Classification and Properties of Matter

Classification and Properties of Matter

Classification and Properties of Matter Section 1.2 1.3 Au

Carbon but there are more Allotropes! We will do a separation of

mixtures lab so you can learn about these techniques! 1.3 Properties of Matter

Different types of matter have different distinguishing characteristics that we can use to tell them apart. These characteristics are called;

Physical properties can be measured without changing the composition of the substance Color, freezing points and boiling point, hardness

Chemical properties describe how the substance reacts or changes into other substances Undergoes Combustion Physical Changes are phase changes Evaporation, freezing, etc..

Chemical changes involve breaking and of bonds Combustion, decomposition, oxidation

formation Intensive/Extensive properties Physical and chemical properties may be intensive or extensive. Intensive properties such as density, color, and boiling

point do not depend on the size of the sample of matter and can be used to identify substances. Extensive properties such as mass and volume do depend on the quantity of the sample. Classify as Physical or Chemical

Changes Mothballs vaporize in a closet HF attacks glass and is used to make etchings CaCl2 lowers freezing temp of water An antacid table fizzes

Flashlight battery corrodes Whole milk curdles as vinegar is added Boiling water end

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