Christopher Columbus -

Christopher Columbus -

Christopher Columbus By, Zoct 6, Drewpat87, and game freak 97 His Childhood When he was a child his father pushed him into a career of business. He began to sail on the trading ships and worked for Spinola and other families. During this he examined the sky and

found that the stars were never the same and by this he drew the conclusion that the world was round. He first sailed the ocean blue. After pleading with the King and the Queen for several years to get the ships to go to Asia, finally he got his way the Queen sold all of her Jules to get 3 ships made. Then Christopher went to what he thought was Asia to get more spices faster.

The voyage It was a long and hard journey and it got the men mad and annoyed with Columbus . They were tired and were sick of the sea. When they finally got there and met some of the weirdest people you have ever seen!!!!They were naked and were unarmed except tiny

spears that were clearly for hunting. The Natives When Columbus arrived he wasnt the only one around. There originally were native Americans there. Columbus called them Indians because he

thought that he was in India. They thought Columbus how to grow corn and stuff. If it hadn't been for the native Americans they never would have survived the winter. When they got back...

They were greeted with a warm welcome.then the questions came lots of questions came from the Queen and the King.then they all thought he was wrong and that wasn't Asia so this guy Balboa set out to prove Columbus wrong, and it worked..

Until. 200 years after Columbus died... A book was published that said Columbus had found a new world . And now everyone can know about what Columbus did. How he died.

He died for an unspecified reason in Spain and his remains were buried in the Seville cathedral in Spain. The reminders Today he is still remembered

by people who have coins with something to do with him or visit statues of him. End

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