CHAPTER 6 & 7 Computers and Information Processing ...

CHAPTER 6 & 7 Computers and Information Processing ...

Computer Hardware and Software Yong Choi School of Business CSU, Bakersfield Computer Hardware Comprehensive term for all the physical parts of a computer Tangible: things that you can actually touch and feel

disks, monitors, keyboards, printers, boards, speaker, and chips. Falling price of HW Technical driving force of the Information Age Computing Power

Faster Cheaper (PC: less than $500) Smaller Shorter computer product life cycle Storage Price of 1 MB hard drive space

1983 - $300 ** First PC in 1981 ** Early IBM PCs have 20 - 30 MB 1989 - $ 2, 1997 - $ .07, and today minimal Megabyte (MB) about 1 million bytes Gigabyte (GB) about 1 billion bytes Terabyte (TB) about 1 trillion bytes

Transmission I hr satellite teleconferencing 1985 - $100 1998 - less than $10 Today - minimal Internet dial-up service 1997: AVG. $40 DSL: less than $15

Hardware Trend More Multimedia Oriented. graphics, picture, sound, voice, video clip DMB Smaller, Smarter. Tablet PC (i.e., ipad), Smart phone

More powerful Massive parallel (process many tasks simultaneously) many networked CPUs vs. many tasks Computer Software Intangible: untouchable Written in various computer program languages C++, Java, VB.NET....

Set of instructions that hardware executes to carry out a specific task for you Changing of SW price More important than HW Y2K Two Major Categories of Software 1. Application software enables you to solve specific problems or perform specific tasks

APPA-8 Two Major Categories of Software 2. System software handles tasks specific to technology management and coordinates the interaction of all technology devices Two main types of system software

Operating system software Utility software APPA-9 Types of System Software Operating system software controls application software

and manages hardware devices Utility software provides additional functionality to your operating system Anti-virus Screen saver Etc. APPA-10

GUI vs. Command Driven DOS vs. Windows (i.e., XP, Vista..) User training Productivity Technical Compatibility

Demo of Command Driven Start programs accessories command prompt Try to delete sylacct360.ppt PowerPoint file from desktop (download and save the PPT file first) dir cd my documents or desktop (not case sensitive but space) dir (to see available files)

del sylacct360.ppt (dont forget the file extension) dir SW Considerations Compatibility with current software Outsourcing Off-the-shelf software More about computer

picotux - the smallest Linux Computer in the World Six Categories of Hardware Keyboard (input) CDs (storage)

Video card (connecting) CPU Cable modem (telecommunications) Monitor (output)


Desktop APPA-16 CPU and RAM APPA-17 CPU and RAM

CPU and RAM work together to form the brain of your computer CPU speed measured in gigahertz (GHz) GHz number of billions of CPU cycles per second CPU (machine) cycle retrieve, decode, and execute instruction, then return result to RAM if necessary APPA-18

CPU Components Control unit directs what happens in the CPU and the rest of your computer Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) performs arithmetic, comparison, and logic operations CPU cache CPU memory where instructions wait until theyre needed CPU clock beats to keep instructions and information moving in synchronized fashion

APPA-19 System Bus System bus electrical pathways that move information between motherboard components, especially between CPU and RAM APPA-20

CPU and Ram at Work APPA-21 CPU (Machine Cycle) 1. Retrieve: The control unit sends to RAM for the instructions and information it needs 2. Decode: CPU gets the instruction out of cache and

examines it to see what to do 3. Execute: Does what the instruction says to do 4. Store: Sends the result of processing to be stored in RAM if necessary APPA-22 Notebook CPUs and RAM Mobile CPU type of CPU that changes speed, and therefore power consumption, in response to fluctuation in

use RAM for notebooks comes in smaller modules than RAM for desktops APPA-23 COMPUTER CATEGORIES (BY SIZE)

Minicomputers Supercomputer Mainframe APPA-24 Common Types of Flash Memory


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