Cal poly pomona's affordable learning initiative

Cal poly pomona's affordable learning initiative

Welcome Featured Faculty - Thank you for joining us! About ALI ALI (which is the acronym for the Affordable Learning Initiative) is a Cal Poly Pomonas initiative to make textbooks more affordable for students We recognize the faculty that help us move toward more affordable alternatives of quality course materials ALI is successful because of the efforts from our Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff, and administration What YOU are doing Using Quality Alternative Resources such as:

E-Books Bronco Copy N Mail Library Reserve or E-Reserve Online and Open Sources Material (e.g., Merlot and Open Courseware) Posting materials on Blackboard Utilizing full text materials from the librarys databases, ebook collections, and ejournals Turning in your course materials requisitions on time to the Bronco Bookstore Providing information to be featured on our ALI website The Power of Your Participation All colleges at Cal Poly Pomona have

participated in the Affordable Learning Initiative endeavor Bookstore has saved students $2,464,277 so far You help students in more ways than one. Hear what some students are saying "Some people can't afford the textbooks so they go through the quarter without any What Our Students Are Saying I would use eBooks. I think they would be easier to use and to do homework with. Annette, Kinesiology EBooks help me because I have to pay for rent and food so that money I saved helped me go towards that. Alyssa, Economics (graduate student) I wish it was offered more by my teachers. Kevin, Entertainment Marketing More spending more stress, less spending less stress. Andrew, Philosophy You won't stress about working to get more money to pay everything off. Alex, Electrical Engineering "The library reserve is great when I'm on campus and don't want to carry my book to school. I can check it out and study or do homework for a while. Kim, Architecture

We have Participation from All Colleges College of Agriculture College of Business Administration College of Education and Integrative Studies College of Engineering College of Environmental Design The Collins College of Hospitality Management College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, and the College of Science 2011-2012 Featured Faculty Ruth Ahn Jack Fong

RoseAnn AJontue Rebecca Franko Lori Barker Juliana Fuqua Paul Beardsley Hollie Gelberg Victoria Bhavsar Berit Givens

Brandon Brown Patricia Hale Bonny Burns-Whitmore Paivi Hoikkala Maureen Burton Greg Hunter J. Arlo Caine

Richard Hyslop Henry Co Brian Johnson Jeff Cravello Sandy Kapoor Farouk Darweesh Javad Kashefinejad Mitsuo Kobayashi

John Korey Carsten Lange Sandra Emerson Bangtam Le Lianlian Lin Ann Englert Karen Linton Patricia de Freitas

Sylvian Castel de Oro Sandy Dixon Lloyd Ferguson 2011-2012 Featured Faculty Eugene Lipovetsky Olukemi Sawyerr Iris Louis Nadia Shpachenko-Gottesman

Leopoldo Lovelace Susan Siaw Jesus Magana Peter Siegel Jorge Martinez Vernon Snyder Samira Matta

Louise Soe Ioana Mihaila Barry Soroka Maria Nunez Laurie Starkey Linda L Olson Jennifer Switkes Alison Pearlman

Ryan Szypowski Chari Pradel Bonnie Thorne Alan Radnitz Jose Vadi Renford Reese Eileen Wallis

Abdul Sadat Cheryl Wyrick William Saravia Gregory Young George Sarraf A Few Faces of Our Featured Faculty Faculty Comments Dr. Bonny Burns-Whitmore is assisting her students in the struggle to find affordable texts. How? By using an ebook for her graduate class and taking advantage of Blackboard to post lab manuals for her undergraduate Human Nutrition & Food Science

classes. Not only is Dr. BurnsWhitmore helping her students save money on the cost of textbooks, but her approach is Faculty Comments inance Real Estate & Law Dr. N. Gregory Young recognizes the concerns surrounding the textbook affordability issues. In his FRL 426 course, he informs his students that although the American publisher of his required text charges about $200, there is also a nearly-identical international edition of the same book available online at a fraction of the price. Despite his assistance in helping students save money he is still humble as he states, I should do more towards the promotion of Faculty Comments Dr. Henry Co has gone out of his way to provide his students with more access to affordable texts. He has connected his students to websites where Technology & Operations they can legally download free

Management textbooks. The students are happy says Dr. Co. Faculty Comments Professor Jeff Cravello has a unique solution to the high priced texts that could be used for his courses. Rather than requiring expensive anthologies the nglish & Foreign Languages majority of [his] texts are trade paperbacks. Professor Cravello explained that Apart from my core rhetorics, I avoid using any text I cant find on for under Faculty Comments Professor Leopoldo Lovelace takes advantage of the electronic resources offered by the University Librarys databases and ejournals collections to feed his course readings, presentations, and discussion materials. Political Science Professor Lovelace makes the availability of

earlier editions of his required textbook (as well as other library-owned materials) known to his students. He assures them that if they were to use the earlier editions or other library-owned material it will not stop them from succeeding in his course. The freedom to choose older editions of books and other reliable library sources empowers students to find the Faculty Comments Political Science Dr. Renford Reese states, This is exactly what I do for my students, provide them with Affordable Learning Solutions. I do this primarily through giving them access to ebooks, creating class packs, and guiding them to external internet links. I also provide an array of alternative learning materials on my websiteMy aim is to give students access to a wealth of free academic content. In this day of shrinking budgets and Faculty Comments Dr. Richard Hyslop looks for ways to help his students deal with the high cost of

textbooks. He uses an ebook that is completely free and is Geography & Anthropology provided by FEMA. Dr. Hyslop explains how his students will not have to pay a cent for texts next quarter. THANK YOU Featured Faculty! You are helping ALI encourage others by sharing your stories about using available resources to offer high quality, affordable course materials to your students.

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