Building Flexibility and Accountability in Electronic Resources

Building Flexibility and Accountability in Electronic Resources

Building Flexibility in Electronic Resource Management Gerald Steeman and Jane Wagner NASA Langley Research Center InfoToday 2002, New York, NY May 16, 2002 Where is NASA Langley? What Do Folks at Langley Do? Aeronautics

Caption: 3%-Scale BWB-LSV Langley 14x22 Wind Tunnel Model. What Do Folks at Langley Do? Earth Science Image of water vapor from Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) What Do Folks at Langley Do? Space Technology A Langley-based team of researchers successfully completed the 77day aerobraking phase of the Mars Odyssey mission

What Do Folks at Langley Do? Structures and Materials Astronaut Linda M. Godwin, trains with the Mir Environmental Effects Payload (MEEP) in a NASA Langley Research Center clean room. What Do Folks at Langley Do? Special Research Projects Langley scientists use a non-invasive instrument to determine the relative humidity inside the encasement of the U.S.

Constitution for the National Archives. To the Business at Hand Barrel jousting at the 1929 Langley Laboratory annual picnic Early Management of Electronic Journals at Langley The medium drove the process early on

Web people ended up doing serials and cataloging functions Web lists of journals continually out-ofdate 856s started to crop up in the catalog Statistics on use spotty, at best Use the Catalog! Heeded Marilyn Geller advice @ 1995 treat electronic journals no differently than conventional ones Made catalog the authoritative source

for maintaining all electronic journal information: URLs (856s), Holdings, access claiming POCs, and administrative user information Really Use the Catalog! Developed catalog tagging and scripts to pull cataloged title and URL info into Web pages Set up pre-defined search screens in catalog focused on electronic resources Created and modified open-source

scripts for collecting statistics and link checking Coding MARC Records The catalogers agreed on certain subfields not previously used in the 856 and the local notes fields. These subfields are hidden from public display. The 856 was coded so the script creating an external page could select the right URL. Coding Continued

The local notes fields for each NASA center were coded with type and subject flags. We are using 11-14 subject flags and 7 type flags to create targeted lists. Within the Catalog We can create predefined searches within our Webcat interface, so users can see the targeted resources. Note that subject lists come from the subject codes in the local notes field, not from the

normal subject fields such as the 650. We wanted to control what resources appeared in these lists. Electronic Resource Lists Available in WebCat as Predefined Searches WebCat Electronic Resource Subject List External Web Pages With shell and Perl scripts, we can also pull

these records out of the catalog and create external web pages. These pages are another way to highlight selected electronic resources for users. Each title has a link back to the catalog record as well as a link to the resource. The pages are automatically updated weekly by a cron job. Manual maintenance is required only if the boilerplate text or search criteria change. Electronic Journal Web Page

Research Database Web Page Gathering Statistics Both the WebCat URLs and the URLs on our external electronic resource web pages call a CGI script which logs usage and redirects to the title. We are able to get counts for usage by title and by NASA center, not only for the targeted electronic resources but for all of our URLs.

We are developing new scripts to further break down the usage information; this should help us decide which subscriptions to continue. Elsevier vs. Langley script stats September-01 Title (Elsevier Titles in BOLD) Acta astronautica. Advances in space research : the official journal of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR). Aerospace science and technology.

Aircraft design. Aircraft engineering and aerospace technology. Applied acoustics. Acoustique applique. Angewandte Akustik. Automatica : the journal of IFAC, the International Federation of Automatic Control. Composite structures. Composites science and technology. Composites. Part A, Applied science and manufacturing. Composites. Part B, Engineering. Computational mechanics.

Computers & structures. Engineering analysis with boundary elements. 38 # of sessions logged via CGI scripts Total TL Elsevier Total

Elsevier Session Download Sessions Downloads 3 38 80 25 80 2 8 5 4

6 13 10 n/ a 18 50 39 28 49

49 83 n/ a 3 0 15 9

3 6 8 7 78 33 21 19 25

57 191 164 7 1 1 0 0 11 14

n/ a 4 0 15 11 30 26 9 125 67

n/ a 68 10 # of downloaded articles per Elsevier Conclusions Limitations You only get what your catalog has Added risk in customizing vendor system Not as flexible as typical SQL database solutions

Benefits One source published many ways Capitalizes on the work already established in the catalog Creates interaction between web pages and catalog Other Considerations Serials Solutions Serials vendors

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