CLARS - Literacy Link Niagara

CLARS - Literacy Link Niagara

... the Gateway to English Language Classes CLARS CLARS Centralized Language Assessment and Referral System The goal is to Provide equitable, timely access to an assessment

Be the gateway to language training options throughout Niagara CLARS Overview Federal and Provincial government language programs LINC and ESL Talks began in 2005 CLARS first pilot in 2012 What we do Assessment of Language

Levels What are Canadian Language Benchmarks? The Canadian Language Benchmarks or CLB is used in Canada to teach and test language learning for adults. Understanding the CLB important to those who plan to go to English class, train, look for work or study at a college or university. The benchmarks are organized in 3 stages and 12 levels. The benchmarks describe tasks that people can do in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Many adult ESL programs in Canada use the Canadian Language Benchmarks. Students and teachers use CLB to understand what English is needed for daily life in Canada. The CLB does not list grammar or vocabulary. It lists tasks for everyday, real English use. Listening Speaking Reading Writing 3433

6654 O own language, 1 words, 2 phrases, 3 sentences, 4 use of connectors and a variety of grammar Daily life in Canada CLB 0000 CLB 8888 Adapt to life in Canada - English for

daily life Citizenship To become a Canadian citizen, you must meet the following basic eligibility requirements: You must be at least 18 years of age. You must be a Permanent Resident of Canada. You must have resided in Canada

for at least four of the last six years. You must not have any criminal prohibitions. CLB 44-- Test You must pass the Citizenship and Interview. Improve language skills to pass the Canadian Citizenship test Life in Canada Employment CLARS Partnership the

gap people with many levels of English looking for employmen t The challenge : Finding the best fit for the client Both the client and the coach need to know their benchmarks Reality

Check 10 8 8 - Eligibility for an Assessment Must Must be 18 + NOT be born in Canada English is not first language

Make an appointment Just call. . . Improve your English St. Catharines - Niagara Falls - Welland - Fort Erie Day and night Integrated class reading, writing, listening and speaking

TOEFL IELTS Citizenship Classes ESL for Employment St. Catharines Niagara College - Enhanced Language Training for Employment (ELTE) Niagara College - Occupation-specific language training Technology Business

Health Summer School will be starting in July Financial success is directly related to your ... a key to Employment for Newcomers to Canada


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