Chapter 1 Introduction to Electronics

Chapter 1 Introduction to Electronics

Nor Farahidah Zabah Room number : E2-2-13.12 Phone number : 03-6196 4562 Email address : [email protected] [email protected] Website: Electronics ECE 1312 Electronics

ECE 1312 Electronics ECE 1312 Be punctual! Silent your handphone while in class Wear proper attire as to the Universitys dress code Attendance is COMPULSORY Electronics ECE 1312

Method % Mid-term 25 Test Final 50 Examination Quizzes and 25 (15 + 10) Assignments Electronics ECE 1312 Weeks

Topics 1 Introduction to Electronics: Brief History, Signals, Frequency Spectrum of Signals, Analog and Digital Signals Semiconductor Materials and Diodes: Semiconductor Materials and Properties, The PN Junction, Diode Circuits: DC Analysis and Models, Diode Circuits: AC Equivalent Circuit, Other Diode

Types. Diode Circuits: Rectifier Circuits, Zener Diode Circuits, Clipper and Clamper Circuits, Multiple-Diode Circuits. 2,3 4,5 Electronics Learnin Task/Reading g Hours Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3 ECE 1312 Week Topics Learnin Task/ s g Hours Reading 6,7 The Bipolar Junction Chapter 4 Transistor: Transistor Structures, Current-Voltage

Characteristics, Load Line and Modes of Operation, Voltage Transfer Characteristics, Bipolar Transistor Biasing 8,9 Basic BJT Amplifiers: Chapter 5 Small-Signal Operation and Models, Single-Stage BJT Amplifiers: Common Emitter Amplifier, Common Collector Amplifier Electronics ECE 1312

Week s Topics 10,11 The Field Effect Transistor: Device Structure, CurrentVoltage Characteristics, DC Circuit Analyses of MOSFET, Constant Current Biasing 12 Basic FET Amplifiers: Basics of FET Modeling, Common-Source Amplifier, Common Drain Amplifier, Ideal Operational Amplifier and Op-Amp Circuits: Ideal Op-Amp, Inverting

13, 14 Amplifier, Summing Amplifier, Non-inverting Amplifier, Op-Amp Applications Electronics Learnin Task/ g Hours Reading Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 ECE 1312

Text Book Motakabber, S. M. A, Ibrahimy, M. I., Nordin, Anis, (2012), Fundamentals of Microelectronic Circuits, Pearson. Recommended references supporting the course Neamen D.A., (2007), Microelectronics Analysis and Design, McGraw Hill. Circuit Sedra S.A., (2009), Microelectronic Circuits, Oxford Electronics ECE 1312 VA

What is VA VB ? What about VB VA ? VB Electronics What is the value of VB if VA = 10 V ? 4V -4V 6V ECE 1312

A Branch Current Equation is based on Ohms Law 2 I B (VA VB) / 2 = I C 2 = 4/2 = 2 A I

(VD VC) / 2 = I D Electronics ECE 1312 Kirchhoff Current Law Kirchhoff Voltage Law Electronics ECE 1312 What will be the polarity of the voltage across the resistor if the current direction is as

follows: I + Electronics VR - ECE 1312 I 5 I + 10 I + 7.5 I 45 = 0 22.5 I 45 = 0

I = 2 mA Electronics ECE 1312 Which branch has the bigger current? The 4 branch 4 10 If the voltage across the 10 is 5V, what is the voltage across the 4? 5V

What is the total resistance? 2.86 Electronics ECE 1312 VTH and RTH VTH = open circuit voltage at the output terminal RTH = equivalent resistance when the voltage/current source is turned off VTH = voltage across 4 k = 12 V

RTH = 12 k in parallel with 4 k = 3 k 3 k 12 V Electronics ECE 1312

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