Brand Awareness - Ms. Shaffer

Brand Awareness - Ms. Shaffer

Social Media & Marketing Warmup 1. Do you use Social Media? 2. If yes, what platform(s) do you use? 3. Do you follow any brands or companies online? Social Media The concept of Social Media started in the 1970s with computers being used to communicate In the early 1980s Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) were created and

acted as forums for people to exchange files and communicate Games & other pirated software were frequently downloaded People would post messages and comment on content Internet was accessed via telephone lines & long distant rates made many groups local based Online comments led to face-to-face meetings Antisocial became social Social Media CompuServe had thousands of forums that were well known Started in 1969 with business 1979: Paved the way for Americans interest in online communication Kick started the use of email outside of the workplace

America Online (AOL) was key in email and member profiles (1985) Could search for people / personalities Could list pertinent and personal information about yourself Instant Messaging & Chatting Blackboard is founded as an online course management system (1997) Social Media History Went from connecting with anyone to people you went to school with Promoted the idea of reconnecting with people from your past virtually was

a positive thing Instant success Currently has 540 million registered accounts Online Niche Social Sites: (Ended in early 2000s) Social Media Starters

Friendster (2002) Group people by circle of friends Within a year it had over 3 million users and a lot of investment interest LinkedIn (2003) Connects business people with other professionals 175 million users MySpace(2003) Targeted a young demographic with music, videos, and fun features Companies and artists created interesting

URLs Partially owned by Justin Timberlake Social Media Timeline Second Life (2002) WordPress (2003) Flickr (2004) Facebook (2004)

Bebo: Blog Early, Blog Often (2005) Reddit (2005) YouTube (2005) Twitter (2006)

Tumblr (2007) Pinterest (2010) Google + (2011) Social Medias Most Common Today 1. Facebook 2. Twitter

3. LinkedIn 4. Pinterest 5. Google Plus+ 6. Tumblr 7.

Instagram 8. VK 9. Flickr 10. MySpace Social Media Among Teens Twitter

Instagram Facebook Pinterest Reddit Snapchat

Tumblr Kik Vine Pheed Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Advertising? Commercials are becoming harder & harder to gain viewer attention DVR Online viewing Shorter, more natural form of advertising Not a lot of people, often just reinforces the brand Filming looks amateur-ish

Allows for behind the scenes clips Instagram prides itself on high level photos. Ads will be higher level as well. Opposite of Facebook No weight loss ads or weird tricks. Ads are simple yet sophisticated Budget for a social media film is much smaller Social Media & Marketing Trends 86% of companies believe social media marketing is important 69% of Marketers plan on increasing their use of youtube; making it the top investment in 2013

Only 5% of companies use podcasting but 24% plan on using it and 32% are interested in it Facebook & Linkedin are currently the two most important social networks for marketers 89% of Marketers find that increased exposure is main benefit of Social Media Fortune 500 Corporate Use Facebook: Retailers (96%) Telecommunication Companies (88%)

Twitter: Commercial Banks (94%) Food & Consumer Products (93%) Retailers (91%) Social Media Marketing Key Terms Impression: The number of times an advertisement is seen Does not have to be clicked Each time an ad is seen it counts as 1 impression Engagement: Sum of Replies, Tetweets, & Mentions Replies: @SimplyMeasured Your Reports Rock!

Retweets: RT @SimplyMeasured: Weve made some great updates to our Twitter Account Report. Check it out! Mentions: I really love that @SimplyMeasured charts are dynamic within Excel! Social Media Effectiveness How many views an ad receives = Awareness How many clicks an ad receives = Interest How many fans or followers they have = Interest

Online Purchases = New Customer Conversions The goal is to get customers talking about your product versus just recognizing it Websites that Track Brand Success HootSuite: SocialMention:

Klout: Facebook Insights: Twitter Analytics: Google Analytics: Bitly

TwitterReach: KeyHole: Example: #ardreykell Example: KeyHole Posts Users

Reach Impressions Top Posts Timeline of Posts Topsites

Share of Posts Most Influential & Recent Users Demographics Location

Sources Topics Comparing Social Media Giants Comparing Social Media Outlets Facebook owns Instagram Twitter owns Vine

Facebook has more than 1.23 Billion monthly active users Twitter has just 200 million active users Instagram has more than 200 million monthly active users Vine has roughly 40 million users

Instagram has started selling ad space in October Companies cannot buy advertising space on Vine Vine is still ad free Companies pay a fee to have ads inserted into viewers feeds Instagram videos record up to 15 seconds (mobile advertising) Companies can use Vine to post videos Vines are 6 seconds Facebook & Instagram Facebook Video Ads

Facebook wants to increase its ad revenue amongst firms with Facebook accounts Create 15 second premium video ads that will start playing automatically when you scroll past them in feeds Once you click on the ad; the ad will expand & sound will launch Tested with movie Divergent in December $1 million dollars a day to have ads placed on 1 of 4 demographics Women under 30 Women over 30 Men under 30

Men over 30 $2.4 million for all 4 groups Ace Metrix will review ads and only quality, creative ones will air Nielson Ratings will provide feedback to companies on effectiveness Facebook: News Feed Ads Facebook has seen tremendous growth in ad purchases

Price per ad is up 92% Facebook made $2.59 Billion in revenue from ad space in 2013 91% of Facebook revenue comes from ad space sales Revenue per user:

America & Canada: $6.03 Europe: $2.61 Asia: $0.95 Rest of World: $0.84 Facebook uses Instagram Facebook tried to buy Snapchat but failed so it added features to Instagram that allows you to send pictures and videos directly to followers When Twitter purchased Vine; Instagram began offering video

