Crew Organization & Leadership

Crew Organization & Leadership

Crew Organizatio n & Leadership Objectives How the Crew is organized Officers responsibilities Role of adults assisting the Crew Small Crew or Big Crew Different Organizational Styles

Small Crew Consensus driven Narrower range of activity interests Few youth to carry the load Large Crew Choices made via democratic method Wide range of interests Requires greater structure to manage size of group and balance all competing desires Crew Organization CREW PRESIDENT


ACTIVITY CHAIRS Members Officers Responsibilities Lead the Crew Program reflects Crews needs & desires Uphold BSA & Crew standards Uphold Chartering Orgns standards Work with adult advisors Create a fun environment Plan, develop, and execute the program Evaluate Crews success

Jamie S. Crew 2000 The Crew needs a common purposewe created a mission statement that includes the purposes for which our crew exists. I view the leadership positions within the crew as the glue that keeps the crew together. Sarah S. Crew 520 Organization is what holds Venturing togetherwhich is why were more than simply a group of

friends who like to do fun stuff. If we want to do something, well plan it and go do it. But, thats only possible because of organization. Nathan C. Crew 1976 When asked what was the one thing youth leadership wanted, Let us fail, not on the big things, but so that we learn to organize, plan, and lead better for the next time. Adult Roles




TREASURE R SECRETARY Members Advisors Responsibilities Trains Crew officers Helps plan annual program Coaches officers Helps obtain adult help & resources Participates in all Crew meetings, officer meetings, committee

meetings Conducts Crew Officers Seminar Coaches, mentors, & models desired leadership Committee Responsibilities Ensures quality program & capable adult leadership Guides & supports money-earning projects Helps plan the budget & account for funds Completes & maintains the PCI Secures equipment, facilities & resources Reviews, supports, & approves the crews

program plan Summary Youth-led Crew Adults not leadersAdvisors Partnership between youth & adults Grow future leaders to help young people become caring, responsible adults

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