Competitive Advantages of the Microsoft Private Cloud over ...

Competitive Advantages of the Microsoft Private Cloud over ...

Competitive Advantages of the Microsoft Private Cloud over the VMware vCloud Matt McSpirit Technical Product Manager Microsoft IM-B204 2 Part Series Part I Private Cloud Part II Hypervisor (10th April | 4:30 PM 5:45 PM) Private Cloud Technologies VMware Automation Service Mgmt. Protection Orchestrator

Monitoring Service Manager Data Protection Manager System Center 2012 Operations SP1Manager Self-Service VM Management Hypervisor App Controller Virtual Machine Manager Hyper-V vCenter Orchestrator

vCloud Automation Center vSphere Data Protection vCloud Suite vCenter Ops Mgmt. & vCenter Suite vCloud Director vCenter Server vSphere Hypervisor Private Cloud Attributes Pooled resources Elasticity Enables scalability and dynamic

provisioning Enables resources to expand or contract based on demand Selfservice Usagebased Enables automated provisioning through a self-service portal Enables usagebased resource metering

Control & Customization Key Focus Areas Granular App & Service Deployment Deeper Insight & Remediation Guidance Protection for Key Apps & Workloads Heterogeneous Management Hybrid Infrastructure Costs Key Focus Areas Granular App & Service Deployment Deeper Insight & Remediation Guidance Protection for Key Apps & Workloads Heterogeneous Management Hybrid Infrastructure Costs Demo

Service Manager IT Service Management Service Manager provides Incident, Problem, Change & Release management. Service & Request Offerings, along with SLA Management are also in the box ITaaS Rich self-service portal based on SharePoint providing role-based access to the service catalog. Integration Connectors simplify and streamline integration between Service Manager and other System Center components. Business Intelligence Powerful data warehouse for rich, integrated reporting.

Cloud Service Process Pack Leverage Investments in VMM, Operations Manager, Service Manager & Orchestrator to deliver Infrastructure as a Free Download providing Service. Service Manager Request & Service Offerings and Orchestrator Runbooks to accelerate deployment of IaaS capabilities Service Requests Tenant Registration, Tenant Update Registration, Cloud Resources Subscription, Cloud Resources Update Subscription, New Virtual Machine, Virtual Machine Update, Tenant Registration

Cancellation, Cloud Resources Subscription Cancellation Orchestrator Custom Automation build, test, debug, deploy, and manage automation in your environment. Integration integrates with System Center, other Microsoft products, and nonMicrosoft products to enable interoperability across the data center Orchestration provides the tools for orchestration to combine software, hardware, and manual processes into a seamless system Extensible provides extensible integration to any

system through the Orchestrator Integration Toolkit Comparison Granular App & Service Deployment Capability Microsoft VMware Request Private Cloud Resources w/ CMDB Yes No1 Role-Based Self-Service Yes

Yes Standardized Templates Yes Yes2 Template Granularity: Roles / Features Yes No Template Granularity: Application Layer Yes Yes3

Service/Multi-Tier Templates Yes Yes3 Deployment Across Heterogeneous Clouds Yes Yes4 1. 2. 3. 4. vCloud Automation Center allows for the requesting of private cloud resources but lacks a true CMDB capability in box. Each VMware VM template will have its own VMDK, even if the template varies only slightly in its configuration options.

No alternatives to Server Application Virtualization (App-V) thus relies on regular installation methods or inflexible scripts. vFabric AD for Provisioning included with vCloud Suite, not release management ~$9,375 for 25 VMs. vCloud Automation Center allows deployment onto non-VMware infrastructure at a cost of $400 per managed machine + S&S however once deployed, it could not be managed from vCloud Director along with other VMware-based VMs. Key Focus Areas Granular App & Service Deployment Deeper Insight & Remediation Guidance Protection for Key Apps & Workloads Heterogeneous Management Hybrid Infrastructure Costs Demo Operations Manager | Network Views Network Summary Dashboard provides a view of important data for

the nodes and interfaces of the network Nodes A node can be any device connected to a network. Nodes can be switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, or any other networked device Operations Manager | Network Views Network Vicinity View to view a diagram of a node and all nodes and agent computers that are connected to that node VM-to-Network Relationship understand the relationships between virtual machines, hosts and the networks they are connected to Detailed Knowledge Operations

Manager provides granular information about the specific network infrastructure nodes Operations Manager | App Monitoring Server-side Client-side End user experiences related Monitoring the actual code that is executed and delivered to page load times, server and network latency, and clientside scripting exceptions by the application Synthetic Pre-recorded testing paths through the application that highlight availability, response times, and unexpected responses

Infrastructure monitoring Use the same tools to monitor with visibility across infrastructure and applications IT Pro & Developers Server-side monitoring shows the application is functioning Client-side, however, shows there is a problem..

My applicationApplication The network monitoring The code exactly The servers performance pinpoints is running passed where thelooks issuegood. is, reducing the mean time to resolution are running slowly! all testing. fine. Global Service Monitor Web Test +

Schedule Web Test Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Workitem + Results On-premises Operations Manager ! Production Application Global Service Monitor

Results Call Web App Results Visual Studio Integration Team Foundation Server Virtual Machin e Manage r Test & Lab Manager

Hyper-V Hosts Library System Center Advisor Cloud Service assess your server configurations and proactively avoid Resolve problems Issues accessing current and historical configuration data Specific Guidance helps reduce downtime by providing suggestions for improvement and notifying you of key

updates specific to your Supports System configuration Center 2012, SQL Server, Windows Server, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, and Lync. Comparison Deeper Insight & Remediation Guidance Capability Microsoft VMware Non-Virtualized Infrastructure Monitoring Yes

