Visits to the work place Certification Report inspection Reception act Refund 50% aval Economic liquidation work Handing of as-built End bond Report estate works Act certifying end guarantee period refund aval

Economic liquidation Modificacions a les obres Iniciativa modificaci Is a modification in the project needed? Augment del pressupost >10% o al 5% per obres dObra Civil de >12M i obres dEdificaci de >5M? NO SI NO Informe Augment Pressupost SI Public work management Informe Augment Pressupost Control Comitee Les modificacions sn significatives? SI NO Sol.Aut.redacci P.Modificat Sol.Aut.redacci P.Modificat i Sol.inici obres Ampliaci Contracte Simplanta la modificaci en parallel a redacci

P.Modificat Simplanta modificaci quan es disposa daprovaci del P.Modificat Projectes Complementaris Iniciativa modificaci Comit Control Modificacions a les Obres Sol.Aut.redacci Projecte Compl. Acord Govern / Encrrec obra Compl. Si lobra complementria interacciona amb la principal, adjudicaci directa al contractista de lobra principal. Gisa Procedures for public tender and control of civil works ] Some examples of public works: Eix Transversal and Line 9 Financing: PPP or budgetary? Facts and data 155 km of existing one way road Eix Transversal Conversion in dual carriage way: 800M investment

52 viaducts, 14 tunnels, Public tender as a shadow toll concession for 30 years 4 offers: different players Eix Transversal Eix Transversal Facts and data 46 Km. Underground line 50 stations Line 9 Investment of at least 4.000M First tranche in operation end 2009, last tranche 2013 Line 9 LINE 9 Line 9 LINE 9: TUNNELLING MACHINES Line 9 ESTIMATION OF USERS Gisa Procedures for public tender and control of civil works Some examples of public works: Eix Transversal and Line 9

Financing: PPP or budgetary? PPP vs classical government financing Financing infraestructures New autonomous communities, new targets, new infraestructures, reason for increase in PPP Access to funds to design, build, operate and maintain the whole infrastructure (be it a prison, a tramway, a road) Different players: concessionaries vs public civil contractors Faster in time (no need to procure contract) More expensive overall, worst rating than aacc Less control on the execution (risk vs control) Lack of experience in costs associated with control of qualities, maintenance commitments, Financing infraestructures HOW THE PROJECTS ARE FINANCED: CONCESSIONS Year Descripci Lic Winner Bank Amount 2003 Ciutat de la Justcia de Barcelona i l'Hospitalet de Llobregat 2 Urbicsa

Santander 329,81 Carretera C-16 Puig Reig / Berga 3 Cedinsa CajaMadrid 188,37 Carretera C-35 Maanet - Platja dAro 6 Cedinsa Caixa Catalunya 53,43 2005 2005 2005 2006 2007 Carretera C-14 Reus - Alcover HSBC, BNP,

ING, RBS SG CIB 7 Dragados 50,48 5 Cedinsa 280.0 4 Cedinsa Caixa Catalunya, 802.0 Caja Madrid Vic-Ripoll Eix Transversal FINANCING THE CONSTRCTIONS Financing infraestructures HOW THE PROJECTS ARE FINANCED: LAND RIGTHS Year Descripci Lic Winner 2003

D. G. Seguretat Ciutadana 1 Necso 2003 Centre Penitenciari Brians-2 3 C. Brians-2 SA 80 Dexia-Sabadell, SCH, LaCaixa-Caja MadridBBVA, RBS 2005 Jutjats Cornell de Llobregat, Prat de Llobregat i St Boi de Llobregat 11 C.Riera-TauProinosa17 Santander Infr. SCH, Caixa Catalunya i Depfa Bank 2005 Jutjats d'Igualada, Vilafranca del Peneds i Vilanova i la Geltr 14 Copcisa 17

La Caixa 2005 Jutjats d'Olot, Cerdanyola del Valls i S. 11 Coloma de Gramenet InabensaPreufet 22 Banc de Sabadell 2005 Comissaries de Sant Andreu i Horta 8 OHL 22 RBS 2005 C.P. Quatre Camins Comissaria Central dels Mossos d'Esquadra 9 Copisa-Agefred 42 La Caixa i BBVA 9 Dragados

BNP Paribas 2005 2006 2006 2006 Comissaries de Barber del Valls, Sant 2 Cugat del Valls, Rub, Esplugues de Llobregat i Cornell de Llobregat Comissaries de Montcada i Reixac, Ripollet, Terrassa, Cerdanyola del Valls 2 i Santa Perptua de la Mogoda ( 2 ) 4 Prison Els Lledoner M Bank 20 65 Vias y 16 Construcciones Dragados 15 Acciona 87 Depfa Bank BNP Paribas CONSTRUCTION PHASE

Financing infraestructures Budgetary works Department de PTOP Generalitat de Catalunya Government order mandate GISA Direction Agreement Works direction Building agreement Building companies Environment agreement Environment consultant Quality control agreement Laboratories CONSTRUCTION PHASE Financing infraestructures Shadow toll Generalitat de Catalunya Government order

GISA Concession Contract Winner of concession Contract to draw the project Work direction contract Financing agreement UASPO Unit of work supervision Bank Project consultant Control Facultative direction Control Contracte Obra Control constructor Technical Assistance contract CONSTRUCTION PHASE

Land rigths Financing infraestructures Land Constitution of land rigths Generalitat de Catalunya Concession Contract Winner of concession Contract to draw the project Construction phase Government order Work direction contract Construction contract Maintenance contract Financing agreement Bank GISA Technical Assistance

contract Integrated direction Project consultant Control Facultative direction Control constructor Maintenance companies Control EXPLOTATION PHASE Financing infraestructures Budgetary works Departament de PTOP Generalitat de 2 years Catalunya 2 options: guarantee bond GISA Direct tenders DPTOP Maintenance agreemet

Building companies Actuacions directes DPTOP Orders Building companies PPP Generalitat de Catalunya Direcci General de Carreteres Control Monthly billing Winner concession Responsablo of explotation and maintenace OBJECTIVES: EUROSTAT RULE Financing infraestructures Outline based on the Eurostat rules for the extra budgetary handling of public investments Non- consolidation of public debt requires risk transfer alternatives Public-Private Partnership

Eurostat Law 19/2004 1. Building, demand and/or availability risk 2. Concession or land use right No financial organization market integrity Institutional integrity Financing infraestructures Conclusions Need to find new ways of collaboration to undertake succesfully new infraestructures Study extremely well the long term consequences of the agreements Be ready to change the financial structures Structures have to reflect real change in risk, from administration to public sector Very interesting and growing sector, very innovative

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