Branch Out - IEEE

Branch Out - IEEE

1 Branch Out Do Something New Vijay Narasimhan Membership Development Chair [email protected] http:// 20-02-01 2 [email protected] org

20-02-01 About Me Started with IEEE uOttawa in 2003 Involvement beyond just the student branch EIC Visioning Committee CCECE 2006 Membership Development Chair Payoff Network & Experience

ICF Scholarship Larry K. Wilson Award 3 http:// 20-02-01 Measuring Success Use numbers use BMS Number of members Number of members retained Number of volunteers Number of events

Branch revenue Sponsorship obtained Contact Laura ([email protected]) now Set goals and track your performance 4 http:// 20-02-01 Problem: Where do the students go? Student recruitment was primarily

responsible for putting Ottawa Section back over the 2000 mark this year 7.7% growth worldwide over this time last year But half dont become GOLD. Solution Need to add value Always benefit versus cost 5 http:// 20-02-01

Problem: Where do the branches go? Branches disappear off the face of the Internet Dalhousie Branches wax and wane as leadership moves Need more continuity Need more external stability 6 http://

20-02-01 Tackle the Problems ASAP Attract Support Assimilate Partner 7 http:// 20-02-01 Attract

Will they say wow? Do something different What is your value proposition? Money? Resources? Opportunities? Who is your addressable market? Its probably bigger than you think Facebook Are you generating results? They generate more buzz than e-mails 8 http:// 20-02-01 Support Members Supplies breadboards, lab manuals, books Tools library, oscilloscopes, soldering station People tutors and mentors Events Volunteers Privileges Nintendo + Office Access Letters of reference Get your counsellor to write

these Awards Outstanding student member certificate ICF Scholarship Section Awards RAB Awards Member-Get-A-Member Description: Brochure program explanation with tips for

recruiting Pass along business card includes space for name and member number Usage: Distributed with Membership Development kit Peer to peer recruitment 10 http://

20-02-01 Assimilate (into IEEE Member Grade) Contact Information E-mail etc. GOLD AGM Explain how the hierarchy works Section SSR, Grad Student Officers Conferences - volunteer 11 http:// 20-02-01

Partner Do together what you cant do alone Other branches Other levels of the IEEE Other groups at your university Sponsorship is never about money, it is about relationships Make a package and how you make it is key Communicate regularly Involve sponsors in the process Keep a database

12 http:// 20-02-01 Case Study - inForm Inspired by an artist Students succeed by broadening their horizons Art show, charity event, technology showcase, career fair, wine and cheese all FREE 13

http:// 20-02-01 Challenges Needed section support Take warnings, but overcome obstacles Sponsorship First right of refusal model reduced timeline Solution Start small get bigger

Work with co-op students 14 [email protected] org Sponsors 20-02-01 15 http://

20-02-01 Success About 1:10 ratio of students to professionals Media presence Awareness raised for charity Partnerships to call on for future events Help Support Our Charity Make a donation. Buy a raffle ticket. This is an actual sign in Kenya. The

fact that it even exists tells you how desperate the situation can be and how engraining technology and education into the Kenyan culture is crucial. 19 http:// 20-02-01

On Continuity Junior branch mentor New grad Counsellor Member of Section Exec Keep them! (I went through 5) Get younger students to come to this conference Provide incentives to join Nintendo Section Student Representative

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