Comcast/NBC Kelsey smith Natalie moreland Maintenance is Key focus on Non-growth Strategy *Comcast needs to sustain their position as the nation's No.1 cable-TV operator; while there are many opportunities for Comcast to take control of NBC, the gamble is too great. *Economic uncertainty-NBC is not thriving Currently in debt Will not be a major financial benefit to comcast Comcast's growth is slowing.

*Network TV declining-TV channels/shows are accessible on the internet *Media costs are increasing/ nbc will not bring in much profit for a while *According to Gleen Greenberg, managing director of Chieftain Capital Management, Comcast has not yet demonstrated the financial and strategic rationale of owning more networks. Comcasts Focus Marketing Objectives *Customer relationships and acquisition Bundle packages (tv, internet, cable) Lower prices, new customer incentives, refer a friend for current

customers *Building awareness/branding Ad campaigns/labeling on current channels Make their association with popular channels, sports teams, etc more public/known *Adding to current products/service Offer online movies and shows focus on services that have greater future potential, (ie: Internet access and digital phones services) *Comcast needs to maintain what they have now, and prepare their company for future expansion, perhaps when the gamble is not so high.

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