Yes1 Deep Application Insight & Remediation Guidance Yes Yes2 Outside-In Monitoring & Configuration Guidance Yes No 3 Integration with Development

Tools 1. Would require purchases outside of the vCloud Suite including vFabric Hyperic, Yes vCenter Operations Management No Suite Enterprise 2. 3. Edition Remediation limited to VMware best practices thus lacking in application-specific remediation guidance Lab Manager deprecated, with customers expected to upgrade to vCloud Director, which has no connections with Development IDE. VMware Information:, http://, http://, http://, https://,

Key Focus Areas Granular App & Service Deployment Deeper Insight & Remediation Guidance Protection for Key Apps & Workloads Heterogeneous Management Hybrid Infrastructure Costs Data Protection Manager System Center Operations Manager Active Directory Hyper-V File Services Up to every 15 minutes Disk-based recovery

Windows Azure Backup System Center Data Protection Manager Windows Client Tape-based backup Data protection manager disaster recovery (with offsite replication and tape) Data Protection Manager | VMs Express Full Backups

Optimized Performanc e Live Migration Aware After initial replica, DPM uses block-level change tracking and applies these changes blocks onto initial replica - Cluster Aware Integrates with CSV - Parallel Backups - 900% Performance Improvement

DPM scales to protect up to 800 VMs per DPM Server, across standalone hosts and clusters - Supports Page File Exclusion - Supports Item-Level Restore - Supports SMB Shares DPM delivers uninterrupted protection capabilities, integrating with VMM to track VM locations - Ensures VMs are protected as they are migrated in and

out, and within clusters Backup to Cloud Customers can utilize DPM and Windows Azure to provide offsite, long-term storage for data - Simple setup process - Integrated into DPM wizards for ease of management - Up to 120 Recovery Points Comparison Protection of Key Applications & Workloads Capability

Microsoft VMware Granular Workload Protection Yes Yes1 Physical & Virtual Protection Yes No1 3rd Party Integration Yes

No2 Centralized Role-Based Management Yes Yes3 Tape Backup Yes No4 Integrated Disaster Recovery Yes Yes 1.

2. 3. 4. VMware Data machines VMware Data VMware Data VMware Data Protection (Advanced) offers protection for VMs & SQL/Exchange only and offers no protection of physical Protection is not extensible by 3rd parties Protection is capped at 10 appliances per vCenter with a maximum storage of 2TB/100 VMs per appliance. Protection offers no protection to tape media. Disk only VMware Information:, http:// Key Focus Areas Granular App & Service Deployment Deeper Insight & Remediation Guidance

Protection for Key Apps & Workloads Heterogeneous Management Hybrid Infrastructure Costs Demo Heterogeneous Management Application Frameworks Management OS Hypervisor Fabric Comparison Heterogeneous Management Capability Microsoft VMware

Multi-Hypervisor Management Yes Limited1 Heterogeneous Automation & Integration Yes Limited2 Heterogeneous Monitoring & Extensibility Yes Limited3 1. 2.

3. vCloud Automation Center focuses on provisioning VMs to alternative hypervisors, whilst the Multi-Hypervisor Manager plugin for vCenter offers only very basic capabilities. vCAC support limited to 2008 R2/SP1 & VMM 2012 vCenter Orchestrator has a limited number of 3rd party plug-ins. vCenter Operations Management Suite requires the purchase of 3rd Party adaptors to integrate. VMware Information:, http://, Key Focus Areas Granular App & Service Deployment Deeper Insight & Remediation Guidance Protection for Key Apps & Workloads Heterogeneous Management Hybrid Infrastructure Costs Hybrid Infrastructure | Microsoft Microsoft Public Cloud & Service

Providers System Microso Microso Center ft ft 2012 SP1 Private Private Cloud Cloud IDENTITY | MANAGEMENT | VIRTUALIZATION | DEVELOPMENT Hybrid Infrastructure | VMware VMware vCloud Service,

vCloud Providers vCloud Automatio n Center vCloud Connecto r 2.0 vCloud (w/ Director) vCloud Connecto r 2.0 vCloud (w/

Director) Amazon, Hyper-V, Xen Key Focus Areas Granular App & Service Deployment Deeper Insight & Remediation Guidance Protection for Key Apps & Workloads Heterogeneous Management Hybrid Infrastructure Costs 500 VM Private Cloud 15:1 VM to Host Ratio 34 Hosts 2 CPU w/ 16 Cores

Comprehensive Management Windows Server licensing additional 68 CPUs of Windows Server Datacenter 500 VM Private Cloud | Microsoft 68 CPUs Hyper-V Server $0 68 CPUs System Center 2012 $122,638*

Total Cost $122,638 Provides complete infrastructure management including: Application Performance Management, Self-Service, Backup & Application Protection, IT Service Management & Service Catalog, Orchestration and much more * System Center Pricing: http:// 500 VM Private Cloud | VMware 68 CPUs vCloud Suite Ent $781,660* vCenter Server $4,995* Total Cost $786,655 + S&S

Costs, without S&S, $786,655 yet lacks true ITIL-based service management, granular workload protection, comprehensive inguest management, DevOps capabilities and 3rd Party integration Over 6x more expensive than the Microsoft solution * VMware Pricing:, http:// Summary Summary More Granular App & Service Deployment Features Deeper 360o Insight & Remediation Guidance More Granular Protection for Key Apps & Workloads More Comprehensive Heterogeneous Management Simplified, Unified Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Significant Savings on Cost Evaluation We want to hear from you! Complete your session evaluations today and enter to win prizes daily. Provide your feedback at a CommNet kiosk or log on at Upon submission you will receive instant notification if you have won a prize. Prize pickup is at the Information Desk located in Attendee Services in the Mandalay Bay Foyer. Entry details can be found on the MMS website. Resources Access MMS Online to view session recordings after the event. 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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