Catford enterprise hub feasibility report

Catford enterprise hub feasibility report

Lewisham Town Hall Feasibility Final Report Draft July 2014 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Introduction tom fleming / creative consultancy / 1: Demand and Context for an Incubation and workspace in Catford

Town Hall and Lewisham tom fleming / creative consultancy / Three key drivers of Londons Creative and Knowledge economy tom fleming / creative consultancy / Lewisham and Catford - Jobs, skills, aspiration for the future tom fleming / creative consultancy /

Four key types of demand for start-up space in the Borough tom fleming / creative consultancy / Workspace demand in Lewisham Further demand trends tom fleming / creative consultancy / 2: Different models of incubator and workspace that could work in the Town Hall

tom fleming / creative consultancy / Airport Lounges for start-ups: Central Working tom fleming / creative consultancy / Business with a mission: Impact Hubs tom fleming / creative consultancy / Spaces to grow the Community Economy: Open Works in West Norwood

tom fleming / creative consultancy / 3: Spectrum for the Town Hall: Lessons from other places, strengths and weaknesses, potential outcomes tom fleming / creative consultancy / Lessons from other incubation spaces in London which can be applied In Catford tom fleming / creative consultancy / Strengths and Weaknesses of Catford Town

Hall as a location for business incubation Strengths Weaknesses The building and space 900 sq. meters provides the right level of space for scale and sustainability. Hub Westminster is 1200 sq. meters. Hub Brixton which is acknowledge as too small is only 210 Sq. meters Space not on ground floor while not a deal breaker it lowers visibility Connections Catford is extremely well connected by

train and road and is a city centre location Building is secure, managed and comes serviced meaning that any potential tenant can concentrate on delivering their offer Lack of competition in the Borough no comparable incubation or workspace currently exists Potential to connect with HE/FE especially Goldsmiths Catford is not a hot spot or buzzy location it lacks the culture or nightlife that brings with it creative people 3-5 Year lease again not a deal breaker but will put off some potential operators Brand and association Catford is not yet associated with creativity or tech or cool meaning the hub will

have to work doubly hard to attract Lack of an obvious local partner beyond the potential operators in terms of an arts organisation, HE or FE institution seeking to expand or develop Outer-London As the East becomes more expensive real potential to exploit the areas regeneration Funding availability Catford and Lewisham will qualify for LEP funding targeted at workspace tom fleming / creative consultancy / 4: Incubator models and potential of the Town Hall

tom fleming / creative consultancy / Town Hall: A hybrid incubation and start-up space tom fleming / creative consultancy / Spectrum of possibility Desired Outcome Hub Properties required to deliver Supporting knowledge economy startups

Flexible space including hot desks, meeting and event space, desks for individual businesses, club space for day members/reciprocal members Increasing employment in the knowledge economy Support for businesses including business advice, networking, access to finance, access to markets (through connecting to the wider economy)

Providing opportunities for young people including training and progression routes Encouraging businesses to relocate in the area Supporting local social entrepreneurs and building the community economy Maximising the Boroughs diversity advantage A hybrid knowledg e economy

incubatio n space More networking and collaboration among creative businesses within the Borough Providing apprenticeships and paid internships through co-delivering schemes and connecting to initiatives such as Digital Apprenticeships and Arts Council England Schemes A well designed and appealing space offering a quality environment to attract

businesses Affordability and opportunities for collaboration and partnership including links to the Council Developing relationships with local schools Events and networking for businesses 24 Hour access Security on the entrance Wi-fi, telephone and fast broadband Wi-fi and broad band are essential. Phone lines and points in the office spaces tom fleming / creative consultancy /

Potential space model for the Incubator Space Type Area Notes Open space with hot desks for workers 1000 Sq. feet growing to 3,000 sq.. feet

A large open area with space for hot disking. Should be based on the Impact Hub model of large shared desks. This space could be flexibly partitioned to begin with to allow it to grow without businesses feeling lost in a large space. Networking and event space At least 800 sq.. Feet Meeting rooms x 3

Quiet areas phone cubicles An open area that can contain sofas and chairs as well as being configured for events. 500 sq.. feet 3 differing types of meeting room board room, 2x quite room For use by businesses but also providing additional rental for external businesses wishing to hire space 200 sq.. feet cubicles for

making phone calls in quite Semi-partitioned quite areas for phone calls 1,000 3,000 sq.. feet A range of offices for businesses ranging from space for 4-6 to larger offices for 8-12 Office space 3x to 8x 500 Sq. feet Caf/Kitchen area

300 Sq. feet Front desk/reception The current caf space can be developed as a community business by a tenant serving the Hub and the building as a whole A reception area with chairs tom fleming / creative consultancy /

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