CSCB07 TUT3 - University of Toronto

CSCB07 TUT3 - University of Toronto

CSCB07 TUT3 TA: Andrey Dyblenko Email: [email protected] Website: Office Hours: Tuesday 10-11am or Upon Request (IC400A) SVN(Subversion) Subversion

is a centralized system for sharing information. At its core is a repository, which is a central store of data. The repository stores information in the form of a filesystem treea typical hierarchy of files and directories. Any number of clients connect to the repository, and then read or write to these files. By writing data, a client makes the information available to others; by reading data, the client receives information from others.

SVN Continued Point? Subversion repository remembers every change ever written to itevery change to every file, and even changes to the directory tree itself, such as the addition, deletion, and rearrangement of files and directories. When a client reads data from the repository, it normally sees only the latest version of the filesystem tree. But the client also has the ability to

view previous states of the filesystem. Repository SVN Commands Get: svn checkout (co) URL directory Create: svn add PATH Write: svn commit (ci) PATH Update Existing: svn update See Commits: svn log For assignments:

svn co svn+ssh://(UTORid)@mathlab.utsc.u SVN Problems of File Sharing Situation: Two coworkers, Harry and Sally, decide to edit the same repository file at the same time. If Harry saves his changes to the repository first, it's possible that (a few moments later) Sally could accidentally overwrite

them with her own new version of the file SVN stores all changes, so they are not lost forever, yet still the latest version does not contain ALL the changes Problem Diagram SVN Links Read!!! si/b07/svn.html 1.5/index.html SCP(Connecting from home): si/b07/moreonsvn Basic Unix Commands mkdir DIR: create a new directory called DIR cd SOMEDIR: enter the directory

pico myfile.txt: edit files cat myfile.txt: show the content of the file ls: list files cd .. : go to parent directory cd ~ : go to your home directory cp file1 file2: copy file1 with new name file2 rm file1: delete the file1 mv file1 file2: rename file1 as file2, or move file1 to new location file2 man COMMAND: detailed info of the command Well, Hello There.. ;) public

class HelloWorld { public static void main (String args[ ] ) { System.out.println(H ello World);

} } Quick and Easy Write a program which takes two numbers from the input and prints the result of their basic numerical calculations (addition, subtraction, division)

Hint: use Scanner class to get user input Hint2: use Integer.parseInt( str ) Output Formatting Escape Character: \ Backspace: \b Tab: \t Newline: \n

Carriage Return (crossplatform): \ r Java: String newline = System.getProperty("line.separator"); Escaping quotes and slashes: \ \ \\

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