DAY 45 - Mr. Britt

DAY 45 - Mr. Britt

DAY 45 Participle Phrases, The Interlopers, and Vocabulary 4 OBJECTIVES Understand

and identify symbolism in literature Identify and understand how participle

phrases are HOMEWORK Finish Chapters 1-4 in LotF Close reading objectives

quiz Thursday Vocabulary lesson 4 choosing the right word AGENDA WARM UP VOCABULARY LESSON 4


of The Lord of the Flies? What role does it play in the overall message of Work in your groups to complete the

VOCABULAR lesson. Y LESSON 4 Pass forward the flashcard with MALEVOLENT on it.(Make sure your name is on the front)

*QUIZ IN 2 WEEKS Participle Phrases

Take out your participle phrases worksheet from yesterday. Work on side B with your partner. Falling Action The emotional tension lessens.

The fallout from the climax occurs. -> Frodo/Sam escaping the Volcano Occurs right after the Climax. How has the climax affected the world around the character? Ex: Katniss and Peeta are collected from the arena and are sent on their Victory Tour.

Resolution / Denouement Tying up loose ends. Any plot points that havent been addressed are finalized. Everything is explained. Ex: Frodo finishing the book and taking the boat with the elves.

On Your Own -> Plot Structure Read The Interlopers and follow the annotation guidelines on the back. Separate the story based on the stages of plot development. Note conflict.

Annotate foreshadowing and suspense techniques. Exposition Chart Now that you have read the story, log onto Google classroom and fill out the exposition chart for the story.

Make sure you submit the end product and press Turn In. SYMBOLISM WHAT IS A SYMBOL? Raise your hand and give me an example of a

symbol. What do they all have in common? How would you define what a symbol is? SYMBOL DEFINITION:

an object, person, situation, action, or some other element in the story that has a literal meaning but suggest or represents other meanings as well. PAIR EXERCISE Get into your pairs and discuss the words or ideas

associated with this symbol: Write Connotation on one side of a piece of paper. Write Denotation on another side of the paper. Write down words that correspond to

DO THE SAME FOR THIS: THE INTERLOPERS DISCUSSION Take out a piece of paper and write a sentence explaining the role setting plays in the story.

What is the setting a symbol for? Who are the interlopers? Use textual evidence. Do they symbolize anything? Why did the author choose to make these things the interlopers?

What message is present in the story? THE INTERLOPERS DISCUSSION The message can be: Dont hang onto issues. Dont let the past rule your future.

Bury the hatchet. Dont create more problems for yourself. Physical possessions are not worth your life. LORD OF THE FLIES TIME Take out your LotF book and read. This is a

good time to a annotate close reading objectives. Based on our lecture, annotate for symbolism in LotF. Closure - 3,2,1 Write:

3 things you learned about fiction today. 2 examples of participial phrases. 1 question you have regarding the lecture.

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