Talk about Instagram adding the disappearing feature of Snapchat but dont want to water down the brand Capturing & Sharing moments Instagram Video 2/3 of the Top 100 brands are on Instagram Since Instagram video release a 37% increase has occurred 62% of companies have posted at least 1 video Approximately 80 Brands advertise through Instagram Video Instagram v. Youtube Shares

176,016 Instagram Videos 1,871,530 YouTube Videos Most popular videos are entertainment or apparel Instagram Videos Instagram Example Instagram Videos do not loop continuously unless you rerecord the same thing More of a commercial / Story Line

Viewer often is given idea of image trying to create. Not forced with slogans. Instagram: Michael Kors Released November 1, 2013 Kors has 1.3 million followers 150,000 likes after one week

Some were upset that ads are now nestled in their feeds Likes outweighed 300 comments Comments were almost all negative Cant dislike or hate an ad Cant account for those that scroll by Ad versus Non-Ad Instagram Ad Requirements Ad quality has to be on par with Vogue Magazine

Only companies with a track record for high quality content can post ads Adidas Ben & Jerrys Burberry

General Electric Levis Lexus Macys PayPal Starwood Instagram Ad Examples Twitter & Vine Twitter Facts Twitter took in $254 million in 2013 87% of that revenue came from advertising

Most popular brands on Twitter are Youtube & Instagram 47% of users follow a brand on Twitter 72% of users are more likely to shop from brands they follow Tweets that contain a picture have 5 times the engagement level Brands tweet an average of 12 times a day Twitter & Businesses Method

Result Direct Tweet about success & ongoings. Seen as easy way to get started but unattractive to followers Indirect Employees tweet about company. Can be bad or good. Excited about work, new product developments, or interesting facts Internal Protected tweets for workplace only. Example: Yammer & allow workplace only communication

Inbound Signaling Companies simply listen., Twendz, & TweetDeck allow you to track what is said about any topic Vine 5 tweets per second contain a Vine link A branded Vine video is 4 times more likely to be viewed than a regularly branded video Twitter / Vine = Free

Advertising Buffalo Wild Wings, JC Penney, & Arbys all opted to use Twitter versus paying $4 million for a Super Bowl Ad Tide chose to use Vine Published 23 Vines during Super Bowl Created over 6.6 million impressions Tide & Vine: During Super Bowl Honda & Vine Example Honda #WantNewCar Vine

campaign 1,020 new followers in one day & 2,292 impressions 6 Month Average: 242 new followers Average Vine video gets retweeted 20 times; Instagram 7 times 10:00 am 11:00 am is when most Vines are posted Top 15 Companies on Vine: Rank

Company Rank Company 1 Gap 9 General Electric 2 Sephora

10 eBay 3 Burberry 11 Lowes 4 Samsung 12 Oreos

5 French Connection 13 Malibu Rum 6 Puma 14 Dove 7

Target 15 Etsy 8 Volkswagon Vine Examples Dunkin Donuts:

Samsung: Tide: Trident: Hootsuite:

Richard Gibbs posts on youtube The Hashtag Allows you to search & organize information easily Originated on Twitter Now used on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, & Google+ Since it is no longer site specific; Brands are more interested in using this

approach Moving from marketing to commerce Social Commerce is a $14.25 billion industry Chirpify & American Express have partnered with Twitter Allow users to make a purchase from an already established account once a user sends an actiontag (tweet to purchase symbol) Post tag and it triggers purchase Companies use the hashtag for contest purposes and drive users to other sites Vine & Instagram Contests Whats Next

Social Media: Mobile Video Advertising By 2017; 2/3 of mobile data traffic will be caused by video of youtube videos are watched on mobile devices Companies will be creating ads that you can see on your mobile device & using youtube because people like it Pizza Hut uses OkCupid: Win free pizza

forever Tweet Pizza Hut an Instagram or Vine Tagged: #CommitToGreatnes s by Feb. 21 with creative marriage proposals Companies & Social Media General Mills announced that if you engaged in any online activity with the company you gave up your legal right to sue the company Subscribed to its email

Joined their online community Printed a coupon Effective April 2 but after a Newsweek article was published policy has been revoked Next in Social Media Sends push notifications to your phone Competes with Twitter Next in Social Media Diaspora Competes with Facebook

Assignment Turn in sheet that has three facts about each social media platform: Facebook Twitter Instagram Vine Fillout the social media sheet regarding what applications you use

Complete the comparing cultures website Twitter Videos 50 Cent, President Obama Miley

Twitter Facts Social Media & Marketing NBC Universal (Comcast) & Twitter have partnered You can now record & watch programming by clicking the See It button that appears on Twitter Posts s Twitters Amplify Program

NBC will post real-time video clips via tweets Nielsons Television Ratings Average of 50 times more people see tweets about tv shows Viewership of live telecasts increased 29% Nielson Television Week of September 29 AMCs Breaking Bad was most talked about show on Twitter 1.2 million tweets from 601,400 authors 129.6 impressions created Viewable on mobile device or computer Total views can be higher than impressions

if someone looks at same device First time research has extended to third party evidence You & Your Followers Facebook is collecting similar data regarding likes, shares, & comments Agenda Branding Project Present your promotional plan for the company you picked

Brand Identity Logo Slogan Trade Character Who had the most effective approach? Grade each presentation Company Identity Clear Understanding of what they represent Company has a name but purpose is lacking Logo Effective/Creative

Ineffective/Doesnt make sense Slogan Catchy/Ties Product to Brand Relationship btw Product & Phrase is difficult to connect Trade Character Matches identity Random & difficult to understand Top Social Media Companies Rank Company 1 Mars 2 American Express

3 Genetech 4 Intuit 5 6 Boston Consulting Group 7

Kimpton Hotel & Restaurants 8 Whole Foods 9 Autodesk

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