Build Your Network - Florida Institute of Technology

Build Your Network - Florida Institute of Technology

Build Your Network Career Management Services Florida Institute of Technology Prepare Ahead Spend time preparing a brief What Are Your Goals: What industries are you targeting? What positions interest you the most? What are your specific career goals? What skills are you marketing to potential employers? introduction about your

background, experience, skills and goals Practice the introduction so you can deliver it with confidence Talk with professors, classmates to prepare your conversation skills Complete a list of potential contacts Where to Network In person: Online:

Career Fairs Conferences/Workshops Internships/ Jobs Clubs/Events Volunteer activities Professors/Alumni/Friends/

Family Linked In Facebook Google+ Online professional groups/boards Formal Conversation Introduce Yourself (Your name, Workplace/School, Shared Memberships) Mention your common interests or your relation to what they are doing (its often helpful to research who you are talking to) Show interest in their workplace/project/agenda by asking OPEN ENDED questions (Who, What, Where, When, How)

State specifically what your current goals are (employment, referral, info) Thank them for speaking with you and if you had a helpful conversation ask for their contact information (possibly schedule a meeting) SMILE! Socialize! Be engaging, not everything needs to be formal, ask people about themselves Avoid talking about yourself too

much Use the 80/20 rule! Speak 20%, listen 80% Avoid clichs, politics, off-color remarks Exampl es Currently, I am a sophomore in Computer Science with experience in C++, HTML and Java. I have taken courses on these subjects and designed several effective scripts. I have worked as a help desk support person in the Florida Tech computer lab and I plan to obtain Project Management Training in Six Sigma. I am now looking for a position in CIS where I can continue to develop and use my computer skills. I am a junior majoring in Finance and Investments and have done well in my

Finance courses, such as Options, Future Markets, and Investment Analysis. I am also a member of the Finance & Economics Society, and I enjoy doing day trades in my spare time. Ive actually been a successful investor on my own behalf by following industry trends and company reports. I hope to gain an internship in a brokerage firm to translate my passion into. Helpful Tips Dos Be Respectful & Genuine Shake their hand Offer ways you could help the person or company Donts Be impolite or overbearing Be too personal Exaggerate or make things

up Ask for a job in the first sentence Forget to follow up Follow-Up Preferred: E-mail (within 24-48 hrs) Linked In request/message If Planned: Phone In Person Send Resume

Dear Mr. Smith, I enjoyed meeting you at yesterday's breakfast meeting and talking with you about international trade. Since our conversation, I visited your website. I am very impressed by the work your company is doing, and would enjoy talking with you about the opportunities being created. I think you may be interested in some research projects I have done at FIT, particularly related to global forces (attached). Please let me know if you are available to schedule a meeting. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

Follow Up Always send a thank-you letter after someone has helped you Organize your efforts by tracking who youve contacted, the date of contact and the outcome or action step which resulted Notify your contacts when you have found a position Be helpful to others when they ask to network with you Social Media Networking

FIT Linkedin FIT Facebook FIT Google+ FIT RSS Proof Read Everything!! LinkedIn Resources https:// din-for-students Linked-In Networking Need a professional photo and complete profile Follow companies in your fields and interests (check recent departures)

Check your contacts for new connections in their lists Connect with highly visible people (search speaker, author, writer) Make sincere comments, no spamming! Career Management Services Contact: Harris Commons, Room 307 321-674-8102 [email protected] Services:

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